Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

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If you’ve inherited a galley kitchen, chances are you’re looking for ways to expand it to create the open plan of your dreams. But if money is tight, take a leaf out of the book of retail designer Jason Travis and her husband Kevin Peter and make the most of what you have with some creative and absolutely incredible makeup.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

Faced with a full-house renovation, the couple’s budget ran out when they got to the kitchen, so they decided to create the space for just £6,000 as they planned to extend. Read on to find out how they did it.

Kitchen Makeovers With Before And After Photos

The kitchen was dark and musty, with an unattractive linen floor and unloved old appliances “The whole house was in such a state of disrepair when we bought it,” says Jason. “It hadn’t been done in a long time and it needed a lot of work — plastering, wiring, replacing windows and doors, knocking down walls — but I loved it when I walked in. I remember saying to Kevin, “Let’s do it!”

The couple were on a budget when it came to the kitchen, converted an attic and renovated the rest of the house – so they had to save their own money.

“We chose Ikea units with Haddens doors, which we painted black,” says Jason. They replaced the linen with black tiles from B&Q and installed a window from Shaw in Brighton to create a connection with the garden.

The resulting space is brighter and brighter, especially during the day. It has a classic Shaker style, modernized with bright, modern windows and a smart monochrome scheme. Jason made the most of their budget by choosing where they spent it and the project cost just £6,000. “We spent money on finishing touches like art and saved on the little things we use every day, like beautiful brass knobs and light switches, and things like the kitchen,” she says.

Before And After

The kitchen is doing well for now, but Jason has big plans for the future “Eventually we want to expand the kitchen, but for now it’s just us and the dog,” she says. “It works for us.”

In 2017, Ellen joined Real Homes magazine as a magazine editor. She currently manages the day-to-day operations of Real Homes magazine as an Associate Editor. She also commissions and writes many of the real-life case studies she sees on the site, and loves talking to people about their homes and details on hacks they’ve tried and loved. She is currently preparing to buy her own home in 2023—with a garden to grow vegetables and wildflowers—and is particularly interested in eco-living, smart accounting, and cats. The kitchen and cabinet design firm Becks and Kropp teamed up with interior designer Kathy Buick to transform a small and dated kitchen in a New York City home.

A preview of what the kitchen looked like before the remodel. The kitchen has wood cabinets, pendant lighting, a round corner shelf, unused wall space and dark counters.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

The new kitchen is a dramatic change from the dark kitchen, although it occupies the same place in the house. Under-cabinet lighting and new white upper cabinets and counters help keep the small kitchen bright and open.

Galley Kitchen Makeover Ideas To Create More Space

The wooden cabinets have been replaced with white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets and the floor is now a nice warm wood. Polished nickel inserts also create a drawer look on cabinet doors

At the end of the kitchen is a wall of cabinets that includes an additional counter and a tiled backsplash in a decorative pattern creates a focal point.

The previous stainless steel refrigerator was removed and replaced with a built-in refrigerator, the front of which matches the surrounding cabinetry.

A built-in microwave is located at the end of the cabinet on this side of the kitchen.

Smart Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

On the same wall as the fireplace, there are a pair of floating white tiles that almost blend in with the wall. Depending on your style preferences, galley kitchens can get a bad rap. A hallmark of older homes, compact kitchens characterized by narrow layouts and parallel counters (they were called narrow galleys on ships!) – can actually be very functional, not to mention beautiful. (And it’s much easier and more affordable to update a galley kitchen than the multi-island kitchen renovations that have dominated Pinterest for the past few years! It’s natural to think that you might want to clean up the colors or keep the patterns to a minimum. at least so that the walls are not overcrowded.- or the upper cabinets are not in a tight spot – but the truth is you can get away with it. Almost anything in a galley kitchen. Really!

Whether you’re looking for new kitchen color ideas, want to incorporate 2020 kitchen trends, or stick to a farmhouse kitchen style to blend in with the rest of your home, anything is possible. That’s why we’ve collected 14 of our favorite pint-sized kitchen ideas to inspire you on how to revamp your space. Whether you’re building a new home with a galley kitchen, renovating an old home, or looking to make some stylish changes to your current room design, we hope these beautiful (and functional!) kitchen decor ideas can help. That direction

Be sure to check out this article for tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets with your own hands!

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

For the palette for the entire house, homeowner Melissa Duckworth turned to the historic Benjamin Moore Collection to find colors just right for her 1900s farmhouse. The kitchen, which used to be the hallway of the house, has reproduction wallpaper (Larkspur 1872 by William Morris) and is in antique mint color and mint condition! Find century farmhouse sinks and antique lamps and pendants on eBay for all additional eBay searches.

Diy Small Galley Kitchen Remodel

One way to make your kitchen look less like a hallway? Open it! And no, you don’t have to display an entire wall to do it, as Sarah Sherman Samuel demonstrates in this cool California culinary space.

Another way to reduce the feeling of a hallway is to arrange your belongings. Here, a patterned floor and dark lower cabinets define the space, while light upper cabinets draw the eye to the ceiling.

Light wood cabinets add warmth to a space where white would look too cold next to the gray floor of the room. Black hardware and lights add some drama

Do you think you need to get rid of dark colors in small spaces? That’s not necessarily true. Covered with white walls and floors, dark cabinets, counters and tiled walls create an impression without overwhelming a modest space.

Family Style Galley Kitchen

This happy space by Curio Design Studio proves that even the smallest kitchen can be a gourmet kitchen. (We love the cheerful green accent cabinets and storage built into the booth seating!)

Regardless of your space, a bright white kitchen is always a good idea. Painting the back wall a slightly warmer color will naturally draw the eye to the room’s beautiful archway and breakfast nook.

Cabinets, counters and crisp white walls give this rustic space a sense of cleanliness and calm, while large wooden floors add warmth to the space.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

Do you think you need to minimize accessories and accessories in a galley kitchen? Think again! This beautiful space by Erin of Kismet House proves that you can mix and match in a small space without creating clutter. (We especially love that she used two different—yet complementary!—tiles on either side of the kitchen.)

Before & After: A Nyc Galley Kitchen Opens Up

If your galley kitchen has high ceilings, you may be tempted to use as much vertical space as possible. But as designer Grace Gordon demonstrates, ditching upper cabinets in favor of leaving the walls exposed can actually make a space feel really big.

Trying too hard to change your mind? Choose a simple color palette that matches any piece (this is Loi Thai’s white and gray rustic kitchen) and complement the color with your accessories. (We like the strong shade of blue here, but you can easily switch it out for something else whenever you want to change things up.)

Do you love an all-white kitchen, but also love the darker cabinetry trend that took off this past year? Go with both! Here, in this two-tone galley kitchen in Queens, New York, white countertops make the space feel larger than it actually is, and dark lower cabinets match the floor.

Sometimes – especially in small spaces – simple is best And this is an interesting place Sheyden

Galley Kitchen With Built In Buffet

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