Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good – Everyone wants a nice smelling home, but that leaves many of us wondering how can I make my home smell good?

I’m looking for a scent in my home that makes people feel relaxed and at home. The clean fresh scent gives me that feeling.

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

The clean fresh scent is not overpoweringly fragrant (is that a word?) and definitely can’t be overpoweringly floral or fake.

How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell In House And Keep Things Fresh

Don’t get me wrong, I like flowers, I just don’t want to smell like I’m drowning in them.

To me, the clean and fresh scent means no offensive scents with a light hint of true outdoor scent.

This is where commercially formulated home fragrances fall short.

That’s why I want to find ways to create a fresh and clean smelling home naturally and economically.

Lemon Diy: How To Clean Your Home With Lemon

In this post I will share my new tips for a fragrant home. My favorite way to naturally scent your home year-round is to use essential oils to make your home smell fresh and clean, like a spa or holiday scent or outdoors.

*This post contains affiliate links to the essential oils and other products I talk about.

The first step to making your home smell fresh is to identify the hidden odors you don’t like and work to neutralize them. It’s the key to a really fresh smelling home. Here are some places where you can find those unpleasant smells –

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

It’s amazing how quickly carpets and rugs absorb unwanted odors from pets, children, and other household odors. Making your own DIY carpet freshener is a super easy way to neutralize carpet odors and leave your home naturally fresh and clean.

How To Get Rid Of Cooking Smells

It’s amazing what smells can hide behind closed doors. I still can’t figure out how my girls closets smell like that. My first step is always to look for dirty clothes that somehow got left on the closet floor. My 6-year-old Rani hides her dirty and clean clothes on the closet floor. It makes me crazy. Then I vacuum the floors, using the carpet freshener recipe above if needed.

Organizing your closet to allow for air flow is a great way to prevent clogs and mold.

This could be a hidden gem for fragrances. We have a septic tank so we don’t have garbage disposal, but I know if I let mom use lemon peels and ice cubes to get rid of them, it’s good to help her clean up.

I pour baking soda and a few drops of lemon essential oil down the sink drain and let it sit. After a few minutes I run the hot water down the drain.

Natural Ways To Eliminate Odors And Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Don’t forget to do the same for sinks and bathtubs that aren’t used often, as they can also add household odors.

I can be honest, it’s a job I don’t want to do and I don’t do it. Now I have to do this for our trash cans.

My favorite method is to take the trash out and rinse them thoroughly with a garden hose.

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

Then I spray them heavily with a mixture of Thieves House Cleaner and water. (Did you know that when you buy essential oils online, you can get a free sample of ThievesHouseHouse Cleaner?)

Fragrant Indoor Plants That’ll Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Then I sprinkle the entire inside with baking powder and let it harden for a while. I use a sponge to clean and rinse the outside and inside of the jar. Finally, I let it dry in the sun.

Consider: How to Clean a Trash Can The Right Way This is how I clean my trash cans, except I use Thieves Cleaner in my spray bottles and do the whole process outside.

I wash animal toys and bedding. With pets I avoid fragrance whenever possible so it doesn’t irritate them.

I love indoor plants, not only do they help make your home more attractive, but the right plants can have a huge impact on air quality.

Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing — Lisa Gryba

Did you know that NASA conducted an air cleanliness study on air-filtering houseplants? It’s all very scientific, but take a look at our roundup of the 4 best fresh air plants for your home based on this study and it will help you guess what plants you need.

So we’ve discovered the hidden scents in our home, but what’s the best way to scent your home?

In the past, I would have told you to buy some room fragrance sprays, some plug-ins, and some high-quality candles to create the perfect home fragrance.

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

Did I mention my household smells like a Bath and Body Works explosion? Overwhelming and fake smell.

Stovetop Potpourri Ideas That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Spring

Ever since I started using this technique, everyone who comes to my house asks what I use.

I may not always have the cleanest house for 2 girls, 3 dogs and a farmer, but at least it’s amazingly clean and fresh most of the time.

The best part is that I don’t waste money on expensive air fresheners, but save money by using healthy natural products.

I think using essential oils is one of the best ways to scent your home. It’s a simple and easy way to create a naturally fresh smelling home.

Inexpensive Ways To Make Your House Smell Like Christmas • Everyday Cheapskate

Their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. But if you are not familiar with essential oils.

For example, for the very popular lemon essential oil, it is an oil extracted from lemon peel and has a lemon scent.

This lemon oil can be used in all sorts of ways to freshen and clean your home.

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

Two of my favorite ways to infuse essential oils into your home are using an essential oil diffuser and making essential oil sprays.

Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive On A Budget

The whole reason I started with essential oils was because I wanted to learn how to make my home smell good.

When I first saw the price of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, I was a little shocked.

But then I realized how far the kit could go and actually has huge potential to save me money.

Seriously, for the price of an $8 Bath and Body Works spray, I can make my house smell good right now.

Simmer Pot Recipes To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

And my essential oils can be used to support my family’s health and clean our home.

My favorite oils to give my home a clean, fresh spa feel are actually found in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

For me there are 9 must haves to make your home smell good and luckily they are all in this kit!

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

Frankincense – one of my favorite oils. I couldn’t understand why people called it landing. But now I know this oil is great at providing the earthy undertones you need to balance your ideal home fragrance.

Ways To Make Your Garden Patio Smell Good

Citrus Fresh- This blend is a truly clean scent for your home. It’s full of all your favorite citrus fruits and just has the added bonus of mint to brighten up the mix.

Copiaba – Adds just a hint of woody scent to give your home a fresh outdoor scent.

Thieves- This is Young Living’s most popular blend and it’s no wonder everyone loves fall and Christmas scents. This combination contains both in one bottle. Do you want to know how to smell your home? Spread this mixture every day during the day. End of post. Actually.

Raven – If you like lemon, mint and eucalyptus scents like I do, this is an oil blend you will love. This makes me say ahhh!

Secrets Of People Whose Houses Smell Amazing

Stress – You want a home fragrance that reminds you of your favorite tropical vacation. Well, this bottle has it all. I love wearing this essential oil as a perfume. It is very light and airy.

The best part is that you can diffuse all these essential oils yourself or create your own personal scent.

Figuring out how to get the most out of using your essential oils can be a challenge for beginners.

Best Ways To Make Your House Smell Good

I recommend using some of the proven starter diffuser blends and with proper essential oil protection you will be using and loving your oils in no time.

One Creative Housewife: How To Make Your House Smell Delicious

If you’re looking for special Thanksgiving or Christmas scents, check out my diffuser recipes. Your home will smell wonderful.

*If you buy essential oils online using my registration link and number, you can get your oils at a huge discount and I promise to teach you how to use your oils! And I give

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