Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger

Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger – Kristin Rowland, a junior at Shirley University in New York, says she has several pairs of tinted glasses to make her eyes look bigger.

Of all the amazing outfits and accessories that Lady Gaga wore in her “Bad Romance” video, who would have guessed that the look that caught fire would be big eyes like anime glow in the bathtub?

Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger

Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger

Lady Gaga’s larger-than-life eyes may have been computer-generated, but teenagers and young women across the country copied them with special lenses from Asia. Known as circle lenses, they are colored lenses, sometimes in unusual colors like purple and pink, that make the eyes look bigger because they don’t just cover the iris, like regular lenses, but also the white section.

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“I’ve noticed that a lot of girls in my town have started wearing too much,” said Melody Vue, a 16-year-old from Morganton, North Carolina, who has 22 pairs and wears them regularly. He said his friends tend to wear round lenses for their Facebook photos.

These glasses would be an alternative to beauty if it weren’t for the fact that they are not used and that opticians are very concerned about them. It is illegal in the United States to sell contact lenses (corrective or cosmetic) without a prescription, and no major lens manufacturer in the United States currently sells contact lenses.

However, glasses are widely available online, usually for $20-$30 a pair, with prescription and cosmetic value only. On message boards and YouTube videos, young women and young people spread the word about where to shop.

The glasses give the wearer a childlike, soft-eyed look. The scene is a feature of Japanese anime and is also popular in Korea. Popularity-seekers here called “ulzzang girls” post cute but cute headshots online, often with round lenses to highlight their eyes. (“Ulzzang” means “the most beautiful face” in Korean, but is also short for “beautiful”).

How To Find Contact Lenses That Make Eyes Look Bigger

They are now appearing in American schools. Now that round glasses are popular in Japan, Singapore and South Korea, they are popping up on American high schools and college campuses. “Last year, there was a huge increase in interest here in the United States,” said Joyce Kim, founder of, an Asian pop fan site with a forum dedicated to round glasses. “Once the first users have written about it, discussed it and reviewed it, then it’s available to everyone.”

Ms. Kim, a 31-year-old San Francisco resident, said some friends her age wear round glasses almost every day. “It’s like putting on mascara or eyeliner,” she said.

Websites that sell contact lenses that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration must verify consumers’ prescriptions with their eye care professionals. On the other hand, contact lens websites allow consumers to choose the strength of their lenses as freely as their color.

Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger

Kristin Rowland, a junior at Shirley University in New York, has several frames, including purple and lime green prescription ones that she wears behind her glasses. Without them, he said, his eyes looked “too small”; glasses “make it look like they’re there”.

How To Do Big Anime Eye Look

Ms. Rowland has a part-time job at Waldbaum’s grocery store, where customers sometimes say to her, “Your eyes look big today,” she said. Even his boss showed interest and asked, “Where did you get these things?” he said.

Karen Riley, a spokeswoman for the FDA, was also a little surprised. When he first met her last month, she didn’t know what round lenses were or how far they were held. Shortly thereafter, he wrote in an email, “Consumers are at risk of serious eye injuries, including blindness” when they buy contact lenses without a prescription or assistance. from an optician.

Glasses can be dangerous to health Dr. S. Barry Eiden, an ophthalmologist in Deerfield, Ill., who is president of the contact lens and cornea section of the American Optometric Association, said people who sell contact lenses online “recommend you avoid . . . professional equipment.” . Take care.” He warned that bad contact lenses can cut off the eye’s oxygen supply and cause serious vision problems.

Nina Nguyen, a 19-year-old Rutgers student from Bridgewater, N.J., said she was wary at first. “Our eyes are important,” he said. “I will not put anything in my eyes.”

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But after seeing how many Rutgers students had round glasses and the wave of internet users, he gave up. He now describes himself as a “circle lens addict”.

Makeup artist Michelle Phan introduced many Americans to contact lenses with a video tutorial on YouTube, where she shows how to create “crazy, googly Lady Gaga eyes.” Ms. Phan’s video, titled “Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look,” has been viewed more than 9.4 million times.

“In Asia, everything is about eye makeup,” said Ms. Phan, a Vietnamese-American blogger who is now Lancôme’s first video makeup artist. “She likes the whole innocent, almost doll-like look of anime.”

Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger

Round lenses make the eyes appear larger by covering not only the iris but also the white part.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With And Without Makeup

These days girls of many races are embracing the look. “Ring glasses aren’t just for Asians,” said Crystal Ezeoke, 17, a second-generation Nigerian from Lewisville, Texas. In the videos she posts on YouTube, Ms. Ezeoke’s blue glasses make her eyes appear an otherworldly blue.

At, based in Toronto, most customers are Americans, ages 15 to 25, who heard about circle lenses through YouTube reviews, said founder Alfred Wong, 25. of if you. “A lot of people like the look of a doll, because it’s beautiful,” she said. “It’s still an emerging trend” in America, he added, but “it’s becoming more popular.”

Jason Aw, the owner of, a site based in Malaysia, is well aware that his shipments to the United States are illegal. But he is convinced that his round glasses are “safe; that’s why many customers will recommend us” to others.

His “job,” he wrote in an e-mail, is to “provide a platform” for people who want to buy glasses, but can’t do so locally.

Provide Specialty Contact Lenses And Thrive

Girls like Mrs. Vue, a 16-year-old from North Carolina, helps direct customers to places that sell round contact lenses. He posted 13 reviews of the lens on YouTube, enough to earn him a coupon code at, which gives its viewers a 10 percent discount. “I get a lot of messages asking where to get circle glasses, so this is the right answer for you,” he said in a recent video.

Ms. Vue was 14 when she asked her parents to make her their first class, she said. However, these days, he thinks about them, but not for health or safety reasons.

Circle glasses have become very popular, Ms Vue said. He said: “I don’t want to wear them anymore, because everyone is wearing them.” Each article on this page has been selected by the editor. We may earn a commission on some of the items you choose to purchase.

Contact Lenses That Makes Eyes Look Bigger

I was an awkward freshman in biology class when a girl who managed to avoid puberty walked into the room and

Are Glasses Or Contacts Better For Myopia Control

Eyes This was at the height of meeting colorful people, and as our classmates looked on in amazement, I cursed my muddy irises. I asked my mother that night for green names. He said no.

Fast forward ten years and colored lenses aren’t quite in style, but last week I found myself living a version of my teenage dream as I sat in the eye doctor’s office, choosing my own pair. Acuvue prescription lenses. which promise to enhance your natural color instead of hiding it.

But how? The line around the iris (the colored part of the eye) is called the limbal ring, and studies have found that a naturally dark limbal ring is more defined and associated with attractiveness and youth, in both women and men. Think of the piercing eyes of that Afghan girl in Steve McCurry’s famous National Geographic photo, or Angelina Jolie’s stunning couple. A more troubling example is that of Robert Durst, who relied on limbo ring enhancement glasses for better visibility.

It was this research that led to Acuvue’s Define collection, a new market. “Millennials don’t tend to go with colored lenses, because this generation wants something more natural,” Susan Resnick, O.D. F.A.A.O., he told me when I visited his eye office in New York City to fix my partner. (Although I wear prescription lenses every day, you can also opt to get Define contact lenses if you’re #beneded with 20/20 vision.) He explained that these lenses are not just describe the outer barrel when the natural color is bright. by which they make them rise above what he longed for when he was young. Prescribed lenses are carefully designed to mimic and enhance the patterns and reflect light on the iris. To

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