How To Make Eyes Look Almond Shaped

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Maya Allen is a beauty therapist with over five years of experience in hair, makeup, skin and nails. She is currently the beauty director for InStyle Magazine.

How To Make Eyes Look Almond Shaped

How To Make Eyes Look Almond Shaped

Ashley Rebecca is a NYC-based makeup artist and regular contributor covering makeup, skin care, and hair care.

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Your makeup has the unique power to enhance the beauty of nature. You can use this to your advantage by embracing unique features like the way your face looks when you’re being photographed. Today’s topic: almond shaped face. What does it mean? You know your eyes are almond-shaped if you can see circles coming out of your eyelids and irises touching the top and bottom of your eyelids. This face shape can take on some dramatic looks, from graphic lines to sharp creases.

If you haven’t thought about applying eye shadow before, you should start now. The right eye makeup technique will make you stand out and enhance all your features.

Do you think you look like an almond? We reached out to makeup artists Jamie Dorman, Kelli J. Bartlett, and Joey Maalouf to share their makeup secrets for almond-eyed people. Keep scrolling for makeup tips and examples that will inspire you.

To add dimension to your eyes, Dorman recommends using black eyeliner on the upper lid and a lighter color under the lower lashes. This is a simple change that enhances the color of the face. “For almond-shaped eyes, I like to use a lighter eyeshadow on the waterline than I use above, because it doesn’t make the eyes look smaller,” she says. Dorman.

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“For example, if I use Westmore Beauty Wing Effects Liquid Eyeliner ($20) in black on top, I use Beauty Pie Ultra Color Pro Gel Eyeliner ($32) in Turkish Coffee under my water line and stroke,” he says.

On the flip side, Dorman also added eyeliner to the lower lash line to make the face look more defined. The technique for almond-shaped eyes is to add eye shadow to the lower lash line and a little more to the outer corner of the eye, as in the photo above.

“Applying a dark shade of eyeliner sometimes makes the eyes look smaller,” says Maalouf. However, he recommends using a silent tape “to open the eye.” Additionally, “bright colors such as Nectar or Jumbo Colorslide ($15) by Glossier are great options to draw attention to the eyes, without compromising the look.”

How To Make Eyes Look Almond Shaped

Just fill in the water line or add a small wing. “To enhance this look, apply a matching shade and use the same ribbon to create a ribbed cut,” says Maalouf.

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“I like the cat face over the almond face,” says Bartlett. “Pencils, water, and skin are all good options here. A light block or a very specific one is quick and easy to achieve.” She likes Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($23) to create a classic winged look and suggests using a jet-black shade for more drama.

For maximum effect and low intensity, Maalouf recommends applying the entire face with one shade. “Fill in the entire lid from the lash line to the crease using a deep shadow like Xtreme Burgundy by Pat McGrath Labs (Note–this shadow is included in the Mother VIII Artistry Eyeshadow Palette – Divine Rose II Collection , $128) creating a cat look. . in the outer corner (like you would with eyeliner,” she said. Then, add a little shadow in the shade of the lower lash line for an edgy monochrome . “This look can be simple or match your color. choose .,” says Maalouf.

“A bob cut can really accentuate almond-shaped eyes,” says Maalouf. There are many ways to cut the rib, and the shape of the power, but it is defined by a sharp line of shadow above the rib of the eyelid, as mentioned above. You can find a lot of haircut tutorials in various styles on YouTube and TikTok, but the main thing is to apply a little color and not mix it up. You can go over the edges with concealer to sharpen the lines.

Another Bartlett trick for almond-shaped eyes is to apply a light shadow over the iris, almost covering the entire lid, giving the illusion of wider eyes. Try mixing some light shades from your neutral eyeshadow palette to create the exact shade you’re looking for if you don’t have one in your collection.

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Bartlett’s final tip for enhancing your natural face shape. “Enhance almond-shaped eyes by adding a darker color to the outer corner of the eye and applying it beyond the lash line, outward to the temple,” she advises. To test this point, Bartlett recommends using a smoky eyeshadow shade that’s a little lighter. Lancôme Hypnôse 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette ($50) in Smokey Chic has great color options.

“To give almond-shaped eyes a sinister effect, use an eyeliner,” says Maalouf. A liquid liner, usually with a thicker sponge surface than a thin brush, is perfect for creating bold geometric shapes to fill in almond-shaped eyes.

“I’m loving Haus Laboratories EYE-LIE-NER ($20) right now,” says Maalouf. He recommends applying “from the inner corner to the outer corner, and shaving your face to the outer part of your forehead. ‘cat eye’ effect”.

How To Make Eyes Look Almond Shaped

“Next, go to your inner corner with a black liner like MAC Smolder ($21) and fill in the top and bottom of the inner corner, keeping the rest of the liquid and lower lash line clean. “

Best Lashes For Almond Eyes

Brushes are just as important (if not more so) as the style of your collection. The right brush can help you achieve the perfect blend, or use the perfect eyeliner and wing brush. Maalouf likes Morphe M210 ($6) “for drawing out details for a cut-out look,” Fenty Tapered Blending Brush 210 ($24) for buffing and blending, and the Sephora Collection Pro Eye Liner Brush #22 ( $16) for eyeliner. This lengthening look can be used for almond-shaped eyes. It just enhances the almond shape of the eyes and makes them look bigger. This technique can also be used for dark circles or deep-set eyes. When dealing with dark circles or deep-set eyes, using high-quality eyeliner is a great practice. But you can also accentuate your eyes by pulling the eyeshadow to the side, like I did here.

Almond eyes are usually narrower, rather than round, and do not have a prominent lid area.

Annika’s sister has almond shaped eyes. They are bitten too, but they don’t hide his cover. He relaxes his eyes and you can see the cap slightly sticking to the lid.

Annika is used to using eye glasses and she always uses eye glasses like me here. Instead of taking a very high eyeball (like my own eye), he takes the outer part of the eye and pulls the eyeball there. It lengthens the eyes and perfectly matches her almond eyes!

Top Makeup Tips For Almond Shaped Eyes

You may notice that the eye color I chose really brings out the olive color of the eyes. It made her feel better.

In addition to the eye shadow tutorial, there is another photo below to show the difference with the bare eye.

I also rubbed my eyes. This is a good practice, because it saves the area of ​​the lid, but it defines the eyes and makes them look bigger.

How To Make Eyes Look Almond Shaped

As for the makeup products Annika uses, below is the main list. I tried Zuii Organic’s Flora Flawless foundation on it and I was surprised how well it suited my dry skin. It’s so hard to find the right foundation for my sister, she mixes argan oil into almost all of her foundations. But this foundation goes on really well on the skin and looks beautiful and glowing! The only downside (for my sister) is the rose smell of the food. But it shrinks during the day. If not, he will sell the position.

Wicked Amazing Eyeliner Tips For Almond Eyes

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