Contacts To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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I was a clumsy teen in biology class when a girl who had gone through weird puberty came into the room with me

Contacts To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Contacts To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eye. This was the pinnacle of the colored contact phenomenon, and as our classmates gaped at us in amazement, I cursed my muddy irises. I begged my mom for a green contact that night. He said no.

Dolly Eye Contacts & Circle Lenses

Fast-forward a decade and colored contacts aren’t all that great, but I found myself living out my version of my teenage dreams last week as I sat in my optometrist’s office picking out my own pair of Acuvue’s new definition lenses, which promise to enhance a natural color instead of hiding it.

But how? The line around the iris (the pigmented part of your eye) is called the limbal ring, and research has shown that darker, more defined limbal rings are naturally associated with attractiveness and youthfulness, for both women and men. Think of the piercing eyes of the young Afghan girl in Steve McCurry’s famous photo for National Geographic, or Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous couple. A more blatant example is Robert Durst, who reportedly relied on lenses that enhance the limbal ring for a more sympathetic look.

It was this research that led to Acuvue’s Define collection – that and a new market. “Millennials tend to stay away from colored lenses because this generation wants something much more natural,” Susan Resnick, O.D. FAO, notify me when I visited your optometry practice in New York City to get my match. (While I wear prescription lenses daily, if you’re #blessed with 20/20 vision, you can also choose to get non-corrective Define lenses.) He explains that it’s not just the fact that these lenses are the defining outer edges while allowing natural colors to shine through making them superior to anything I wanted as a young teen. Define lenses are carefully designed to mimic and amplify the patterns and reflections of light in the iris. In other words, I’m sure it won’t be so obvious that these eyes aren’t

I was given three types of Define lenses to choose from: Natural Shimmer, which adds subtle definition to the limbal ring; Natural shine, which is slightly more intense; and Sparkle, which also adds some blue to the iris. After trying both Shimmer and Sparkle, I settled for the former – I was amazed at how they made my eyes pop. It’s like I suddenly get an extra four hours at that moment, even though I only work so much (plus a few cups of coffee). But it is

Tutorial: How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eye color. I love my eyes today, but I’m so impressed with this little boost.

In a way, I finally got the green I asked my mom about a few years later, but in a much more believable way: Define lenses really kicked up the olive freckles in my irises, but none the wiser. I tell them that. See, a teenager yourself? Life really does get better.

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Contacts To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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The shadows literally make your eyes come back. Correct dark circles with an illuminating concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation to lift and brighten. We like the affordable L’Oreal Paris Touche Magique Illuminating Concealer (£7.99). Don’t forget to sweep it over the cheeks in a “V” shape to illuminate the entire face.

It immediately lifts your lashes and therefore enlarges your eyes. Our favorite curling iron is from Charlotte Tilbury (£18), expensive yes, but it’s a tool that will last forever and pay you back with a refill.

The Secret To Younger, Brighter Eyes

While a black liner on the inside of the lower eyelid closes your eyes, a light neutral liner will open them up. We are not talking about fair skin, but fair skin tone will hide redness perfectly. Try Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude (£3.99).

While shading the cheeks to add definition, contour the eyelids to give a subtle shape. Sweep an eyeshadow shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone along the eyelid.

Apply a small amount of colorful eye shadow or highlighter to the inner corner of the eyelid (near the tear duct) and below the brow arch. This immediately opens the eyes and makes them appear wider.

Contacts To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Never underestimate the importance of maintaining strong eyebrows – they are the hangers on your face! Get them professionally styled and try the catwalk trick of brushing them to open your eyes.

How To Get Bigger Eyes Naturally And Permanently

Mascara is the magic wand for making your eyes look bigger, and if you’re only using one product, make this one, but try a lengthening formula instead of a thickening one. We love Dior’s Diorshow Mascara (£25.50). For added flair, try attaching 3-4 individual lashes to the outer corner of the eye to create a cat eye shape.

Line as close to the top lash line as possible and don’t cover the eye by lining it all over – especially at the bottom. Gradually increase the thickness towards the outer corner. Eleven Intense Eyeliner (£4.50) has a flexible tip that makes precision work easy.

Extend the line in the outer corner of the eye using the up-n-out technique. Try not to go

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How To Safely Remove A Contact Stuck In Your Eye

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