How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

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How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

Ashley Rebecca is a makeup artist based in NYC and regularly contributes to makeup, skin care, and hair care.

Understanding Eye Shapes

If you’ve ever tried to follow an eyeshadow tutorial only to the point where it says “blend into the crease” and looked at your flawless eye in the mirror in confusion, we understand. When it comes to Asian eye makeup, all traditional makeup rules go out the window—and with it, our desire to try something other than a swipe of black linen (if that). But before you throw away your wrong eyeshadow palette, know this

We asked celebrity makeup artists Kira Nasrat and Kenneth Soh to teach us the best eye makeup tips for everyone’s eyelids. “I think this is a quality that should be recognized and celebrated,” Soh said.

“Due to the shape of the eye, liners and mascaras sometimes go through or go under the eye or on the eyelid,” says Soh. One of the best ways to combat unwanted smudges is an eyeshadow primer; A small list under other products ensures that everything stays in place. Soh recommends NARS Tinted Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, which provides extra coverage on the lid.

Think about everything you’ve learned about getting the perfect smokey eye. Found? Now forget everything. “[Eyeshadow for Asian eyes] is less about adding dimension to the outer crease (because there isn’t any), but more about creating a smooth, ombré effect from the lash line to your forehead,” says Nasrat.

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Nasrat lines her clients’ one-lidded eyes with black gel, then takes a flat, tapered eyeshadow brush and applies dark, brown, curved eyeshadow directly above the lid. Then, take the lighter matte shade and apply it directly over the darker shade. Finally, she blends everything for a soft, smoky effect with MAC’s 217 Synthetic Blending Brush ($28). The same technique applies to using colored eyeshadows – Nasrat takes a blue or light purple and fills the entire lid in the middle, then blends it on top.

We all know that the winged linen trend isn’t going away anytime soon, but it’s a useful technique for anyone with monolids. “[It’s] a great linear look that emphasizes the almond-shaped quality of the monolids,” Soh said.

If a sharp wing looks too scary at the moment, Soh suggests smoothing the eyeliner to soften the effect without diminishing it.

How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

In eye shapes without wrinkles, the most visible eyelid is in the outer third of the eye; It is clear that the focus of the eyeshadow should take place there. Think of your lashes as a long triangle and blend into that shape so that the inner and outer corners of the lash line form the long side.

How To Do A Smokey Eye: Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Ready to bomb? Nasrat says girls with monolids should keep their eyes open when using eye makeup. “You want to keep your eyes open and your head back a little while applying eyeliner, shadow and lashes,” she says.

This tip is especially good for eyeliner. From the way the eyelids move and the ‘monolids’, it makes sense to keep your eyes open and look straight ahead,” says Soh. “Don’t think about getting the liner done at once. Do a sweep first, then work gently in.” She recommends KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner ($21) or Super Pomade ($21) for great, bud-proof pigment.

If you like the contrast of the sharp crease, this technique can be achieved on monolids. Keep most of the definition out of the eye, gradually add product and blend like there’s no tomorrow.

“I think the soft, compact aesthetic of this style is great for anyone,” says Soh. “It works on any shape or type. She likes to blend a cream eyeshadow, like Sisley Phyto-Eye Twist ($53), with her fingers for this look.

Fabulous Asian Eye Makeup Tutorials And Tricks You Need To Try

The idea of ​​black inside the eye may seem contradictory to the thousands of inside corners shown on the internet. Nasrat says don’t do it. “You want to frame your eyes—you don’t want them to look at the world differently. Don’t be afraid to go in with dark shadows.”

For a softer, less smoky effect, Nasrat suggests skipping the wing when applying eyeliner and instead creating it by blending the ends upwards. With an eyeliner smudge brush, you can use “one end to apply gel or cream and use the other to clean it up and blend the ends into wings,” says Nasrat.

When it comes to lashes, this is a great eyelash curler. “[It’s] especially useful for people with blindness to help open their eyes,” Soh said. The iconic Shu Uemura Lash Curler ($23) is a long-time favorite among Asians—and everyone, really—thanks to its craftsmanship and soft silicone cushion. The Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler ($35) was inspired by Shu Uemura, and it really works, too.

How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

If you’re looking for definition, but the boldness of a sharp line is too much for you, focusing on the “underliner” or lower lash liner is a great way to try without feeling heavy on the upper lid. “It’s a lovely way to define the eyes, especially when paired with a little fabric on the upper lid,” says Soh.

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Try to combine the bottom line with a solid line on the upper lid (push the liner deep into the lash line on the upper lid). “This creates thicker lashes and brings out the shape of the eye,” reveals Soh.

False eyelashes are perfect for a glittering night, but for monolids they are the secret tool to open up the eye area. Soh recommends Swedish lashes or Lashify if you’re looking for something super natural. You are here: Home / Eyes / 11 Amazing Asian Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks You Must Try

A big shout out to all our Asian beauty lovers – believe me when I say I understand how hard it is to get the perfect makeup look. But don’t worry, I have collected the best Asian eye makeup ideas that are sure to enhance and beautify your lovely peers.

Applying makeup to small, monochromatic, or hooded Asian eyes can be a challenge, but with this list of Asian makeup trends, you’ll never have a bad makeup day again. The variety of Asian eye shapes requires a variety of Asian eye makeup tutorials!

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Asian eyes tend to be small, which is why eye makeup for Asian eyes focuses on making the eyes look bigger.

One of the two makeup products you must have is eyeliner. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have eyeshadow on; A perfect eyeliner is enough.

Watch the video above and practice, practice, practice and help yourself to different Asian eyeliner techniques!

How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

In case you’re wondering, there isn’t an eyeliner line specifically for Asian eyes. However, I recommend buying jet black liquid liner and brown eyeliner to start with.

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Another must-have makeup product is mascara. Eyeliner and mascara can’t exist without each other, so you have to have both!

Eyeliner helps make your eyes look bigger, but mascara makes your eyes pop! The thing is, Asian eyes are notorious for short and straight lashes, and they can be very unruly.

So to overcome the breakage challenge, this video should teach you everything you need to know about using mascara. And if you’re wondering what the best Asian mascara is, try Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara!

Once you’ve worked on your eyeliner and mascara game, you can start practicing your look. One of the most popular Asian eye makeup is the Asian natural eye makeup.

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Obviously, this is a basic look that you really need to get hold of. It’s a daytime eye…soft, simple and beautiful!

For a natural look, make sure you have an eyeshadow palette with natural shades like Maybelline The Blushed Nudes.

If you have one-eyed or hooded eyes, take comfort in knowing that you can create an Asian smoky eye look in no time, girl! It’s all about learning the right techniques to achieve this look.

How To Make Eyes Look Less Asian

This classic Smokey Eye tutorial is perfect for beginners. Believe me when I say that this eye makeup will never disappoint you! This is a Coastal scent revealed in a smoky eyeshadow palette by your best friend!

Sleepy Eye Makeup Is Trending On Tiktok

To give you another way to do smoky eye makeup, this is perhaps a step away from classical eye makeup. This is a silver smoke eye for Asian eyes

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