How To Make Concrete Floors Look Nice

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There was a time when concrete floors were so well hidden under carpets, parquets and tiles that it was hard to imagine leaving them exposed without thinking they might look good that way. Now that we know it’s better not to ignore it, concrete floors are really very popular in modern and contemporary interiors. We’ve learned to embrace their raw, clean beauty and complement them with cozy furniture, textured rugs and warm wooden elements. Let’s take a look at how some architects and designers have decided to incorporate concrete floors into their projects.

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Nice

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Nice

The living spaces of this house from Aarhus, Denmark look warm and cozy despite their smooth concrete floors and walls. These elements are balanced by the brown leather upholstery of the L-shaped bench and the patchwork carpet in pastel colors.

The Reason We Have Sealed Concrete Floors

Cornerstone Architects took a different route when they designed this residence in Austin, Texas. To give the living room a warm and cozy atmosphere, while keeping the decor simple, they combined polished concrete floors with wood accents and neutral-colored furniture and rugs.

A pattern began to emerge: a combination of wood and concrete, two materials that complement each other perfectly in every way. The design of this house in Montreal, Canada by Henri Cleing made extensive use of exposed concrete, but also wood. These two materials define the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Isern Associates used a similar strategy for this residence in San Pol de Mar, Spain. However, the contrast between the polished concrete floor and the wooden walls is subtle. In a way, this means that the wood doesn’t give off as much heat, but the grain is still there. A great design strategy for minimalist and Scandinavian decor.

Even without the warmth of wood, the living space with polished concrete floors looks nice and cozy. The overall image, the textures and finishes used, the tone of voice and the elements included in the design are all important. Take a look at this minimalist house renovated by Federico Delrosso Architects and you will be inspired.

Hot Decorative Ideas To Create A New Look On A Budget!

Parsonson Architects were commissioned to design an extension to a house originally built in Wellington, New Zealand in the early 20th century. They decided to provide concrete floors for the interior living spaces and use wood for the exterior spaces. It’s an interesting way to create harmony between all these areas.

When designing this house in the Czech Republic, OOOOX used concrete floors to give the living space a sophisticated and modern look. Exposed ceilings have a similar effect on the decor. The color palette is also neutral, the lighting is accurate and these details affect the overall design and atmosphere in a similar way.

The disadvantage of concrete floors is that they are cold and hard underfoot. Rather than seeing this as a disadvantage, Incorporated Architecture & Design took the opportunity to incorporate some really great rugs into the design of this modern New York home completed in 2013.

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Nice

There are many ways to make concrete floors fit naturally. Tzannes Associates used a combination of strategies to design this Sydney home. They added wooden walls and furniture, kept the palette neutral, and outfitted the open kitchen with a large island, also made of concrete.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

It’s not just the combination of materials that makes this living room look stunning. We found the lighting to be very sophisticated and we absolutely love the light green sofa and matching ottoman, not to mention those gorgeous pillows. It’s a space designed by Karawitz Architecture, and as you can see, it makes the most of polished concrete floors.

This is minimalism at its best. What you see here is part of a house in Burgos, Spain. A project by Pereda Perez Arquitectos, this living room is actually a good representation of the entire building. Wood and concrete define the whole house, are used in abundance and look very clean and natural. The space is bright and fresh without feeling gloomy.

In this case, the name defines the house really cool and literally. This is the Heavy Metal Residence by Hufft Projects. Located in Missouri, its design is a combination of glass, steel and concrete. The idea was to capture the beauty of the rugged landscape and translate it into a modern building.

Many architects and homeowners appreciate the modern look and purely functional nature of polished concrete floors. This look is suitable not only for modern minimalist spaces, but also for mid-century or even traditional decor. This eclectic living space designed by Bourne Blue Architects is a perfect example.

How To Make Concrete Smooth And Shiny (finishing Options)

The versatility of concrete floors can be explored in various ways. Each design does this in its own unique way. Canyon Construction’s approach to this beautiful home was to take the outside in and use simple materials to create casual yet elegant and sophisticated finishes.

Somewhere in Montana is a really cool resort with interiors by Ann Knight Interiors. The combination of polished concrete floors, full-height glazing, wooden ceilings and stone walls give the space a sense of connection to the surrounding rugged mountain landscape. The design strategy is simple and very effective.

When it comes to color, no design strategy works better when it comes to concrete floors. The decor can be minimalist, based on timeless combinations of black and white, can contain strong accent colors or put in several shades, resulting in an eclectic look. The minimalist interior design complements the panorama and brings freshness and color to the interior. (As an Amazon affiliate, I earn income from qualifying purchases. Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. See full disclosure details here.)

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Nice

Looking for a way to make ugly floors beautiful? You can easily paint the old European style on the concrete floor. Read on to find out how we saved hundreds of dollars with this DIY project!

Stained Concrete Atlanta

I’ve always loved the vintage European look, so when we decided to turn part of the garage into a home office, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to add a classic checkerboard pattern. Plank floors are timeless and have been in the design world for decades, even a popular choice during the Gilded Age! In modern design, it is a style of flooring used by designers such as Shea McGee.

Our garage-to-office conversion isn’t that fancy, and we’re trying to do it on a reasonable budget. One way to save hundreds of dollars is by using flooring. It would also be a fun opportunity to try something other than my favorite chess pattern!

We have already painted the concrete and you can see our large driveway project here. I believe painted concrete will be a sustainable option. Also painting the concrete floors would save us a lot of money!

The chess model is an animal of its own. Honestly, I was tempted to give up, but my husband was determined to push through the confusion.

Country Style Farmhouse: Stained Concrete Floors Is Your Missing Piece

The good news is that he writes a “how to” section in this post with all the details you need to create this project

. He did it by trial and error, so you can confidently follow his instructions and install your own checkerboard floor!

After reading many tutorials, watching videos and experimenting, he finds a formula that really works and guides you from start to finish. Then it just takes a little time and calmness. It will give you all the details, but there are a few things we want you to know:

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Nice

I will forward this blog post to Rob. My brain loves the creative bits, but not necessarily the details. But he breaks it down so you can understand it more easily and create your own beautiful floors with ease!

How To Make Concrete Look “homey” And Not Industrial

If you don’t want a checkerboard pattern, but still plan to paint concrete floors, then this article is for you. No matter the color or pattern, he has some great tips on how to paint concrete floors so they last for years to come!

Preparation is perhaps the most important step. I’ll say it again: preparation is probably the most important step! The concrete must be cleaned and treated from any stains or residues.

So the floor we were painting was a garage floor and it showed! It was full of spills, chips and stains.

I used cheap store-bought pipe cleaners for any adhesive stains that didn’t penetrate the floor.

How To Acid Etch Concrete > Articles > Ghostshield®

Like an oven cleaner

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