How To Decorate A Long Living Room

How To Decorate A Long Living Room – There are many difficult design challenges when moving into a new home. For most of us, one of the biggest challenges is trying to fit our current furniture into a particular room.

We certainly face these challenges in our new home, but in our long, narrow living room. We are very difficult.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

At just 10 feet by 18 feet, it’s not a particularly large room. Add a wall with a fireplace, a wall of shelves, a back door, a kitchen step and an iron railing instead of a wall and you have the mother of design challenges.

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So, apart from being long and narrow, we don’t have an entire wall to house the furniture.

This room has given me more than a few sleepless nights, but I think I’ve found a way to make it a comfortable place to rest.

The first thing I did before moving in was find free room design software to organize the space with existing furniture.

I measured the area including the bookcase, the back door and stairs, the kitchen and the furniture I wanted to use.

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What I find is that it’s a really small space and it fits everything. It’s hard to be the way I want it to be.

The biggest piece we have to fit is my couch. Since we only have one wall it can touch, it makes sense to place it there.

Another necessity, the television, can be placed above the fireplace or next to the small wall. Since the fireplace is solid stone, it won’t be easy to hang it, so I decided to put it in a cupboard.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

The last piece put up is Roger’s chair. In a perfect world, his chair would be next to or in front of the sofa for the best TV viewing.

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The sofa takes up most of the space, and we need to have a clear path from the back door to the kitchen, so the chair has to go in the corner of the living room.

With all the furniture in place, at least in online design mode, I’ll have to wait until I move it to see how it works.

Once we have the key and the real work begins. I have big plans for this space even before I put any furniture in here.

The walls are black. Of course I’m not against a black accent wall, but I want to make this space open and bright.

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To do this, I primed all the walls and painted them with a coat of Benjamin Moore Halo.

I primed and painted all the trim and bookcases bright white, and painted the back door BM Revere Pewter (my favorite color).

About the bookcases… I thought about removing them when we moved in but doing so would ruin the panels and cut into the wall, making for a nice project, so we decided to keep them.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

A few coats of fresh paint and a little shelf rearranging helped change my mind about this.

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Once everything is painted we bring in someone to pick up the carpet and attach the wood. Normally we do things like this ourselves, but with Roger still recovering from back surgery and my back injury, we decided to outsource this time.

Ideally, I want a rug that will anchor the furniture. The problem is that if I want something long enough, it will be too wide.

I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom made rug I choose the rug that best suits the area Maybe one day I’ll get some custom, but I really want to be in the area for a while before committing to that expense.

The next step is moving the furniture. The first part is our 3 essentials…TV, sofa and chair.

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I found a nice TV stand on FB Marketplace and it fits perfectly in the small space next to the renovated fireplace. Our little space…an added bonus for storage!

I put it on the other side of the stairs leading to the kitchen, leaving plenty of room to walk around the house when we get home, since we use the back door as our main entrance.

I found a beautiful PB leather chair for a steal on FB Market (seeing a trend here?), and it fits perfectly in the corner, even with a footrest.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

There are no overhead lights in this area, so I placed a floor lamp next to Roger’s chair and sofa. I also added a table lamp to the console placed between the bookshelves.

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Shades in front of windows, colorful and patterned baskets on bookcases, greenery (fake and real) scattered around the room and lots of comfy pillows.

This long, narrow living room was the hardest space I’ve ever decorated, but I’m so happy with how it came together.

It was different from what I imagined when we first walked in, but everything turned out perfectly. It is comfortable and cozy and makes the perfect living room chair. Stefan is the founder and director of Ghorgh. In 2008, she launched the platform out of her passion for interior design and home decor.

Long, narrow living rooms can pose serious challenges in the decorating department. Finding the right balance between comfort and style when dealing with such a challenging style is not easy. But there are many ways to use space efficiently.

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First, decide what the focal point of the room is. It should be on the longest wall in the room. So let’s say you want the entertainment center to be the main attraction. Then it should be on the longest wall without windows and the sofa and armchair on the opposite wall.

You must divide the room into two or more areas. For example, you can have a sitting area and a cozy reading corner or work area. The main seat should be arranged around the axis of the room.

You can divide these areas with different rugs. Use a rug to define an area. Avoid using long runways and opt for circular or square fabrics or less common shapes such as hexagons or semicircles.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

Make sure you are not obstructing the traffic area. Everyone should be able to enter and leave the room without disturbing others. Also, avoid creating asymmetrical designs as it can make the room look too crowded and cluttered. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze website usage and assist us with marketing. effort

Kid Friendly Living Room Ideas To Manage The Chaos

We all love bigger rooms and more space, but the truth is, having too many rooms can create its own challenges. Although larger words are better, it is often difficult to fill the entire space consistently and without shrinking.

Luckily, we’ve got 10 great living room examples (and styling tips to match) to help you navigate the big space. Store and prepare some furniture for organizing.

Large spaces, and especially open concept design, have no divisions between rooms. Creating space between spaces makes everything look intentional. Large area rugs work to create parameters and visually close off the space so the design doesn’t spill over into other areas of your home.

While small spaces can be overwhelmed with design, larger spaces can carry superior design. This beautiful living room has a bed with a red carpet, a printed rug, a chandelier and an ornate coffee table. Match colors like red sofa, pink bed, pillows and pink lighting.

Essential Tips For Designing A Modern Living Room

Having a large living room is no use when the dark corners fade into the background. Be careful with lighting to make sure your big design ideas are well-lit from all angles. This living room has elegant pendant lights and wall lights so that every part of the room gets the attention it deserves.

Although a large living room can accommodate an L-shaped section, it is better to switch to two small beds. The model has a sophisticated look and fills the room in a way that promotes entertainment.

A table facing each other in the middle and two chairs (if not more) on the sides for seating.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

Built-ins can take up a lot of space, but when you have the space, it’s a great time to introduce custom designs. This modern entertainment center combines wood and marble elements that hide traces of electronic wiring.

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