Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone – The mobile phone keyboard is too small. If you often have trouble seeing icons or keep hitting the wrong keys, the size of your keyboard can make a world of difference.

Even if you don’t have a lot of screen real estate to work with, this guide will walk you through some ways to make the onscreen keyboard on your iPhone or Android even bigger.

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

If you’re using the standard Apple iPhone keyboard, you can enlarge the screen, orient it horizontally, or enable bold text to make the keys bigger and easier to see.

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Zoomed View magnifies the standard size of the iPhone keyboard, including the entire iOS user interface (buttons, menus, icons, etc.) and the apps running on it.

If you don’t like everything being turned off, you can switch to the Always On Screen setting by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Zoom Screen.

Almost every app on your iPhone runs in a horizontal orientation (aka landscape view). Minimize typos and maximize the keyboard.

Just hold your iOS device sideways to enter landscape mode. The keyboard should also expand to automatically fill the width of the screen when tapped.

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Note: iOS doesn’t support landscape view for the iPhone’s home screen, so you can’t interact with Spotlight Search using the sick keyboard view.

Turning off bold text on iPhone does not enlarge the keyboard, it affects the size of the text and improves the visibility of characters.

Brown text refers to any text you see on your iPhone. If you don’t like it, you can always switch to plain text via the Display & Brightness screen.

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

Popular third-party keyboards for iPhone, such as Gboard and Microsoft SwiftKey, do not offer additional options to increase the key size. However, there are several keyboards in the App Store that offer such functionality, but from lesser-known developers, such as TuneKey and ReBoard.

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Privacy note: Before installing a third-party keyboard, please read the app’s data collection policy (scroll down on the App Store page) and make sure it doesn’t violate your privacy and security.

If you use Google’s regular Gboard on your Android phone, you can increase the screen size, increase the height of the keyboard, or switch to landscape mode to make the keys bigger.

Android allows scaling of the screen to make the user interface and keyboard larger. For this:

Another way to make Gboard bigger and easier to see is to orient your Android phone horizontally.

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If the Android UI can’t switch to landscape mode, open the app drawer (swipe down from the top of the screen) and make sure Auto-Rotate is turned off.

Unlike iOS, most third-party keyboards for Android have custom settings that allow you to increase the size of the keyboard. As an example, here’s how to access them in Microsoft SwiftKey:

Android keyboards from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), such as Samsung, allow you to change the key size. For example, if you’re using a Samsung keyboard, you can go to your phone’s keyboard control screen via the Settings app to make the keyboard bigger.

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

A larger keyboard goes a long way to reducing typing and increasing typing speed on mobile devices, and the various methods and solutions above should help you. If you need more customization options, use a third-party keyboard app on your iPhone or Android.

Ways To Make Keyboard Bigger On Iphone (2023)

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Did you like this tip? If so, check out our YouTube channel, which covers Windows, Mac, software and apps, and has tons of troubleshooting tips and videos. Click the button below to subscribe! In this post, we will look at ways to enlarge the keyboard on iPhone.

By the way, it can also be a question if you are someone who doesn’t care every day or has normal fingers.

If you have a palm that makes your iPhone 12 Pro Max look normal, it makes sense to enlarge the iPhone keyboard.

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Fortunately, the technology we use today takes into account the various variables of the human body so that everyone can interact in the best possible way.

A good example that I can think of off the top of my head is the AirPods Pro.

These are universally constant in size and shape. But Apple offers different sizes of earbuds to make sure they fit everyone and don’t come off so easily.

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

The iPhone keyboard has several options to suit the user’s preferences. Although there is no official way to enlarge the iPhone’s keyboard, there are workarounds.

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IPhones come in different screen sizes. Thanks to the iPhone 12, we’ve brought back a comfortable screen size of 5.4 inches in the form of the iPhone 12 mini.

The default keyboard on the iPhone is customized by Apple for comfortable typing.

My dad recently switched from a ridiculous Huawei smartphone to an iPhone, and the only thing he likes about the iPhone is the typing experience. I tried to explain the other advantages of iOS over Android (not a fan at all), but he said the only thing he liked was the typing experience.

Those with large fingers may have trouble typing the correct letters, which is unfortunate because typing is one of the main functions that happens regularly on a smartphone.

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Sure, autocorrect can sometimes help, but more often than not, you can end up with an incorrect sentence because your fingers aren’t hitting the right keys.

On the other hand, a larger keyboard developer might want to add an extra row (perhaps a numeric row). Almost all software-based keyboards have numeric keys that speed up alphabetic typing.

Unfortunately, the standard iPhone keyboard doesn’t include a numeric keypad, although the latest iPhones have plenty of screen real estate to accommodate it.

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

The biggest problem, no, is the inconvenience caused by the larger keyboard, which takes up less screen real estate for other things.

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For example, a larger keyboard can leave less room for conversations that can be confusing in circulation. This is the only major downside to having a larger keyboard.

If you are not comfortable with a large keyboard on the rest of the screen, you can use a normal keyboard.

However, remember that there are ways to improve the typing experience even without a larger keyboard.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Apple does not offer an official way to enlarge the iPhone keyboard.

How To Make The Keyboard Bigger On Your Iphone (2023)

There are possible solutions. But remember that these techniques work, they affect other aspects of your overall writing experience; as the nature of things.

Apple added a new feature with the release of iOS 12 that allows users to switch the screen to a zoomed view.

This feature is called “Zoom Screen” and offers two views: normal view and zoomed view. The zoomed view is a view that magnifies the keyboard (see what I did there? Funny jokes aren’t old anymore).

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

It also magnifies other parts of the screen. This means that all icons on the home screen, SMS bubbles in iMessage, icons in the Settings app, and other UI elements are scaled up.

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If you want a larger iPhone keyboard, you may be surprised by the enlarged view over time.

Left: Full-size iPhone keyboard. Middle: enlarged iPhone keyboard. Right: The difference between the zoomed keyboard and the large keyboard (see light red space).

But what if you don’t want to magnify everything and just magnify your iPhone’s keyboard?

Although Apple was late to the third-party keyboard game, it’s one of the most significant changes since the inception of iOS.

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All a third party does is add functionality that wasn’t there to begin with. A third-party iOS keyboard does just that.

There are many third-party keyboard apps available in the App Store today, each offering a unique feature set.

However, there are very few keyboards that offer a zoomed view compared to the standard iOS keyboard.

Can I Make My Keyboard Bigger On Iphone

Note that some third-party keyboards may not offer all the features that a keyboard has, and some may offer more. This means that if you plan to increase the size of your iPhone keyboard, you will have to give up some features.

Ways To Make The Keyboard Bigger On Iphone And Ipad

Downloading a third-party keyboard from the App Store is only half the story. Next, you need to install the keyboard.

Left: Click to change the keyboard. Right: Long press and slide to the third side

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