How To Make A Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

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Do you want to create an eclectic and romantic kitchen, or a kitchen that plays retro? The term “vintage style” can mean different things to different people; There is no predefined design formula. However, multiple atmospheres will help create the right atmosphere, which we cover below.

How To Make A Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

How To Make A Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

If you want all the practical advice you need for remodeling, we’ve definitely not answered it on our kitchen ideas page.

How To Design A Vintage Modern Kitchen

One thing that all kitchens in this style have in common is that they convey a sense of nostalgia – reminiscent of simpler, healthier times and happy childhood memories. It is therefore very important to master the art of presentation. Bold and brightly colored appliances, canisters, rustic hammered plates and bowls, mismatched china, copper pots and pans and other vintage kitchen utensils should be proudly displayed. Place them on open shelves, glass shelves – they shouldn’t line the wall – or hang them on hooks. Old plates look great on the shelves.

The best vintage kitchens let the accessories do the talking, so keep the units simple and complement them with wooden worktops. Solid wood cabinets, bare or painted in pastel or muted tones, as well as cabinets with round wooden doors, create just the right level of appeal. If you want more kitchen cabinet ideas, we have tons of ideas that will work in a vintage style kitchen.

For a retro look, nothing beats the original English aluminum rosettes – a classic design that was produced in the 1950s. Constructed from high quality materials after World War II, the factories that made parts for Spitfires are a fine example of British engineering, and salvaged units are highly sought after (see Antiques Resources). Do you like the retro look of the kitchen? Go read our inspiring gallery.

A vintage-style kitchen never needs to be perfect: a little wear and tear adds charm. Don’t bother with neat units, but pick up some old, worn furniture (make sure it’s structurally sound) at flea markets or antique fairs, maybe an old chest of drawers for displaying china, or a farmhouse table and Windsor chairs. The mismatch of seats creates a sense of growth; Paint the chairs different colors and sand the edges for a nice clean effect.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets That Reinvent An Old Classic

If you need advice on painting furniture, we have a step-by-step guide to help you.

Many vintage-style kitchen appliances are very 50s-inspired, with soft, curved edges in bright or pastel colors. Modern appliances, like the large pepper, are perfect for a vintage kitchen, and they come in a variety of colors from pure white to pastel pink. Original vintage refrigerators can be refurbished to fit the 21st century (try The Vintage Refrigerator Company).

Fabrics are key to adding warmth and texture to your look. Choose blinds, curtains (and shutters work too), tablecloths and tea towels in brightly colored floral prints; Classic combinations include bright reds, pinks and aquas, or you can opt for 50s style pastels like yellows, blues or greens. Complete the look with retro oilcloth and mismatched seat cushions.

How To Make A Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

Wallpaper is a great way to add interest to a vintage style kitchen. Choose a print that is subtle (flowers always work) and that matches the overall color palette. We recommend choosing something in a neutral tone so it doesn’t look too busy with other vintage finds in your kitchen. But that doesn’t mean simple – a complex pattern will work too.

Classic Kitchen Ideas That Never Go Out Of Style

We love the botanically inspired wallpaper from Little Green Paint Company, the muted colors aren’t too distracting, but the traditional small print definitely has country house appeal.

Accessories are an important part of kitchen design. Choose light fixtures in pastel shades and retro designs that match your aesthetic and create a stunning focal point. Create a functional display by displaying your collection of vintage dishes on an open shelf or dresser. Decorating dry goods in vintage bottles and Keller-style jars also adds a warm and lively, vintage-inspired vibe with chalkboard labels for a rustic look.

If you’re looking for kitchen tools to make a statement, you can get five of these Orla Keeley kitchen tools free (worth £45) with your six-month subscription to the magazine. You can get all the vintage inspiration you need right on your doorstep, and it’s also the perfect place to store all your delicious treats.

Melanie has worked in home magazines for almost 14 years and is currently the editor of Period Living magazine. As he improves his home, he lives by the brand’s philosophy of creating a timeless home in an old house with new ideas. When not at work, Mel enjoys cooking, gardening and exploring the countryside. If your kitchen is getting old or was purchased with a very old and dated look, updating is important. If you want to turn your kitchen into a dreamy space with beautiful colors and smart layouts, you should consider vintage charm.

Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Check out our retro kitchen ideas for inspiration on how to transform your cooking space into something classic yet modern. While you might think retro-inspired interiors have a negative connotation, that’s not the case. Whether you’re looking for the 1940s, 1950s, or another interesting decade, retro design schemes can be fun. For example, the perfect combination of vintage with modern furniture is a great way to make a design statement. You can completely transform your kitchen into a retro design or stick with subtle accents to experiment with the trend. From carpeted floors and textured walls to a colorful palette and brightly painted furniture, the design and renovation options are endless (and mixing and matching the ideal aesthetic is fun).

When it comes to retro looks, hardwood floors are classic. Choose a combination of yellow and white for a clean and vibrant feel.

To create a focal point, install pendant lights with the same appeal as the kitchen island. Choose a dark purple design to complement the wooden furniture in the space.

How To Make A Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

If you want your kitchen to stay modern, opt for a thick textured floor. Using an intricate pattern will bring out the retro vibes while staying true to your look.

Galley Kitchens That Seriously Punch Above Their Weight

Coca-Cola has been around since the 1880s, so take inspiration from the iconic brand and see and play with the red cabinet.

The mix of warm and dark colors in this kitchen can inspire your space. Create an outdoor look with a dark accent tile wall and an antique-inspired island.

The right color and texture can help achieve a retro kitchen look. If your space is mostly white, consider yellow spotlights and pendant lights. Plus, it’s the best way to balance wooden floors.

If you want your kitchen to have the same vibe as the bars and restaurants featured in your family photo album, replace your modern seating with vintage-style bar and counter stools.

Cottage Style Kitchens That Will Make You Feel At Home

In your kitchen, create a mosaic accent wall that looks like a cabinet using light color combinations. Light yellows and blues create a fun yet funky design palette.

Bohemian touches and retro accents can be mixed together for a unique look. Update your kitchen with a white palette, gold accents and graphic wallpaper.

The right shade of blue can transform your modern space into a retro haven. To catch the eye, set up your kitchen in aqua or turquoise tones and braid dishes.

How To Make A Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

Decorate your entire kitchen in a vintage look with vibrant colors. This means moving your dining table into the kitchen and outfitting it with colorful chairs and sideboards. While you’re at it, consider replacing your main refrigerator with a red design.

Simple Ideas To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

A focal point can make your kitchen shine. The bold red fireplace and stainless steel appliances are perfect for creating a futuristic, vintage vibe in this space.

Pastel colors pair perfectly with white, as seen in this welcoming kitchen. Blue wall tiles and light green striped stools keep the space clean and airy.

Bringing a retro touch to your kitchen can be as simple as replacing modern appliances with an antique vibe. Add colorful patterned flooring to bring the space together.

Black and white cabinet floors are the epitome of retro design. While small-scale flooring is a good idea, using larger tiles can make your space stand out.

Traditional Kitchen Ideas: 20 Classic, Characterful Looks |

If your space is more like a farmhouse, going retro can be as simple as choosing chairs for your island. Stools colored in green, yellow, red and blue

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