How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room – When you move into a new home, you face many complex design challenges. One of the biggest challenges for most of us is trying to fit our current furniture into certain rooms.

Of course, every room in the new house had these problems, but our long, narrow living room was especially difficult.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

At only 10 feet wide and 18 feet long, the room is not very large. Walk into a fireplace wall, a bookcase wall, a back door, a kitchen, and replace that wall with an iron railing and you’ve got a design challenge.

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So not only is it long and narrow, but we don’t have a full wall to place the furniture.

This room has been giving me sleepless nights, but I think I’ve found a way to make it a comfortable place for us to rest.

The first thing I did before we moved in was to find free room planning software online to arrange the space with the existing furniture.

I surveyed the space, including the bookshelves, the back door, and the stairs to the kitchen, and measured the furniture I wanted to use.

Long Living Room Ideas

What I’ve learned is that it’s a very small place and it’s going to be hard to fit everything I want.

The biggest thing we had to fit was my couch. We only had one village, so it made sense to put it there.

Another necessity is a TV above the fireplace or on a small wall next to it. Since the fireplace is made of solid stone, it will not be easy to hang it, so I decided to put it in the closet.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

Last place was Roger’s chair. In an ideal world, your chair would be next to or opposite the couch for optimal TV viewing.

Small Living Room Ideas (with Photos Of Inspiring Designs)

The couch took up a lot of space and we had to let the back door into the kitchen, so the chair had to be placed in the far corner of the living room.

With all the furniture in place, at least in the online design mockup, I just had to wait until I moved in to see how it all worked.

Once we got the keys and moved in, the real work began. Before arranging the furniture, I had big plans for the space.

The paneled walls are painted with black stains. I’m not against a black accent wall at all, but I wanted to open up this space and keep it light.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

To do this, I plastered and primed all the walls and painted them with several coats of Benjamin Moore Halo.

I also painted the trim and bookcases bright white, and the rear doors BM Revere Pewter (my new favorite color).

About the bookshelves… I thought about removing them when we moved, but that would have ruined the wall covering and upholstery, which would have created a monster, so we decided to keep them.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

A few coats of fresh paint and a little rearranging of the shelves helped change my opinion of them.

Narrow Living Room With Fireplace

After everything was painted, someone came in, pulled up the carpet, and put in the hardwood. We usually do this ourselves, but Roger was still recovering from back surgery and I was dealing with my own back injury, so we decided to rent it this time.

Ideally, I want a rug that anchors the furniture. The problem is that if I wanted to get something long enough, it would be too wide.

I didn’t want to spend hundreds on a custom-sized rug, so I chose a rug that best suited the space. Maybe someday I’ll get something more unique, but I’d like to live in space for a while before going to that kind of expense.

The next step was to place the furniture. The first pieces were our three main things: the TV, the sofa and the chair.

Small Living Room Ideas That Maximize Style And Storage

I found a beautiful vintage TV stand on FB Marketplace and it fits perfectly in the little nook next to the newly built fireplace. An added bonus to our little space…storage space!

I put it on the other side of the stairs to the kitchen so I have plenty of room to walk around the room when we get home since we use the back door as our main entrance.

I found a great leather PB chair for a steal on FB Marketplace (noticing a trend?) and it fits perfectly in the corner even with the footrest up.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

There is no light in this space, so I put floor lamps next to Roger’s chair and the couch. I also added a console table lamp that I placed between the bookshelves.

Chic Narrow Living Room Ideas To Add Height And Style

Woven curtains on the front window, baskets of different shapes and colors on the bookshelves, greenery (fake and real) scattered around the room and plenty of comfortable pillows.

This long, narrow living room was the most challenging space I’ve ever created, but I’m so happy with how it came together.

It was completely different from what I imagined when we first moved in, but it turned out for the best. Cozy and comfortable, a perfect place to relax. Stefan Georghe is the founder and CEO. He launched the platform in 2008, out of his passion for interior design and interior design.

A long and narrow living room can pose serious problems in the decoration department. With such a complex layout, it is not easy to find the right balance between comfort and style. But there are many ways to use such a space effectively.

How To Layout Furniture In Your Narrow Living Room (or Around A Fireplace!) — Meredith Lynn Designs

First, decide what will be the focal point of the room. It should be on the longest wall in the room. Let’s say you want the entertainment center to be the main attraction. Then you should go along the longest wall without windows, and the sofa and chairs should lean against the opposite wall.

The room must be divided into two or more zones. For example, there can be a sitting corner and a comfortable corner for studying or working. The main living space should be organized in the middle of the room.

You can separate these spaces from each other with different carpets. Use a mat to mark a spot. Avoid long runners and choose round or rectangular rugs, or less common shapes like hexagons or semicircles.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

Be careful not to obstruct traffic. Enter and leave the room without disturbing everyone else. Also avoid creating asymmetrical patterns, as they can make the room look cluttered and over-complicated. When I update my decor each season, I take the opportunity to look at the layout of the living room and find the best way to arrange the room. Arranging furniture in a long and narrow living room can be a difficult task. Without the right layout, the living room will be uncomfortable and cramped, so the space will be unattractive and unattractive.

Long Narrow Living Room Layout Design And Suggestions

So where do you put the chairs, sofa and floor lamps? How can you create the illusion of a larger space by adding conversation areas and quiet seating areas for entertaining?

It is important to choose the right place so that the room has the best feeling. With a little creativity and some practical tips, you can create a functional and attractive living room that maximizes the available space. In this blog post, I’ll share some strategies for arranging furniture in a long, narrow living room to help create a comfortable and inviting space for you and your family.

Assessing the location of the living room is the first important step in arranging furniture in a long room. While you don’t have to completely clean your room, you do need to know what you’re doing. It starts with measurements.

It is important to take accurate measurements of the room to determine what will fit and where. Start by measuring the length and width of the room and consider architectural features such as doors, windows, overhangs or built-in bookshelves. Do not forget to measure the height of the ceiling and take into account obstacles or obstructions.

Decorate Like A Pro

My separate living room measures 22’10” x 11’10”. It has four windows and two front doors. We renovated this room a few years ago and added floorboards with built-in benches and bookshelves. This change really helped us take advantage of the length of the room and make full use of it.

Once you’ve determined the square footage, consider the foot traffic around the room. How do people move in space and what natural paths do they follow? Do you have an average place of residence? Is there a focal point like a fireplace that people naturally gravitate towards?

Consider the current furniture arrangement

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

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