Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

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Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

Open floor plans add simplicity to any home. In a closed plan, the room is divided by walls and doors. Each room has its own pocket, which makes it easy to share space in the house. But in an open floor plan, walls and doors are available, which allows rooms to be separated. Your kitchen can double as a dining room – and triple as a living room. And this flexibility makes it easy to do many things at once.

Kitchen/dining Room Combo Ideas You’ll Love

“The open concept of the living room allows an incomparable pleasure – pour a glass of wine, watch the fish shoot on the stage, and prepare a meal, all the time … talking to people at home or guests,” said Deborah Costa. , an interior designer and artist. Join them. Alchemy, he said. “The open floor plan expands the heart of the home, combining the kitchen and living room into one.”

By inviting you to multitask, open floor plans make life easier. But decorating them will be difficult. If there are no walls to guide you, how should you place your furniture? And how in the world do you choose a connecting room?

“When decorating a floor, planning is the most important step,” says Jenna Schumacher, senior designer at Insert Design. they must create designs that maximize value, product information, and celebrate collaboration.

That may seem like a tall order. But good inspiration can be simple. So to help you design your open floor plan safely and easily, we asked six interior designers to share their best floor plan ideas.

Timeless Kitchen Décor Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

When designing an open floor plan, it can be difficult to choose which rooms to fit together. Another popular choice? Combine your kitchen with your living room. “The kitchen is the heart of the house,” says Costa. “People don’t want him to cook. They want to follow what is happening in the living room. “

Also, large living spaces mean less kitchen space. “A family room or living room that’s open to the kitchen allows you to spread out,” says Emily Davis, senior designer at Emily Davis Interiors.

Organize events in your home in the open by opening the entryway. “Having an open door to the dining room and living room gives a sense of home,” says Davis.

Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

Without walls, how can you define where some places end and others begin? Simple. “Use rugs to create a variety of spaces,” says Catherine Staples, designer at Aspen & Ivy.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas For Stylish Living

And Kristine Renee, interior designer and founder of Design Alchemy, agrees: “A rug under the coffee table in the living room – or under the table in the dining room – works well to define the space in particular.”

The advantage of open floor plans is that you can customize them to meet your needs. So, if you’ve been working in the kitchen or dining room, give yourself a place to work.

“For the most part, we’ve integrated the computer space into an open space outside the kitchen,” says Renee. “This is a great place for adults to use their computers or for kids to do homework without a kitchen or dining table.”

An ineffective way to separate two pages in your open plan? Have a place to separate. Collect something beautiful to fold as a decoration, and if you want the same place, you can choose a short room to look – if it is soft to see.

Here Are 8 Living Room Ideas To Expand And Optimise Your Space

Ceiling art isn’t just a fun way to dress up your space – it’s also great for dividing up space in your floor plan. “The ceiling can be a little bit different from the space, defining it without separating the rooms,” says Staples.

By covering your dining room ceiling with wood and leaving your kitchen ceiling bare, you can make the space separate, yet connected.

Decorate your living room by turning it into a playground, playhouse, or other fun space. “We want to provide families with quality lifestyle and natural toys and activities,” said Erin Coren, executive producer at Curated Nest.

Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

If you want to make the living room completely closed, use storage furniture to get the job done. “Closed solutions, such as shelves and cabinets, can waste space in an open space,” says Coren.

Small Dining Rooms That’ll Make You Think Big

Why do you have to stay in one place? With a floor plan, you can create multiple social spaces – giving guests a place to mix and mingle.

“The day of the room, and think about the room and not the conversation,” Costa said. “Think of the space as a welcoming hotel or social space, and create moments and opportunities to get together.”

Consider a place like a hotel or resort, and create different times and opportunities to get together.

Combining the kitchen with the living room is a popular choice – but combining your dining room with your living room is another great option.

Smart Ideas For Putting A Desk In A Living Room

“We love the flow of the living room and dining room together,” says Coren. “We opened up the walls of the dining room because it allows for more movement — the drinks that make up the dinner.”

In any floor plan, stairs are your friend. how come? The different sizes make it easy to divide your space into small nooks, and allow you to enjoy the simplicity of the interior of the wall.

Do you want to bring privacy to a closed plan – without walls? Use open documents, such as open doors and archways.

Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

“Opening a lawsuit can be very helpful in the distribution of land,” Davis said. “Having large spaces allows for connections without space

Small Kitchen Decor Ideas For Big Style

When planning your open plan, remember that you are in charge of the available rooms in your home. So if you want a kitchen and a living room, make both spaces. “Our customers like to have a different drinking environment than their own,” says Costa.

If the house is not yours, make it somewhere else. Add a wine cellar or library to a book lover’s living room, Staples says.

Lighting can be a great way to create flow and separation in an open floor plan. The trick is to switch your lighting from nook to nook – and keep it all connected.

“Make sure the lighting you choose is functional, but has personality,” says Coren. “This helps to keep the quality of work efficient while allowing each piece to have its time.”

Eat In Kitchens Perfect For Casual Family Dining

The best way to update your open plan? Put three rooms in one. “Our customers like to combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen so they can do everyday things without distractions,” says Renee.

By combining your kitchen, dining room, and living room in one place, you can still have a special experience – don’t forget.

If your stairs are not at an angle, they may have been designed as a border in your space. Use your stairs, and you will look like an unfinished wall. Use it to show different areas in your floor plan without separating them.

Small Living Room And Kitchen Combo Ideas

Some designers are encouraged to create a separate kitchen from the living room? Enter the sideboard. “To break up the long line of the back seat, we put seats under the seat,” Coren said. “This breaks the line of sight, adds interest to the design, and adds to the calmness.”

Kitchen Living Room Combos That Actually Work

No house is complete without a dining area, and if you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to your table, you can create a room in your kitchen. “Entertaining is no longer a priority, so some people choose not to have a dining room in their home,” says Staples. “This allows for more communication when hosting and preparing corporate food.”

An inexpensive way to separate different areas in your open plan? Decorate their walls differently. “Visual separation can be achieved by using different colors or wall supports,” says Staples.

Paint different colors, decorate with different things, or cover with a background paper and leave the other blank.

Recliner sofas have a role in every home. But it’s a great way to boost your game in the open. By turning one chair in the kitchen and another chair in the living room, you can create a space for conversation before and after the meal.

Open Floor Plan Decorating Ideas Straight From Designers

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