Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room – The great room is the most demanding office in the house, as its entire purpose is to serve several central functions in one common space. The goal is to make everyday life easier and make common spaces a little more inviting. As a result, they can create some additional design challenges. With more moving parts and puzzle pieces, larger spaces are much more difficult to decorate. Layout, color schemes and scale… so if you’re looking for inspiration, read on for eighteen great room design ideas and decorating tips.

In this beach house, Alexander Design made the family room sophisticated and sophisticated, yet down-to-earth, livable and beachy. From a dining area to an office space for parties and even a pool table, this great room truly has it all.

Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

This is the ultimate entertaining space that doubles as a formal dining room and living room. A massive blue rug helps pull the space together as it stretches from the dining area to the living room. On the other hand, they are separated by darker dining chairs and a simple sofa and coffee table.

Ways To Close An Open Concept Floor Plan

Leanne Ford Interiors creates individual “rooms” defined by groups of furniture to make a great room both cohesive and functional. Each room is unique and together form a harmonious whole. The kitchen blends in and fades into the background, while the dining room and living room contrast in color and design.

The ice gray marble material designed by Arent & Pyke moves in the kitchen to the living room in the form of a velvet carpet in the same shade of gray. Then the light pink sofa for the kitchen is reflected in the pink sheer curtains in the dining room. Caramel leather dining chairs add some contrast without disrupting said cohesion.

If you’re looking to create a space that’s both cozy and timeless, yet fun and modern, consider this stunning room designed by Life/Style Studio. This layout is also ideal for a family, as the adults can be in the kitchen while staying close to the children.

It may seem obvious, but in a large room it’s usually best to place the furniture on top of the water. Resist the urge to push all the furniture against the walls – creating space behind the furniture will make the room look wider than it is and help separate different areas by function. In this living room designed by 2LG Studio, a floating sofa separates the sitting area from the kitchen and dining area.

Best Ways To Create An Open Floor Plan

You don’t need a large space for a great room. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to combine the dining room and living rooms in apartments. To make it work, choose a smaller bistro table and use the banquette on the other side of the kitchen island to set up a sofa for entertaining and a dining area.

In the open space, create a sitting area as a separate living area and turn it into a sunken family room, a conversation cave. Designed by Elizabeth Roberts, this space feels like a private retreat fit for large parties thanks to full carpeting and a low floor. Custom upholstery also echoes the warm hues of the kitchen next door (like this gorgeous bench), as do exposed beams to ensure it doesn’t look completely bare.

Consider the space you want to use for entertaining instead of a kitchen workspace. An eye-catching orange rug is a highlight in this stunning room designed by Arent & Pyke.

Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

Color goes to the high beams in this living room designed by Thomas Jane and William Cullum. All in all, the room looks traditional and formal, rustically elegant and casual. And the color scheme is strict in everything.

Before & After: Open Concept Modern Home Interior Design

If you have room for an outdoor patio or if you want to update your pool house, apply the same principles you use indoors and bring them outside. It will be an ideal place for a summer gathering.

The great room is all in the planning. The clean lines of this Robson Rock-designed living room make you feel relaxed just by looking at it. Even the detail and symmetry of the vertical window glass that goes down to the cushions on the couch has a calming effect. Then the green nesting tables create a certain contrast with their rounded shape and different heights. White painted walls make the room more comfortable and accessible.

A dense and neutral color scheme will ensure an easy flow. If the open kitchen faces the entrance and main living areas, as in this space designed by Leanne Ford, choose materials that do not distract attention and opt for integrated appliances and elements.

Here’s proof that minimalism doesn’t mean strictly modern interiors. Designed by Hacker Guthrie, this stunning number is elegant, simple and right in the middle of modern and traditional, the pinnacle of it all. The classic layout encourages conversation and comfort. The white island helps us to move from the kitchen to the living room.

Open Floor Plan Design Tips From The Experts

Emily Henderson paired the pillows with the green cabinets in the kitchen, but that’s the only color match between the two “rooms.” This is a great way to make sure they don’t feel completely disjointed or mismatched, but also don’t look too uniform.

Let the bright artwork inspire you. In this stunning room designed by Studio Ashby, a beautiful abstract painting fills the entire space with color. Other neutral shades throughout the room complement the picture without competing with it.

One of the greatest benefits of a great room is the communal lighting it provides, especially in a wide-open loft like this one from Alexander Design. Here’s proof that minimalism doesn’t mean strictly modern interiors. Magnificent windows bring in light and add warmth to the industrial environment.

Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

If you’re a maximalist at heart, you shouldn’t play it safe in a neutral color great room. In this Arent & Pyke settee, a sleek dog sofa pairs well with a remote black media cabinet and pendant lights above the dining area, while a pistachio accent wall complements the colorful rug.

Open Floor Plans: An Enduringly Popular Choice

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47 Game Room Ideas for an Epic Entertainment Space 13 Stylish Ways to Store and Display Johnnie Walker Firewood 3 Awesome Bar Carts You Can Try at Home The Coffee Table with Storage Is Our New Obsession If you’re designing an open floor plan for the first time, you’re bound to come across obstacles you didn’t even know existed. Although spacious layouts are nice and cozy, how should you decorate them? There is so much space and things just don’t seem to fit anywhere. What are you doing? Here are five tips for designing an open floor plan.

With the right placement and design of furniture, you can still create a space where there is none. Try using sofas, tables and plants to define separate areas from the rest of the room. You will be surprised to see how many rooms can be created from one with the right layout.

How To Design An Open Floor Plan

One of the best room dividers you can buy is a rug. While you may not have a room divider, changing the texture of the floor is the next best thing. This provides enough of a visual change to allow the mind to narrow its focus while being aware of the open floor plan.

There is a delicate balance when choosing a color scheme for an open floor plan. It’s usually best to paint all shared walls the same neutral color, using accent colors to make each area stand out as unique.

Light is another one of those features that can really help break up an open floor plan. There are many different options available when shopping for lighting; You can find something completely unique. One example is the use of pendant lighting in the kitchen, overhead lighting in the living room and table lamps in the corner.

Decorating An Open Floor Plan Living Room

Window treatments are another tip for separating open spaces. Use the same fabric pattern for all window treatments in the area, but vary the treatment style in each room.

Ways To Embrace An Open Concept Home Design

At Pillow Décor, we love the idea of ​​open floor plans. We do our best to provide high quality cushions that will attract the attention of your designers and allow you to create unique spaces in your home. Check out our range of options

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