Contact Lenses To Make Eyes Look Bigger

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Contact Lenses To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Contact Lenses To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Foreign buyers have a network of hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, built on sponsored posts and marketing. Pink paradise

The Secret To Younger, Brighter Eyes

My first colored contact lenses were purchased at a supply store in Koreatown. An elderly Korean secretary convinced my young self to pay $30 for hazel contacts to brighten and “improve” my eyes. In fact, he didn’t need to do much to convince me. The YouTube videos convinced me.

In 2010, Michelle Phan – now considered a YouTube beauty pioneer – released a viral video of Lady Gaga’s appearance in the music video Bad Romance. About six minutes into the video, Phan appears in a pair of gray communication circles, blinking rapidly as his eyes move into an unusual shape. Round lenses, which are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, create the illusion of larger eyes by tinting the iris. “See how big he is now?” read the title on the video.

The practice of makeup glasses started more than ten years ago in Asia, and through YouTube, blogs and on the Internet, the trend has spread – it has spread to young women and cosplayers, people dress up like pop culture. A few months after Phan’s viral video, the New York Times published an article about vision-enhancing glasses, which were not approved by the FDA.

(The FDA requires suppliers to register their products on the website before they can be distributed commercially; this is a process that foreign suppliers can follow because their business is not reliable Americans only.)

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With And Without Makeup

Public concern about these unregulated lenses has subsided, but every year the FDA, the Federal Trade Commission and the American Academy of Ophthalmology warn consumers to be careful when buying colored lenses over the counter. , usually on Halloween. They warn of the risk of serious infections and even partial blindness. Luckily, it didn’t hurt too much. Although they told me it would last a year, I threw away the contacts after a few months because my eyes were dry and I was suspicious.

The last two years have seen a renaissance of colored contact lenses from foreign suppliers and brands such as TTD Eye, Ohmykitty4u, Uniqso and Pinky Paradise. They sell to specific customers: TTD Eye is popular among beauty influencers who love lenses in bold shades of hazel and grey, while Uniqso is a haven for cosplayers who want clear, round lenses that look flawless.

As of 2019, the chosen marketing platform is now Instagram instead of YouTube. And these networks are used not only by beauty gurus, makeup artists and micro-influencers who are trying to become a big influence, but also by ordinary consumers.

Contact Lenses To Make Eyes Look Bigger

On Instagram, marketers manage a network of hundreds of thousands of followers built on sponsored posts and marketing campaigns. The company provides lifestyle and beauty products for corporate partnerships, provides free contact lenses and may receive commission in exchange for posts or videos.

Natsumi Grey Contacts

Others have low profile partnerships like influencers, who only need an active blog or Instagram account to promote their products. . But these partnerships and products appear to be largely unregulated online, creating a free-for-all market where the popularity of a contact lens determines consumer confidence.

When Caitlin Alexander ran another blog in 2015, she changed out five pairs of round lenses every week, in colors ranging from electric blue to mustard yellow. It was a rebellious attitude, which he stopped shortly after two “bad relationships” that made him unable to see them all day.

He had worn a pair of soft pink sunglasses from Uniqso, a Malaysian supplier, eight hours earlier (as usual) and had woken up with eyes very sensitive to light.

“When I took the pink stuff off at night, my eyes were a little blurry,” the 28-year-old said. “But the next day I couldn’t see the source of the light and I couldn’t see properly for a few hours.”

Ways To Make Your Eyes Look So Much Bigger!

Color connection is not dangerous; there are federally regulated products such as Freshlook, Air Optix, and Acuvue that require a prescription. Affiliate marketing is cheap and can be purchased individually. The lenses sell for $15 a tube before they are sold, but prices vary by length of contact, prescription, and brand.

Avid glass buyers often gather on online forums or blogs and discuss which vendors are the most popular and have the best prices. Some are wary of brands that don’t track customers’ prescriptions or take weeks to ship orders.

However, the problem with buying contact lenses online is that there are many options on the market, some products – especially over the counter – may not be tested and safe to use.

Contact Lenses To Make Eyes Look Bigger

After all, the safety of a product depends on the way it is produced and the chemicals used in the process. Because there are so many lenses available, the study concluded that eye doctors should be skeptical about the effectiveness of many colored lenses.

An Eye Enlarging Eye Look Inspired By Bjd

Because the market for colored contacts is so large, researchers are not sure if there is any risk to consumers. Getty Images

Lens prescriptions often come with specific guidelines, says Mike Shea, an optometrist in Connecticut. Even if customers order cosmetic lenses online according to their prescription, there is still a risk when it comes to using contact lenses. With color communication from foreign buyers, Shea adds that the main problem is the disease and mentioned in 2015.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Tokushima in Japan, examined the safety of chemicals used to make five different colored glasses. The lenses are available “over the counter” online or at a pharmacy, and come in a variety of designs and colors. Researchers have found that the colored chemicals in the lenses can come into contact with the wearer, causing disease in the ‘zero. And based on the available colored glass market, it is difficult to calculate the total risk.

Alexander then emailed Uniqso to ask for a refund, but before the company would issue a replacement tube or a refund, a sales representative told him to cut the broken glass in half. according to the pictures of the member. In 2016, a year after the incident, Alexander decided to write a blog post detailing his relationship with Uniqs and his decision to stop promoting the brand.

Eye Makeup For Small Eyes: Make Them Look Bigger

One year, Alexander said, because he believed he was using the wrong lens or the case was dismissed.

“Not long after I posted my blog, people accused me of not knowing how to make connections or trying to discredit Uniqso,” he said. But years later, Alexander kept getting comments and emails from people with similar lens problems.

“I don’t play eyeballs anymore,” Alexander said. “I only wear prescription glasses.” Despite his cautionary blog, he is still worried that many consumers have too much faith in online glass sellers, especially “young people” who rely on the reviews of influencers.

Contact Lenses To Make Eyes Look Bigger

“People believe that activists are in their own best interest,” he said, but no one believes that activists are not health professionals. – I’m sure he is, like me.

Latest Eye Innovations In Iol And Contact Lens Technology

Colored lenses everywhere – according to my Instagram algorithm. It appears in selfies, photos and makeup tutorials. One type of video continues to pop up on Explore’s Instagram page to celebrate Phanova: The beautiful man holding colored contact lenses in a plastic case, hiding his face. He quickly inserted one, then two glasses before flashing the internet.

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by AGNESAGUSTIN (@agnesagustinn) on Sep 1, 2019 at 8:30pm PDT

This short video “test” pulls from the playbook of social media marketing techniques used by glass buyers. Most of them are based in Asia, where cosmetic glass originates, and only a few require customers to check their prescriptions before ordering. purchase.

Many suppliers do not manufacture the glass, but still act as intermediaries – they are responsible for testing the product and ensuring its safety and effectiveness while not shipped to customer.

Cute Barbie Kira Kira Grey Colored Contact Lens For Charming & Adorable Looks

Pinky Paradise, a seller in Malaysia, was the only company out of the four I contacted that answered my questions and confirmed that they would check. measure before processing orders. This is also one of the few foreign companies I have seen that requires customers to provide a prescription before ordering. (Completion of this process does not mean that the seller’s product is registered with the FDA.)

According to Pinky Paradise founder Jason Aw, the company produces various brands from Korea

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