Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room – How to arrange furniture in a long narrow room? It’s a question I’ve been asked for years. There is a common type of room here in downtown Boston – long and narrow rooms. These are the front and back rooms in Colonial houses, 12 to 15 feet wide and 25 to 30 feet long. It is difficult to decorate these parts. In addition to the eaves, there are 6 windows and 2 doors, a fireplace and the largest part of the wall itself.

Earlier this week I was with a lovely couple who came to me for help in this difficult situation.

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

I know you need a home, but you need it yesterday, but when you start decorating, before you rush out and buy a house full of furniture, you must create a plan. Everything starts with a plan. You don’t know where to hang the TV or where to hang the pictures, even the window will be better to decide the furniture. Every design project starts with a floor plan. It’s easier and cheaper to move pictures of things on paper (real or virtual) than to constantly drag things around the house or order things that don’t fit well.

The 5 Go To/no Fail Living Room Layout Configuration Options To Make The Most Out Of Your Space

Most people think about building a house based on what fits the wall, and in houses like this, where there are only a few feet of wall space, the answer is “small”! And even if it fits the wall, it will spread the distance in the long room for a good conversation.

This room is long, narrow, that runs the length of the house, divided into 3, but different, living areas.

First, I asked a lot of questions to chat clients. These are the questions you should ask yourself when you start creating space in your home. How is this house used now? How is the room used? What is happening here? How many people attend these events? What are these job requirements? What do you like about interior design? What is bothering you? The answers to these questions begin to define the boundaries of the building. For this family, they need a reading/game area for 2-4, a TV area for 4+, and a study/work area for 1. They also need space for at least 8 or more for future entertainment. They liked that it was light and bright in the bay window with a beautiful view.

When the furniture is placed for the main one seat in the area of ​​the house, we are left with two other areas for different functions. In this case reading/playing and learning. We chose the reading area by the window on the beautiful bay. The room is stored in the library that goes into the library and has a family of customers, bookcases are perfect for the study area at the other end of the room. On the wall facing the media wall, regardless of the chosen method, you can place a photo frame.

Marvelous Narrow Living Room Layouts: Solutions And Designs

This arrangement uses two sofas in the living area. For a more comfortable option, replace sofas and consoles with swivel chairs and tables. The reading area can also be a fireplace.

The main living area has a sofa and two swivel chairs for comfortable TV viewing. The view from the door is more beautiful than from the back of the sofa.

Although the first way of travel between the TV and the room is not good, sometimes it is necessary to improve the space. This layout has many lounges with great views from the front door, and lots of rooms to walk around. And since the wall of the stairs is not next to the window, the units are the best solution to combine this and look good.

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

Other options include replacing the chairs and ottomans next to the library with a game table and four chairs, or using a console table to support the library area to open it up for puzzles or games. When you install the TV on the outside wall, you can add a light bulb that flies underneath.

Elements Of Style

There are many other aspects of home design to consider, colors, textures, shapes, features, window treatment, light plan, storage solutions and technical plan, but everything starts with the floor plan. So get out your tape measure or laser meter and set up your room, or cut out perfect paper patterns and move them around the room.

Or you can contact us to design the best solution for you πŸ™‚ We offer virtual interior design services and everything you need to know how to design or complete a concierge level design from concept to beautiful ending.

Please note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission and sale at no additional cost to you. When you move into a new home, there are many difficult design challenges. For many of us, one of the biggest challenges is trying to fit our current furniture into certain rooms.

We faced these problems in every room in the new house, but our long and narrow room was especially challenging.

Ideas For Decorating A Long And Narrow Living Room

Only 10 feet wide and 18 feet long, it’s not a big room. Add a light wall, a wall of bookcases, a back door, a staircase in the kitchen, a metal railing instead of a wall, and you are the mother of design challenges.

So it is not only long and narrow, but there is not enough wall to accommodate the furniture.

This room has given me a few sleepless nights, but I think I’ve found a way to make it better.

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

The first thing I did before we moved in was find a free interior design service online to organize the space and existing furniture.

How To Decorate A Long, Narrow Living Room

I measured the space, including bookcases, the back door and walk in kitchen, and the furniture I wanted to use.

What I’ve learned is that with a small space, it’s hard to fit everything I need.

The most important thing we fit is my bed. Since we only have one wall that can handle it, it makes sense to put it there.

Another option, the television, is on the fireplace or near the small wall. Since the fireplace is made of solid stone, it is not easy to move it, so I decided to put it in the cabinet.

Ways To Arrange Furniture In An Awkward Living Room

The last place is Roger’s chair. In an ideal world, its seat would be next to or next to the couch for the perfect TV viewing experience.

The bed took up a lot of space and we wanted to separate the way from the back door to the kitchen, so the chair had to be placed in the far part of the room.

With all the furniture available, at least in the online design, I had to wait until we moved to see the whole process.

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

Once we got the keys and checked in, the real work began. I have a lot of plans for this place before we arrange the furniture.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Long Narrow Living Room

The walls are painted with black clay. I don’t care about dark black accent walls, but I want to open up this space and make it light.

To do this, I painted all the walls and painted them with several coats of Benjamin Moore Halo.

I also painted the waist and bookcase white and painted the back door BM Revere Pewter (my new favorite color).

About the bookcases… I thought I’d get rid of them when we moved, but the paneling on the walls could ruin it and create a monster, so we decided to leave it.

Creative Hacks For Rectangular Living Room Design

A couple of new clothes of color and a little change of shelves really changed my opinion about them.

After everything was painted, someone came in, picked up the carpet, and put in hardwood. We usually do something like this, but Roger is still recovering from his back surgery and I’m hurting my back, so we decided to pay this time.

Well, I would like a bed to support the furniture. No

Furniture Arrangement For Long Narrow Living Room

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