Decorating Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

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High ceilings are considered an element of luxury – after all, they make your home feel more spacious and provide more space to display great artwork or special lighting. That being said, decorating a room with high ceilings can be a tricky balancing act: leaving the walls bare can make the room look cavernous and barren, but adding too much can make it look full. The Capes Bay show home in Dallas had a wide ceiling and we were inspired by the way the designers arranged the rooms to enhance this feature while still making the rooms feel comfortable. Here are their top tips for decorating high ceilings in living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

Decorating Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

Decorating Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

Jean-Lieuw says he and his team worked to increase the volume of this lofty living room, though he admits, “It was a little intimidating at first to make something so beautiful warm and inviting.” To break up the room visually, she hung fine & dandy patterned wallpaper. and painted everything from ceiling to floor in contrasting blues and grays (Benjamin Moore’s Mount Saint Anne). To add drama and texture to the mansion, Liu hung a 13-foot macramé sculpture from the ceiling.

Tips For Decorating Rooms With High Ceilings

This vertical piece by Mexico City-based artist Emma Boomkamp (of Garde) added a “wow” moment that immediately helped draw visitors’ eyes upwards. To add more drama to the great room, Liu says she chose the floor-to-ceiling windows at Shade Shop, “because they’re a beautiful architectural detail that we want to highlight.”

To make your home stand out, choose a sculpture that draws the eye up and draws attention to your room’s high ceiling. We love this teak sculpture by a Cuban American artist. Height 92.5 inches

According to designer Alessandra Branca, this living room has very high ceilings, which made it a daunting design challenge. However, she says, “We found a great way to celebrate [the height of the room] by creating a custom color and sloped version of the Casa Branca Foglia wallpaper… Now it makes the room look like a beautiful garden.” He then added matching roman shades with a green stripe pattern (produced by The Shade Store) so that the vertical top windows would better match the green pattern.

To grab her attention, instead of leaving the walls blank, try using bold wallpaper in your living room. Pure white walls can feel sterile and empty in a room with very high ceilings. Pro tip: When choosing patterned wallpaper, be sure to pay attention to scale—you don’t want something with a small pattern or it will look too crowded. Pay attention to Branca’s design. The wallpaper he used (below) is large enough to resemble real vines that follow the walls.

Cathedral Ceilings You’ll Want To Recreate At Home

In this simple bedroom designed by Natasha Brothers, you will notice a large and colorful headboard (Natasha Brothers Collection). This is a great example of how furniture should fit the size of the room – and how you can experiment with scale and proportion to add some drama. To increase the height of the ceiling and the large size of the headboard, he added feminine wallpaper and hung it above the bed. Additionally, she says she added “modern ceiling panels, with my blue and white Giamba wallpaper flowers.”

Get the look for your bedroom with an extra long bed like the one pictured below. We also love the idea of ​​playing around with different wallpapers, moldings and ceiling panels to get the look we want.

To draw attention to the unusually high ceiling, the Fisher Weisman team designed a large custom chandelier to hang over the dining table. To complement the main light in the center of the room, Weisman says, “We made four cylindrical pendants in the corners of the rooms above the wood panels of the same design. We created a flower area and a way to activate. The large volume of the room so that it does not feel empty.”

Decorating Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

The designers also added a box ceiling in bright red to add another eye-catching element in addition to the recessed lighting. A large-scale triptych helps balance the proportions and colors of the room and ties everything together. Get the look of your home with great lighting and a colorful trio.

High Ceiling Living Room Ideas

When Lance Scott of LC Studios first saw this room, one of the first things he noticed was the massive 15-and-a-half-foot ceiling. He said: “We tried to feel the void and lower the ceiling a little bit. So we thought, “Let’s make a black roof”.

“We knew we wanted to do something dark on the ceiling so we could have more space,” says Scott. To achieve this, he and his team painted all the molds with a rich midnight blue varnish. Then they painted pale blue on the bottom of the walls and faded it in an ombre pattern to a beige gray shade on the floor.

Not quite ready to cover the walls of your home? Try painting the ceiling black to make it look a little lower. Here are some of our bold paint ideas for inspiration.

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While high ceilings are a desirable feature for many Dallas home buyers, they can also present unique design challenges. People often get frustrated when trying to figure out what to do with all that wall space above the door frame.

Decorating Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

The key is to bring everything together by combining furniture, walls and ceilings. Read on for eight design solutions that help rooms with high ceilings feel inviting and intimate.

Decorating Rooms With Vaulted Ceilings

A set of de Gurnai framed wallpaper panels adds a touch of charm to this top floor Dallas home we designed.

Another way to fill extra wall space is to use artwork. One large piece, a gallery of smaller pieces or a tapestry are all great options for high ceiling rooms.

Artwork should hang at eye level, unless you have a tall, narrow piece. If you want to hang something above eye level, I recommend a wall clock.

Very high interior ceilings require very high windows, which often have to be customized by the designer.

Outstanding Ideas For Decorating Living Room With High Ceiling

A general rule of thumb for tall windows is to hang your curtains at ceiling height. Alternatively, if your windows don’t go all the way to the ceiling, you may want to add anchors to even out the windows. In any case, the fabrics should be hung so that they almost touch the floor.

Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may need to order custom blinds. Although expensive, this option is worth considering. The softness of the curtains helps a room with a high ceiling to feel more comfortable. Don’t worry about too many long curtains: as long as you choose a simple fabric or a subtle pattern, the result will be spectacular.

The wooden beams on the ceiling in this kitchen complement the wooden floor while contrasting with the shiny metal.

Decorating Ideas For High Ceiling Living Rooms

Another way to create a sense of depth in high ceilings is to add exposed beams or large crown molding. Although beams are often associated with country houses, they can also be found in a modern home.

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Hanging a statement light, such as a chandelier, is a classic solution to draw the eye from the ceiling. Generally, chandeliers should be hung above the coffee table or dining table in the middle of the room.

For this North Dallas project, we used a dining room chandelier from our client’s old home and hung it above the sitting area in their new master bedroom.

Another way to visually connect the upper and lower levels of a room is to turn the wall into an accent wall. There are a few different ways to do this. Painting one wall a solid, dramatic color from floor to ceiling. wallpaper wall; Or extending the bricks or stones around the fireplace to the top are other ideas.

Another way to paint walls from floor to ceiling is to follow the rule of thirds and divide the walls into three parts. For example, the bottom third of your wall can be paneled, the middle third can be art

Tips For Decorating Rooms With High Ce|articles

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