How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern – I’m sharing my dining room table transformation. From dark old wood to rustic French elegance. When I first bought this table, it was stained and scratched a lot. In fact, it is more like a deep trap. The best approach to a topic like this is to accept these flaws. I’ll share how I finished the top at the end of the post.

I wanted to keep the wood top and paint the base and legs a creamy white to add distress to the beautiful carving.

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

When I started this remodel (almost a year ago!), I first tried to paint the base of the table pure white, but the bleeding was so bad that I decided to give it a second try. This time I chose a cream color. I painted it with the “gypsum” color from Fusion Mineral Paint. Gypsum is one of their new fall colors.

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Despite the many flaws of this table, I fell in love with the curved leg detail.

The table opens and there was enough room for three 8-inch extensions, but they didn’t come with any, so I had my husband make a new one. What you see in the “before” picture above is a temporary fix I made out of brown MDF board. Since we wanted to make it out of new wood, we had to match the new extended wood to the rest of the table. This means making a cut in the new extension to match the rest of the tablet, then milling the edges and painting the top of the extension to match the rest of the tablet.

Here is one of the new additions. It’s not a 100% match, but it’s pretty close.

The first thing I did was sand the table top, just enough to smooth it out a bit, but not deep enough to remove the gouges. I wanted the grain to be heavy, the imperfections giving the table a rustic look, and I gave in later. When I finished the sandblasting, I noticed that it was a bit uneven in some places, so I found a spot, diluted it with mineral spirits and went over it lightly.

Wooden Dining Tables To Set The Stage For Stylish Dinners

After cutting them to size, I made lots of dents and gouges by hammering the boards with various tools and chisels.

I used this handmade tool to make a worm. It’s basically a piece of wood held together with screws.

The next step is painting. Minwax is a provincial spot. One of my new favorite spot colors. The most important thing is to make sure your stain settles into the new scratches and creases you’ve made. I prefer to use it with fabric. Wipe the cloth, really getting into the pores, then wipe the surface.

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

My husband also put a router on the edge of the new extension to fit the table, and I plan to keep at least one extension, so I also added a piece of wood to extend the chuck so you don’t have to see the hole.

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There is another step to hold the three expansion slots, which is to create a register using dowels and holes on both sides of the board.

After all the painting, carpentry, and painting, I applied Rusty Naberezhnye Chelny’s protective coat over the counter. Nice matte finish. The legs and base are sealed with wax.

Thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts on my last post about my oak tree dilemma. I really appreciate it. I will finish it and post it in the next few days. A big trend is emerging in home decor: the statement piece. It is usually a single piece of furniture that stands out in style, design and appearance and stands out from the rest of the room. An antique chest of drawers, a table, chandeliers, a sofa, a chair or any other object you like can become your personal item that gives you a magical feeling. But apart from that, you can create bold contrasting combinations with most of the furniture you use today – antique dining table and modern chairs. Are they incomparable? Not true! Get ready to see the cutest and most interesting combinations!

One of the most popular ways to dress up a vintage dining table and modern chairs is to buy or get very contrasting pieces. You can highlight vintage tables with clear acrylic chairs, metal chairs, bold sculptures or bold furniture. If you have a vintage rustic table, look for bright velvet trims and intricate designs for the chairs, or if the table is too fancy, tone it down with metal chairs. The clearer the food, the cooler the effect.

Diy Dining Tables

A vintage dining table and clear acrylic armchairs complement the table

A black and white table and mid-century blue curved-legged chairs make a bold statement

If you don’t want a super contrasty and bold look, you can choose a combination of soft transitions: paint the chairs to match the table. For example, if you have a white table, add white upholstered chairs, or paint the dining table legs black and match the existing black chairs. This is another cool and attractive combination.

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

Vintage round dining table with black legs and black modern industrial chairs for a soft look

Alluring Dining Table Designs To Amaze Your Visitors

Antique tables with white legs, modern white chairs and benches for a soft vintage look

The elegant dining table and modern white sculptural chairs are in the same shade and are not too different from each other

If you don’t have matching dining chairs or want to create a bold eclectic look, look for mismatched chairs. Place your table and add different chairs in different colors – modern, rustic, industrial, vintage, glamorous and more, the colors can also match perfectly. Don’t be afraid to mix everything, furniture, materials, looks and touches – eclecticism is the new classic.

A vintage rustic table combined with vintage thick chairs in different colors and a modern style dining room is a place to gather and socialize, which is the main reason I love it. It is not only a place for family and friends to relax together, but the dining table can also become a beautiful element of the home. Check out these DIY dining tables below – they’re beautiful, functional, and cheaper than store-bought!

Wooden Dining Table Design For Home & Office

This DIY concrete and wood dining table is part of the Geometric Furniture collection. Get your free plan from the link below and visit the guide for complete instructions.

Sometimes simple is better – I love the modern clean lines of this dining table. Box connections make it really unique because there are a few small parts, right?

Round tables have a unique charm and are made from beautiful reclaimed wood. Once again my crafty friend Sarah has put together a tutorial for this table and you can get the free plans from the link below.

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

Clean furniture like this stunning dining table has a certain appeal. I worked on this DIY dining table with my friend Timis from Toolbox Divas. The extra thick contact is to die for!

How To Make Your Old Table Look New For Around $80 Or Less

Creating this charming farmhouse dining table doesn’t seem difficult. I rolled up the furniture legs for easy and cheap assembly.

I had plans for this beautiful beauty until Sue from Widows Workshop took over the project and wrote a full tutorial for it. This dining table is very durable and you can easily change the paint or stain.

Can you believe this awesome DIY dining table is under $100? Shop drawing is almost $1300! Another reason why I prefer building over buying.

You won’t believe how affordable this modern DIY dining table is. In fact, most of the wood is preserved, and the results are spectacular.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table Dining Room Set Dining Room

If you don’t have much experience with power tools and love the farmhouse style, this is a great place to start.

The boards that make up the top of this table look like a puzzle, and it’s awesome! It is made of wood, so there is no need to buy new boards.

Round tables are perfect for intimate gatherings! Best of all, this round table is only $40.

How To Make An Old Dining Table Look Modern

X key tables are fun to make and it’s beautiful

The Complete Guide To Table Dimensions

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