How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room – If you’ve been sitting on a blank wall in your living room for a long time trying to decide what to do with it, one of these six bedroom wall decor ideas should help!

Do you have a big blank wall like mine in your living room? I don’t think every blank wall needs trimming, but this one looks like it needs some. I don’t know what! After searching for inspiration, I gathered six of my favorite living room wall decor ideas to share!

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

To the right of the blank wall in the photo above, you can see the solution we used to decorate the four largest walls of the living room—an art gallery wall! I used an evenly spaced grid pattern for ten framed art prints around the media console and TV:

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Source: TV Console (Similar) | Chandelier (Satin Bronze) | White Pillow Cover | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rug | Floor Pouf | Art Print (more | | Acrylic Coffee Table (Similar) | Coffee Table Tray (28″ square ) | Black and White Striped Box (on coffee table) | Brass Cricket (on coffee table) | Patterned Gray Style (similar) | Books: Home Le Stacking | Book: Emily Henderson (Emily Henderson) Design | Book: Dogs

My artwork comes in matte 18″ x 24″ frames – you won’t be able to buy my exact frames individually (my art comes pre-framed), but they are very similar and come in the same size and size. They don’t have to be that big.

A grid-like gallery wall can be used on the main wall behind the sofa without removing the central frame as we did to install the TV. You can also create a gallery wall with an eclectic look like our home office – check out our tips for creating your own!

Another great option for a large living room wall is to hang two- or three-dimensional art, such as:

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

I love the look, the fern patterns are amazing! For an affordable option, check to see if you can buy a small frame for yourself. I thought it would be a good idea to create a sequence of images with one continuous image, like a beach style house:

A large tapestry is a great idea to decorate the walls of your living room, as one tapestry can fill a large wall and add color and texture to your space! You just have to be careful how you hang your tapestries, as some tapestries will give your room a dorm vibe which is not what you want. I love the easy way to hang them on blanket hangers, like hanging:

I’ve seen great transformations for large empty living room walls with built-in bookcases, but if that’s out of your budget, large freestanding cabinets can give you the same look! anonymity:

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

It also has a small width and comes in a TV reception configuration. Using end-to-end can also achieve the goal:

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A large floor-to-ceiling mirror can work well on a bare living room wall, especially if it is placed opposite a window and bounces light into the room. Absolutely stunning, it has a very traditional design with an updated twist so it looks great with a variety of decor styles:

Living rooms often have a lot of square edges – coffee tables, TVs, media consoles, etc., so adding round baskets on the wall breaks things up and adds texture and softness. I love this collection of baskets with different shapes:

I found this basket on a shelf in my living room in North Carolina (mine is huge):

Instead of a bunch of small baskets, you can use two or three large wall baskets:

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I bought it to hang on the wall in the bathroom and it’s currently there until I moved the furniture in there, but I love it hanging in the entryway! Our entryway is the next space to tackle – now that we don’t have a contractor running around the space, I’m ready to put up the wallpaper I’ve been putting off for a year. . Stay tuned…

So, what’s your favorite blank wall solution? I often put baskets on a bare wall because not only do I like the look, but I feel like I can easily find a place to reuse them in a future home. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Looking for ideas to decorate other rooms in your home? Check out my post for dining room wall decor ideas! Still worried about how to decorate a large wall? Don’t think of it as a big, empty space that needs to be covered, but as a blank canvas. An opportunity. Today I’m sharing 10 home wall decoration ideas with examples of each, as well as tips and ideas to start your project!

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

Before you start filling your walls with “everything” there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Now that we’ve covered the basics and what I keep in mind when planning your wall decor, let’s take a look at 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a large piece, you can create wall art that can be a great piece for a fraction of the cost by hanging it on a gallery wall. There are countless ways and means to perfect them

. You can choose a collection, a variety of varieties, or you can go the same way. In the breakfast area, I used an IKEA frame to display some iPhone photos from our trip.

Source: Beaded Chandelier | Faux Olive Tree | Dining Table | Dining Chairs (Similar) | Gallery Wall Frame | Curtains | Curtain rod | Bar Stools | Pendant Lighting

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Each photo is a different scene and landscape/landscape photo that I took with my phone. Unforgettable and unique, although it captures the memory of 12 different journeys, it is like a single monochrome work of art. Note that it also takes up a large portion of that wall. When you upload your photo, it’s bigger than you think it needs to be.

Another simple “gallery” is our basket on the entrance wall. They are all the same, but come in three different sizes. I quickly put them together and called them “Good!” I called it.

The sunlit gallery wall in our front room is definitely not the same as the rest of our house and will be updated soon. But it’s a great example of using eclectic parts and sticking to one when combining instruments.

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

I have an art system in my office that I call the “gallery wall” – I have a large piece in a large square and I rotate three identical foil prints while hanging. Although the parts are different, their structure is the same.

Viv & Tim

Source: Large Wall Art | Small Wall Art | Dining Table Tray | Sole | Rattan Beans | Gray Vase | Magazine Box |

Black and white and color photos, same frame and mat in different sizes, even different frames, media, etc. There are tons of great galleries to browse. If you want something easy and comfortable, stay tuned. . Include it if you are ambitious and want to make an artistic statement.

Sometimes your space needs (or can use) more than just artwork. The space is large and empty, if I want a sideboard table it is

It’s a long journey. I still manage to get a piece on the small side and make a whole “minute” in the living room. Don’t have enough space for a console table? You can do the same with a chair or set of chairs!

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Source: Console Table | Rattan Mirror | Lamp (No Longer Available) | Large Inscribed Vase | Small Colorful Vase | Clear Glass Vase | Rattan Box With Lid (similar) | Blue Ginkgo Art | Beyond Footprint Art | Faux Greenery (similar)

Coffee Table Book Sources: Remodelista | Southern Space | Residence | Plates and Plates | New York Thrives Simple Home Style Elements | Blue and white | Elements of Style | A paradoxical simplicity

. I don’t want the artwork to look like a wall hanging, I want it to be part of the wall – does that make sense? lol This painted wooden figure measures 48″ x 48″…

How To Decorate Wall In Living Room

Source: Large Wood Wall Art | Sofa | Rug | Coffee Table | Leather Seat X | Copper Party Barrel | A fireplace

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