Floor Plan For Open Kitchen Living Room

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It’s easy to agonize over every kitchen remodeling decision. When the enthusiasm for a project fades and the pressure to get it right sets in, suddenly all the options for creating a dream kitchen seem to make the difference between failure and success. And one of those mistakes that countertops often seem to choose is the popular quartz or the less common granite.

Floor Plan For Open Kitchen Living Room

Floor Plan For Open Kitchen Living Room

But Meredith Barkley, a tile dealer at The Home Depot, doesn’t want you to run into one of her aisles. Take a deep breath, because her best advice should put you at ease.

Tips For Designing An Open Floor Plan

A list of similarities between quartz and granite countertops shouldn’t make one material better than the other if that’s too much for your mind. But if you want to know the differences between the two in hopes of finally finalizing your pro list, we asked Barclays to give us the breakdown of which is best for your tiles. Read, but remember. Your dream kitchen will come true, even if it feels like there are still 1,000 little decisions to make.

As one of the most popular materials for countertops, granite has earned a reputation for being resistant to scratches, high levels of heat, and stubborn stains. Plus, because granite is a natural stone that’s cut into slabs for installation on countertops, you can get a pattern of your own. “Patterns are what make granite unique,” says Barclay. “These tiles are the ones that usually add an edge to any kitchen due to their beauty and elegance.”

On the other hand, since granite is all-natural, it won’t come in a variety of colors and styles. Its porous composition also requires homeowners to seal their slabs every 8 to 10 years to protect their surface. And since granite tends to be one of the more expensive options to choose from, that extra cost can make this material prohibitively expensive for some renovations.

“Currently, the project covers an average 40-square-foot table and has 25 feet of finished edge,” notes Barclay. “Granite typically falls between $40 and $100 per square foot, averaging $58 per square foot, depending on color.”

Ways To Make An Open Concept Living Room Feel Cohesive

Quartz Engineered quartz is primarily made from a natural material, but it is also blended with pigments and resins, making it durable, versatile, and easy to clean. Like granite, quartz countertops are also resistant to stains and scratches, but are available in a wider range of colors and designs, like white marble options, without the cost of white marble. And because it’s partly man-made, quartz slabs aren’t porous and don’t need to be resealed.

That said, quartz does have its drawbacks. It is heat resistant up to 400 degrees, but can exhibit what is called “thermal shock” if the temperature exceeds that limit. If this happens, for example, when the slow cooker is left out for a long time, cracks can occur in the quartz.

And what about costs? Quartz typically sets homeowners back $50 to $90 per square foot, Barclay says. “It’s an average of $68 per square foot,” she notes.

Floor Plan For Open Kitchen Living Room

“The decision really comes down to the homeowner’s style and color preferences,” she says. “If unique beauty is your priority, you can’t beat the look of granite. But if you want a more uniform color or white marble look, go for quartz countertops.

Open Floor Plan Decorating Ideas Straight From Designers

Remember that tiling is not a DIY project and should be done by professionals, she says, and it’s helpful to use a cost estimator to make sure your brainstorming is within your budget.

Whichever topic you choose, make sure it was the right decision. If anything, it’s a bit of a choice you have to make before you can enjoy the finished kitchen.

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How To Design An Open Kitchen

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Open floor plans add flexibility to any home. In a traditional closed floor plan, the rooms are separated by walls and doors. Each room has its own privacy pocket, making it easy to separate different areas of the house. But with an open floor plan, the walls and doors drop down, allowing the rooms to blend together. Your kitchen can double as a dining room and triple as a living room. And this flexibility makes it easy to do many things at once.

Floor Plan For Open Kitchen Living Room

“Open concept living allows for uninterrupted enjoyment. Pour a glass of wine, check the gravy on the counter and prepare appetizers, while… socializing with family or guests”, Deborah Costa, interior designer and co-founder of Design. Alchemy, says, “The open concept floor plans enhance the heart of the home by combining cooking and entertaining areas into one.”

Staying Warm With An Open Floor Plan

Inviting you to create multipurpose open floor plans makes life easier. But decorating them can be a challenge. With no walls to guide you, how should you arrange your furniture? And how do you decide which rooms together?

“When decorating an open space, planning is the first and most important step,” says Jenna Schumacher, principal designer at Insert Design. “With no defined ‘rooms’ to dictate usage, a coordinated layout must be developed that maximizes function, balances the scale of pieces and celebrates interconnectedness.”

It could be a tall order. But the right inspiration can make it so much easier. So, to help you design your open space with care and ease, we asked six interior designers to share their best open space design ideas.

When creating an open floor plan, it can be difficult to decide which rooms should be together. A popular choice. Match your kitchen to your living room. “Kitchens are the heart of the home,” says Costa. “People don’t cook anymore. They want to be in tune with what is happening in the residential area”.

Translating ‘open Concept’ To Create An Inspiring ‘open Floor Plan’

Plus, more host area means a less crowded kitchen. “A family room or dining room open to the kitchen allows you to spread out,” says Emily Davis, principal designer at Emily Davis Interiors.

Create a scene in your open concept home by opening up your entryway. “An open entryway to the dining room and living room would bring an immediate sense of flow to the home,” says Davis.

Without walls, how can you define where one space ends and another begins? Easy. “Use rugs to create different zones in a space,” says Kathryn Staples, original designer at Aspen & Ivy.

Floor Plan For Open Kitchen Living Room

And Christine Rene, interior designer and co-founder of Design Alchemy, agrees. “A rug under a coffee table in a communal lounge area, or under a table in a dining room, works well for defining certain areas.”

Open Floor Plan Of House With Kitchen, Living Room And Dining Room With View To Backyard Stock Photo

The best thing about open floor plans is that you can customize them to suit your needs. So if you’ve been working from the kitchen or dining room, splurge on a formal workspace.

“We’re incorporating more and more computer zones into the open alcoves just off the kitchen,” says René. “These spaces are great spaces for adults to access their computers or for kids to work on homework without the clutter of kitchen counters or dining tables.”

A surefire way to separate two spaces in your open floor plan. Hide the divider. Find something that’s large enough to double the decor, and if you want to connect the spaces, you can choose a room divider that’s short enough to see through or layered enough to be visible.

Coffered ceilings are not only a fun way to dress up your space, but they’re also great for dividing your open spaces. “A suspended ceiling can separate spaces a little bit, define them without structurally dividing rooms,” says Staples.

Kitchen Design Ideas For Open Floor Plans

By cladding the dining room ceiling with wood beams and leaving the kitchen ceiling bare, you can even separate the spaces.

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