How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger – Hi friends! Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) is here today. I have lived in many small places and rented for many years. From shared rooms in college, to a small bedroom in my sister’s townhouse, a 600 sq ft studio apartment, and now a 500 sq ft one bedroom…small spaces are very familiar to me! I have had so much fun making each of my tiny homes cosy, peaceful, happy and inspiring spaces.

Last week I shared an Amazon Live video about some of my favorite cozy small room tips. If you missed it, you can watch the video replay by clicking here.

How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

The tips can be used whether you rent or own a home! If you prefer reading instead of watching videos, I will also share some tips below. 🙂

Life In Your Japanese Apartment Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence

Here are 5 smart ways to make a small space cozy and inviting, plus some clever “hacks” you can try to make your home cozy this fall!

Soft lighting is the key to an extra cozy space. Here are some lighting ideas that I use in my apartment:

In a small space, it is important to be selective when it comes to furnishing choices and to be very conscious of what you have on display. I want to make everyday practical things as beautiful as possible. But just because it’s practical or pretty doesn’t mean it has to be put out! Less is often more, and too much visual clutter can make a space feel overwhelming.

For me, I first know what items I use every day and decide if it adds to the style of my room. If the answer to both of these questions is yes, I usually leave it alone. When it starts to feel like there is too much visual clutter for my taste, I take it down and put things in a closet or cabinet.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas: 23 Space Stretching Tips |

In my kitchen, for example, I leave the hot water boilers out because I use them every day, so it would be difficult to take them out of the cupboard every day. They are plain and white and add personality to my kitchen! (Click here for my off-white gooseneck kettlebell, and here for my black and white).

However, there are other things that I use every day that I still choose to put away (less beautiful things of course, but still beautiful, I don’t have everything with limited space. Maybe !) from coffee cups, coffee grinders, coffee filters, coffee beans, vitamins, kitchen utensils etc… these are things that are not on display in my kitchen.

It’s a good idea to do regular “check-ins” at your home to see if it’s getting worse than you thought. Sometimes we get used to what we have always done. When you look closely, you might realize that you have something that doesn’t really inspire you, or that you don’t use very often. Try moving it into a closet and see if you like the simpler, more organized look!

How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

But remember that it’s your home, so you decide how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel. If you like it, great! This is a personal preference. There are really no hard and fast rules. Your style doesn’t have to be perfect (mine doesn’t!) and it doesn’t have to be permanent. 🙂

Four Clever Ways To Use Paint To Make Any Small Space Look Bigger

Someone must be on display every day! You can get it just because it makes you happy to see it. Some favorite decorations that just make me happy are the Floral Classic box set and the “face vase” with my pearl plants.

Remember the Disney Channel movie “Smart House”? I used to watch it as a kid and dreamed that one day I would have a house with these robotic features that made life so much easier, ha! Now I do it in a few (less extravagant) ways. The homes are at our service! Here are some things I use that make living in a small space much easier.

Wall shelf source (unfortunately not in stock, but you can ask to be notified when it’s back)

Making good use of vertical storage is a must in small spaces! I’ll have to write a whole post about organization another time, but here are two things I’ve found helpful recently:

Genius Ideas For How To Layout Furniture In A Studio Apartment

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How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

If you want to see more of my apartment, click here to visit…and find resources here. Everything you’ve heard about real estate in New York City is true. The rents are high, the apartments are small, and you almost never get what you pay for. All that said, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else because there is no place like NYC.

Apartment Decor Ideas For A Truly One Of A Kind Space

So while I could probably buy a house in a part of the country that I pay rent to every year, I am determined to make Manhattan my home. After turning 25, I decided it was time to live alone, without a roommate – even if it meant moving from a converted one-bedroom (“turning an extra room into a bedroom into a fake with the wall” for property negotiations) – in a small case.

I searched StreetEasy every single day to find neighborhood listings I liked that were still within my budget. When I saw a cute little studio open in Gramercy, I jumped at it.

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Once the keys were in my hands, the real challenge began. How on earth was I supposed to transfer my entire existence

How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

In a 488 square meter studio? Thanks to some clever storage products and tips from Lisa Jacobs, organizational guru and founder of Manhattan lifestyle company Imagine It Done, I was able to improve the space in my tiny NYC apartment and make it feel 10 times bigger. Here is the method:

“If you don’t start from scratch to put [things] in the right place, it’s going to be messy,” Lisa told me. “A good example of this is in the entry closet. Because people don’t know how to organize other rooms, [things] end up in the entry closet. So there is [no space left].

Luckily, this studio has the biggest walk-in closet I’ve ever seen. I was excited to fill this huge closet with all my random stuff, but I kept Lisa’s advice in mind as I unpacked and made sure to dedicate that space to what’s really there: off-season coats, accessories, and shoes. .

How To Make A Small Studio Apartment Look Bigger

But honestly, it would have been stupid not to use the whole closet, so to keep things organized I used plastic chests to store extra clothes, towels and other things. Everything in the cupboard has its own place, which makes it very easy to keep order.

Tricks To Make Your Studio Apartment Look Spacious

“The only way [to create the illusion of a large room] is access,” Lisa said. “Accessories are the best invention in the organization.” Where a girl can always use more space? her closet Quickly placing my shoes on the floor of the closet proved a futile effort, as I actually only had room for half a pair. The easiest solution was the shoe organizer, which not only allowed me to store eight pairs inside, but also on the top and front. It basically quadruples the amount of shoes I can fit in my closet. Brilliant invention, indeed.

“Every place needs a bin, whether it’s in the closet, in the bathroom or in the closet, because things need to be packed together so it’s more accessible,” explains Lisa. His words couldn’t have been truer when it came to the spot under the bathroom sink. Between hair dryer, brush, toilet and other necessities, I was in dire need of help. This sliding drawer unit has two drawers that slide out, while the racks stay in place. It improves the space vertically.

Just like my walk-in closet, the bin gives everything its space, so it never looks like the picture on the left.

“As for the open space, complete the tabletop,” advises Lisa. Luckily for me, my apartment couldn’t fit more than a small coffee table, so I didn’t have many surfaces to begin with.

Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger: Expert Advice

I found a two-tiered coffee table, so I decided to use the bottom one.

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