How To Make An Apartment Bathroom Look Nice

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I freely admit that I’m big on home decorations. My room is a mix of beautiful prints, books, trinkets, tarot cards, wallpaper and plants, and that’s just the way I like it.

How To Make An Apartment Bathroom Look Nice

How To Make An Apartment Bathroom Look Nice

However, this attitude means that finding space is difficult, especially in a small house. Keeping the living room clean but beautiful is a big hurdle we all have to overcome at some point, and in my bedroom the bathroom is the latest challenge – or eyesore among my roommates. Here’s the bottom line: cleaning a small bathroom while looking good is hard work.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors For 2023

It’s possible, but I promise. The following items and ideas will allow you to not only bring style to your small bathroom, but also keep things clean and functional.

It’s been a game changer in every household I’ve lived in. There is nothing more annoying than water pressure, especially if your bathroom is old and boring. Replacing your shower head with a shiny new number will provide better water pressure and give your bathroom a big facelift and can go a long way to making a small bathroom feel more luxurious.

I love this shower. With 24 different functions and easily adjustable settings, it offers a great shower at a low price. If you want more, you can also check out our best websites post.

I didn’t like the idea of ​​a toilet until we got one in our house, now I’m a convert. The bathroom is very functional and stable because the shelves allow us to display storage baskets and small plants without losing space.

The 10 Best Plants For Bathrooms

This storage unit is perfect for your bathroom needs and its neutral design will go well with any other accents you already have. It is easy to mount and freestanding on the wall, so you won’t face any problems in case of rental restrictions. Reviewers love the sturdiness of the shelf and the storage it provides in unused space.

Don’t stand on the shelf – get organized! Investing in storage bins will add more storage space to your bathroom and help you stay organized and avoid clutter in the future.

As a maximalist, I love the look of “stuff” in a room, so these wire storage baskets are movable. They come in three metal tones and two sizes, and all options are small enough to work well with what you’re doing in your bathroom. They also have the added bonus of being lightweight so they can be easily moved and adjusted as needed.

How To Make An Apartment Bathroom Look Nice

Decorating a bathroom can really help with a space and make it look bigger. If your floor is dark, a light gray or blue rug can help open up the space and tie the room together. If the floor is light, dark shades can create a neutral atmosphere for the whole room.

Small Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

This shower was popular during the test. Available in 20 colors and highly absorbent, overall this is a very functional piece that will last a long time. It also comes in three sizes so you can experience the realism of your small space.

It is proven that everything goes better with low lighting, and it is no different in small bathrooms. Lighting can be difficult, especially if many people are trying to prepare the interior at the same time.

Under-cabinet lighting from Lumens not only adds to the beauty of your space, but also opens up the room and gives you a sense of cleanliness when you’re rushing to put on your make-up before work. This lighting system is small enough to fit under your sink, mirror or cabinet, and reviewers loved the product’s easy installation and easy-to-use design.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all begrudgingly accepted the home mirror with its edges and weirdness, but you don’t have to. A large mirror creates the illusion of more space in your bathroom and ultimately an additional function.

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Modern and stylish, this mirror from Wayfair comes with reinforced hooks for easy access. There are two finishes — gold and black — and reviewers like that there are several color options as well.

I live with two boys and another woman, so creating a separate, personal space in the bathroom is important not only for our well-being, but also so that we do not throw a hairbrush, cleaning products and deodorant into the abyss. The storage space under the sink is very useful in creating space in our small bathroom and ultimately keeps the room clean.

These two storage baskets sit on top of each other and are available in different sizes. The baskets can be removed from the stand, making cleaning and recycling easier. In our bathroom, we installed two matching models under the sink with plenty of space.

How To Make An Apartment Bathroom Look Nice

Am I the only one who won’t go near the bathroom without knocking? You can avoid the problem of bathtubs filling up at the edge of the bathtub by investing in a shower box.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Inspire Your Next Renovation

The stainless steel carrier can be hung above the shower or attached to the wall. It has two large shelves, several hooks and a small shelf for soap. In addition, you can prevent shocks by using suction cups on the back. That way, you have a storage solution that everyone in the house can agree on – provided all groups agree on the shelf they want.

Small bathrooms can get steamy quickly, and no one wants to stand in a hot tub when getting out of the water, especially in the warmer months. This exhaust heater efficiently removes steam from your small bathroom, so your roommates don’t have to wait for the fog to clear to get ready for work. Reviewers rave about how quiet the fan is, and many say it’s easy to install in their homes.

Hiding your large towels behind the door creates the illusion of space in your bathroom while helping to dry your clothes. This indoor towel rail has hooks to provide more storage space and comes in chrome and bronze colors to match your interior. The insert is also available in two colors, so try the door before you buy.

If your shower is old, worn, and a little moldy, you shouldn’t touch it at all. If this sounds like your life, it’s time for a new line. This affordable shower will keep your space free of mold and mildew, so you can shower without the fear of running back to the wall every time you turn around.

Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

Product review experts cover all your shopping needs. Follow Review on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest projects, reviews and more. Considering how much time we spend in it, the bathroom is one room that shouldn’t be small – even if it’s a rental. This is especially true because the controls are simple without the need for damage. In fact, Ontario interior designer Jane Lockhart explains, there are many ways to hide what you don’t like: “If you really hate your bathroom tiles, hide them!”

Read on for tons of tips and tricks you can do on just about anything to make your rental bathroom look like a place you want to hang out.

When freelance writer and editor Carolyn Mullen moved into her backyard in Astoria, Queens, she dreaded designing bathroom tiles. To make matters worse, she covered the floor and ceiling. “They are different shades of brown, yellow and white. I knew right away I wanted to hide it,” he said.

How To Make An Apartment Bathroom Look Nice

He covered the floor with jewel tone vinyl tiles and rods from Home Depot. Before cutting it to size, he began making paper templates on the floor, taking care to outline the corners of the room. They traced templates onto the vinyl to make sure the new floor would fit. (You’ll need a pair of strong scissors or a utility knife to cut the vinyl.)

These 17 Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas Are Brilliant

To keep the ceiling clean and white, Mullen decided to cover it with adhesive paper used to make shelves. He admits he chose them because they were items in the store. But the strange thing is that it remains a wonderful thing and only one piece crumbles and has to be replaced in three years. (However, she always makes sure to crack the window when showering to reduce humidity.)

There’s probably nothing worse in a rental than an old toilet that doesn’t look clean, no matter how hard you try

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