How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

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Cricut users have been asking for a larger than cut print for years and it’s finally here! Here are the new maximum print and cut size measurements, plus tips and tricks for getting the largest print and cut sizes available.

How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

If you are not familiar with Cricut Print Then Cut, it is basically a feature of the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines that allows you to print an image on an inkjet printer at home and then Cricut will use its sensors and cut it out. around the edges of your project. You can use it to make all kinds of projects such as posters, posters, magnets, and even sublimation projects.

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You can read the full Cricut Print and Cut tutorial here if this is your first time learning this feature! Please note that Cricut Joy does not support printing and then cutting.

Print and then Cut has always been a bit of a sore spot with some Cricut users. Compared to competitors, the size of the print area was the biggest issue. Over the years, they’ve expanded it in small increments, but until recently it was still smaller than most of Print’s other Cut competitors. Craftsmen have tried to find ways to hack print and cut size, but many of them are messy and often don’t work well.

But I have good news! Cricut Print Then Cut has received a redesign and increased print then cut size, including the ability to crop on larger page sizes. This post will go over all the new size details and how to maximize your cutting area, but refer to my full Cricut Print and Cut post to get rid of using print and then cut in different ways.

Want to skip the blog post and get all the info in a video instead? Check it out here!

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As always, you need a printable image to print and cut out. You can upload a JPG or PNG, use a printable image from Cricut’s image library, or you can layer an SVG file or image cut from Cricut.

For this project, I designed a beautiful cactus. The shape of this cactus makes it easy to show how it works. Print and cut now! Get it for personal use below.

The increased print-then-cut size is currently in beta with Cricut Design Space, but everyone can access it. Simply go to the hamburger menu on the top left and click on the Settings dropdown. From there you can switch from Live to Beta. Note that Cricut Design Space will restart, so be sure to save all of your work.

How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

To use the new feature, you will be required to recalibrate your print. If not prompted, I will recalibrate manually. To do this, go to the hamburger menu at the top left and click Calibrate. Then follow the steps on the screen to calibrate the print and cut. You print out a test paper, place it on a mat, and then your Cricut will make a series of cuts. You can follow the instructions until your Cricut is calibrated and the Cricut cutter cuts perfectly around the edge of your project. Watch my full tutorial for calibrating print and then cropping.

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With this new version, the way Cricut uses registration tags has changed. Instead, they get in the way of image size. But now they’ve changed things up a bit so that registration signs are getting in the way a bit. There is more space at the top and bottom between the registration tags for your image, which allows the images to be slightly larger.

You can see these dotted red lines in the preparation screen in the preview image. There are basically “disparities” around registration marks. So if your image fits these tolerances, you’re good to go. If you have something like a square image with corners, you’ll need to go a little smaller because the corners will be very close to the registration marks.

But a photo of such a cactus easily shows how much space above and below we have to work with. In these two pictures, the one on the left has the previous cut-out size of 6.75 x 9.25 inches, but on the right you can see that the new print area is much larger!

So far I believe there was only one paper size supported for printing and then cutting: 8.5 by 11 inches. This is the standard paper size in the United States, but not everywhere. With this update, five different paper sizes are supported:

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You can change the paper size in the settings. Go to the top left hamburger menu, then Settings, then Upload type. There you will see all the options.

Note that you will need a home printer that can print these large sizes! Many printers in the United States can also make legal paper, but you will need a special printer to use the large tabloid size. I don’t currently have a large format printer, so unfortunately I can’t really test those at large sizes.

Additionally, I’m hoping Cricut will add a 12″ x 12″ because I have a Canon TS9521C 12″ x 12″ that prints this large paperback book. Fingers crossed!

How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

Now let’s talk about the Print and Cut area for these different paper sizes. Cricut hasn’t released the exact measurements for each paper size yet, but after some testing I think these are pretty close:

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We hope Cricut releases a maximum print size so we can be more precise, but in the meantime, these numbers should get you close.

Since every image is different and these tolerances are now displayed differently, it can be difficult to know exactly what size an image should be. This is where the Auto-Resize feature comes in. I find this a little hard to come by (I think it might be easier to come by if you listen to the Cricut engineers), but it’s not too bad. First, you need to resize your image larger than your last project. This is the only way you can access Auto Resize.

When you create it, you will get a warning that your image is too big and you need to fix the problem:

In the Layers panel on the left, you’ll see a warning icon on that layer – a small red exclamation mark in a circle. Click on it and you will see the options!

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From here you’ll see that Cricut Design Space has detected the maximum size for your project. You can go and enter these numbers into the editing toolbar at the top, or you can use the Auto Resize feature! This will make your image the maximum size allowed within the print and crop limits. easy!

You can also change the paper size here – it will just take you to the tray type settings screen mentioned earlier in this post.

It can automatically resize on any paper size, which means you can make a large print and then cut the letter on that larger paper using a large format printer and a large Cricut mat. I think this is especially great for sublimation prints larger than cut-out projects (yes, you can get tabloid sublimation paper at places like Amazon!), because many things like sticker paper or printable vinyl don’t come easily in these larger formats.

How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

With the latest update, you can print and cut up to 9.94 by 15.94 inches on tabloid paper.

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If your image is larger than the maximum print size, crop an area, and you’ll get this warning. You can resize your image to fit the print and crop borders by clicking the warning icon and choosing “Automatically Resize”.

If you don’t mind putting your project together after printing, you can use the cutter to separate your image into multiple parts to print separately.

No. To use Print & Cut, you need a home printer in addition to your own cricut cutter.

You can use one of the Explore or Maker machines to print and cut. Cricut Joy does not support printing and then cutting. Do you have a high resolution image? 🖼 Maybe the scheme is too big? 📈📉 What about the post? 📊 Unlike Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, these are the type of documents that are not paged by default. The printer also does not know how to divide it by itself.

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How To Make A Picture Bigger When Printing

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