How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop – There’s nothing really cool and clean to grab the viewer’s attention, especially in pictures.

So knowing how to change the background color in Photoshop is a great skill!

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll teach you an easy way to change the color of an image in 5 minutes!

How To Change A Background In Photoshop

Click here and watch the video to learn how to change the entire white background!

Now click on the selection tool next to the selected device to select a background theme.

Press the Q key on your keyboard to enter Quick Mode. This step is red for unselected areas.

On your hands. To change the mask, paint the area you want to select black or white.

How To Change The Background Color In Photoshop (fast & Easy!)

Note: the painted area will now be Red, everything in that area will be hidden, and then partially colored.

You’ll immediately see a new painted area selected, allowing you to precisely select your subject.

When the window appears, select the color you want, as you can change it later

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

You need a background color, so click on the mask icon to change it.

How To Change Background Colors In Photoshop

First, your background looks really nice and balanced, so we need to create a true color palette to match the original background and its shadows.

By looking at the color information for each channel and multiplying the number of viewers, then multiplying the primary color by the mixed color, the result is always black.

If he multiplies any color with black, the result is always black. However, multiplying white leaf color does not change the color.

So when we select a specific red color and use the Multiply blending mode on the white line, the color stays the same.

How To Add A Border Or Frame Around A Photo In Photoshop

I mentioned above that you can always change the background color without repeating the process.

To do this, hover over Layers and double-click on the Solid Color thumbnail.

This allows you to click and drag the palette to change the color or intensity until you find the color that best suits your theme.

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

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How To Remove Background In Photoshop: The Complete Guides For Beginners

Jesus Ramirez is a graphic designer, speaker, and educator specializing in Adobe Photoshop. Jesus is best known as the founder of the Photoshop tutorial channel, the most popular Photoshop YouTube channel. Again.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn TWO STEPS to remove anything in Photoshop Selection and Selection Masking!

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In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how to change a salon photo from a hot sunny day to a cold, snowy day.

How To Use Photoshop: 5 Basic Steps To Edit A Photo

In this tutorial, you’ll take a daytime photo and turn it into a rainy night. With so many improvements in Photoshop over the past few years, removing backgrounds from photos has never been easier or faster. Learn how to remove the background from an image in Photoshop.

Knowing how to best use the type of image in your work is the key to getting the best results with the right technique.

Here are six ways to remove the background in your photos using Photoshop Cloud, and when to use each method for the best results.

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

One of the best features of Photoshop is the new object selection tool in Photoshop 2022. The Object Selection tool uses Adobe Sensi AI technology to do all the work for selecting objects in your photos. .

How To Make An Image Black And White In Photoshop

Open your image in Photoshop and select the Selection Tool from the left panel (in the same menu as the Quick Selection Tool).

Now move the cursor over your post and wait until it turns blue. (If it doesn’t turn blue immediately, move your cursor over the small circle.)

Click on the button to select everything you want to leave in the picture. This shortcut automatically selects each item for you (shows the ant’s navigation to each item).

Depending on what you want the background to look like (in my case, I want it to be transparent), you may need to open up the image so it doesn’t show up as a background.

How To Merge / Blend Two Images In Photoshop

Then click the lock to the right of your image to open it. If you have no other layers, the name will change to “Layer 0”. To remove the background, click the eraser tool (make sure the brush is large) and start removing the background.

Don’t worry about losing Photoshop options. If you need to change the object, select the object selection tool and drag the background image of the object.

It is possible to learn how to change the mask created by the selection tool (if it does not see everything in the first selection).

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

Pros: It fits you, you need it fast, and you don’t have to look for perfection. It is best used when there is a lot of contrast between the subject and the background, and the subject has soft lines.

How To Blur Backgrounds In Photoshop

So far, the fastest method covered here is Photoshop’s built-in background removal quick action. It was introduced in Photoshop 2021 (Creative Cloud Subscription) and offers an efficient and easy-to-use Adobe background cleaner.

But speed and accuracy will be limited. Using Photoshop Quick Action will save you a lot of work, but depending on your image, the results may not be what you expect. If so, you can use all the methods described here to change the result.

From here, you can go into the mask and make adjustments if necessary (for example, you can round off the dog’s legs in the bottom left of the image). Beyond the scope of this article, if you need help working with masks, check out this tutorial from Adobe.

When to use: Work with very different images, but it takes time and effort to get good results.

Change Background Color Of Photo Online In 1 Click

If you need more control over background removal in Photoshop, but want Photoshop to do the heavy lifting for you, the Background Removal tool is great. To check more, you will need to spend less time to achieve the desired result. Depending on your drawing, using the Background Eraser tool can be very effective and time-consuming, and will bring you the results you want in no time.

The process can be quick or tedious depending on your look, but it pays off. You control what happens and what doesn’t happen. If this does not work, the other methods mentioned here will help you get closer to the desired result.

Best time to use it: When the subject and background are very different, or when other tools like the quick action mentioned above or the Backras Eraser tool don’t give the desired results. This gives you full control over all the features shown here.

How To Make Background Black In Photoshop

The Pen tool is one of the tried and true ways to remove the background from photos in Photoshop. This gives you more control over the results. However, it takes more time because it gives you more control. Pen tools require patience.

How Do I Make A Gradient Background In Photoshop?

Like the other methods listed, this will not get you 100%. Here, using the pen tool and other techniques will help you get closer to the desired result. (For example, I’ll use a different method to describe the eye area of ​​the woman in this photo.)

Pros: The theme is basically a high contrast, complex background that saves you time and lets Photoshop find its way around.

If the pen tool is too much work or you don’t want to spend time drawing your subject, the Magnetic Lasso tool is a good starting point to get you where you need to go quickly. It’s time to work out the details.

If you find you need to make some changes to your selection, you can go back and repeat a few steps to get the best results, or use a combination of the other methods in this article to get the results you want.

How To Extend Backgrounds In Photoshop

This is best used when: the subject is slightly different and/or the image has “intelligence” or details, or

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