How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good

How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good – Happy Friday! I am so excited to share today’s post with you! We partnered with one of my favorite brands, Minted, to promote our rental space and Stephen is very pleased with the results. We moved into this apartment in November and worked to make it our own. I finally feel relaxed and couldn’t be happier to be home. If you are currently renting; If you’re interested in making your rental property feel like home… Today I’m going to share some of my best tips.

We want people to walk into our room and feel like “ours”. At our last rental we knew it was temporary so we didn’t bother to stamp it. You don’t have to think about your lease. Even if you’ve only rented it for a year, you love waking up and coming home to it because it’s still your home. Yes, we cannot invest in major changes. You shouldn’t do that. There are many ways to make your rental space feel like home in an affordable way.

How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good

How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good

Make your rental feel like home; We want you to coordinate your color scheme. This wall was painted a beautiful shade of black so we knew we had to lighten it up to make room for our furniture. We chose a white TV stand and light colored prints to brighten up the space. We painted the TV area with books, be sure to decorate it with candles and vases. Colorful in our previous home. Having a brightly patterned rug works well to accent the space. While you have to work with what you rent, there are plenty of ways to add your own personality and make it look like you own it.

Cheap, Landlord Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Rental

I have wanted to make a gallery wall for a long time. We look forward to working with Minted on this decorative project. It’s always risky to buy things online that you haven’t seen in person, but they look better in person than the prints on the website. The colors are beautiful and the print is great. My aim is to create a Scandinavian flavor with uniquely styled prints with a Scandi feel. animal buildings, external appearance; You may see a mix of fancy designs, but they all work well together. The spring-inspired art at Minted really inspired me and was a perfect addition to our space. The gallery wall brings the whole space together and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

A fig tree has been on my indoor wish list for a long time and I love how it looks in our space. Plants have a way of bringing joy and life into your home, and especially living in a green apartment, I love being outdoors a little bit. If you feel like something is missing from your landscape, a plant may be the solution. It’s the small changes that make the biggest difference. This room won’t feel the same without one. Can’t wait to invest in more plants.

I finally jumped on the candle train. You may think I’m crazy, but I never made a big deal about candles until a few months ago. They make your space more elegant and when you find your favorite scent, it’s a magical purifying experience. I’m not big on scented candles. I love things that are fresh yet comfortable. But the great thing about candles is that there is something for everyone and you can invest in them based on your preferences.

Inventory in rental properties is often lacking… to say the least. Building your own storage solutions is always up to you. The biggest task is to do it stylishly. Make sure to choose a TV stand that not only looks good but also has enough storage. Cubicles allow us to display our goods in a more stylish way. Drawers provide a “hidden” place for documents and clothes out of sight.

Clever Ways To Make A Small Space Cozy And Inviting (courtney’s Apartment)

That’s it! My top tips for making your rental feel like home. Are you currently living in a rental property? What things do you do to make your space dreamy? Let me know in the comments!

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How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good

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Things To Look For During Your Apartment Walkthrough

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It rents on a budget; Alexandra Getter is a 28-year-old interior YouTuber who has done over a thousand properties.

One of the best things he has done is his own house in Toronto, where he has lived since December 2018.

One of Gator’s biggest tips is lighting when you walk into a home. It is meant to give your home a fresh coat of paint with a bright color.

The Best Rental Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment

“Spend the extra money to paint it white or whatever color you want. When you walk in, it feels completely different and brand new,” he said.

“I really like it because I want a pink bed.” But I don’t want to invest in a $3,000 pink bed that will last longer,” she said.

A cool rug is important – make sure it’s big enough for your main furniture, rather than floating in the middle of the room.

How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good

“If you’re living in a living space, some furniture should be in place, but if you’re working in a small space, that can be difficult,” Geter says.

Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Bathroom

“So I flipped my rug vertically and put all the furniture in. It made the space bigger.

“You never want a rug floating in the middle of the room. You have to anchor all your furniture.”

Gator creates a gallery wall and invests in a wall-mounted TV that displays your favorite artwork when it’s not on.

He keeps cords and other invisible things, ends in baskets to hide them, and like thousands of years he has many plants in the house.

Temporary Cabinet Covers And 8 Other Kitchen Ideas

“They’re so pretty and you throw them in the basket because you don’t see the mess,” Gator said.

On the way to her apartment, Getter used an Ikea closet to store her cat’s litter box, which also gave her a surface to keep her keys in a neat and discreet place.

He drew the curtains to let in the light and reflected it with a large mirror, making the room appear larger.

How To Make A Rental Apartment Look Good

It was on the dark and dirty side when it came in, so Gator’s priority was to brighten it up.

Rental Kitchen Decorating Ideas

He removed the heavy blinds and highlighted the beautiful golden curtains hung from the window frames to create a high ceiling.

The room was given a fresh coat of white paint, a lovely pillow on the bed. Wear stylish gold lamps and white linen.

Gator wanted her bedroom to be a peaceful place at the end of the day, so she kept her color scheme simple and neutral.

“At the end of the day it’s a bright, peaceful place,” Gaiter said. There are many simple and inexpensive ideas you can implement to make your rental feel like home.

Decorating Ideas In A 600 Square Foot Apartment

It was a short time for Dean and me. But we rented for a while before buying our own place. Everything they did to make us feel at home while we were there makes that rent worth it.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, where are you? Just kidding. If you are not there, you need to sign up for a free account. Pinterest is full of home decor ideas that can easily be used to decorate a rental home. Make a board in your rental house.

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