How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New – Dealing with boring wood floors? Here’s how to make your hardwood floors shine and keep them shiny! It’s easy to polish your floors and make them look like new again.

I understand completely. We have dogs and a toddler which really puts a lot of wear and tear on our floors.

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

Last weekend I hired a carpet cleaner and today I cleaned and polished the hardwood floor. The difference that polishing your wood floors can make is incredible.

Installing Wood Flooring Over Vinyl Flooring

When we bought our house, our floors were badly damaged due to negligence and water damage. Over the past 10 years, our wooden floors have been put to good use by children and dogs. I’m always amazed that they come back so shiny in just an hour’s work.

If you’re dealing with dull hardwood floors, check out how to make your hardwood floors shine.

To get rid of boring wood floors and make them shiny and new again, you’ll need a few things.

To start, you’ll want to pick up any shoe prints or other items left on the floor.

Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors

I like to use a tennis ball and rub it on the scratch marks. A tennis ball removes scratches quickly.

If you don’t have a tennis ball, you can get this scratch remover for up to one can of tennis balls.

Next, you’ll want to vacuum or sweep the floor. Pay attention to corners and edges to get rid of all dirt and lint.

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

After sweeping the floor, wipe the top with a damp cloth. I just used a microfiber cloth that was wet and then dabbed. I have one that goes on a mophead so I can clean the floor quickly, it makes life so much easier when cleaning hardwood floors.

How To Refinish Hardwood Floors The Easy Way

Once your hardwood floors are clean and dry, you can add shine. I recommend Holloway House Quick Shine. I have been using it on our hardwood floors for the last 10 years and love it. I’ve tried Bona, Orange Glo and other products, but none come close to Holloway House.

I hate the way Orange Glo made my floors look and feel and Bona did absolutely nothing for them.

Quick Shine has a nozzle on the top and you can spray a small amount of Quick Shine on the floor and use a cloth to spread it. I just use a cheap foam rag to spread it out.

When you’re done with all your hardwood floors, let them dry before adding another layer.

The Benefits Of Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Salt Lake City, Utah

You can add as many layers as needed until you get the shine you want. The first time I used it a few years ago I added 5 layers.

Now I add about 2 coats twice a year. Each time you add a layer, wait for the previous layer to dry.

When you’re done, just wait for the last layer to dry and then you can walk on it. I was amazed at how shiny my floor looked a few months after applying Quick Shine.

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

If you’re having trouble finding Quick Shine, you can buy bottles here and have it shipped to your home. It used to be quite hard to find, but more and more stores are starting to sell it.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

I love how my floor looks after these simple steps. They stay shiny even with muddy feet and snow covered boots. See the incredible before and after.

Looking for tips to make cleaning easier? Here’s how to professionally clean your dryer vent! It’s easy to make and will make your dryer last longer. Our house is full of old wood floors that I love. When we were faced with choosing a new floor for our kitchen renovation, it was a simple matter of matching the existing wood. Here is the story of the procurement and installation process.

I recorded an installation video and walked through the process along with some fun time lapses and a rather painful blooper! I don’t share on Instagram, so if you like my videos of me sharing information and fun project progress, you need to tune in to the video below!

Did you get the video? I love making them and I think the video captures something the text doesn’t, so I promise it’s worth a watch in addition to what I’ll share below.

A Quick Fix For A Worn Floor

To top it off, our original kitchen has spruce floors. But all the boards were eaten away by termites. The previous owner put putty on them and then I covered them with tile adhesive. When we demoed the kitchen, the termite damage was even worse underneath. The bastards eat on the ground, underground and in the horns. Saving the spruce is not in the cards. I’m a big proponent of restoring old floors, but severe termite damage cannot be restored.

I’m pretty much ready to put wood back in the kitchen. Not the most popular opinion, but I appreciate the softness of wood floors underfoot. Remember the 1914 book that referred to tile floors as “the death of China”? And it’s a wooden box!

For months I have been looking for a refinished floor similar to what we have in the rest of the house. I found lots of old maple and reclaimed pine, but not reclaimed 2″ wide x ½” thick tongue and groove and sawn white oak. And mostly nothing that is in excellent condition and available with 300 square meters of wood. It’s a pretty specific mission, and I’ve been trying to get a handle on it for over a year now, to no avail.

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

Focused on finding the right type of wood and the right size, I started looking for a new tree. The tricky thing is that most places that sell direct to consumers (big box stores, flooring centers, and home improvement websites) don’t sell exactly the same type of flooring. The biggest challenge was finding the crack and the cut wood. Here’s what I mean.

Cleaning & Restoration Services

Plain, live lumber is easy to find, but split and quartered are usually special orders. It costs more to cut wood that way, so it’s not the most versatile. But look how beautiful it is! These photos don’t do it justice, but know that cut wood is one of the most beautiful out there. He literally shines.

I can’t get my hands on this type of lumber as an owner anywhere from local lumber because I need a flooring contractor’s license. But I want to install them myself, so I don’t need a contractor. I searched and searched and finally found them online on a direct use website! is a big name and carries the perfect flooring I need: 2″x.25″ tongue and groove and quarter and grooved white oak in random lengths. Wow! The people at are super friendly, the shipping is great, and the wood is in great condition. I highly recommend them when you are looking for hard to find flooring or even easy to find flooring. They also clearly state where the floors come from – mine was milled here in the US.

The funny thing is that I ordered the floor exactly one year ago and it has been in my living room ever since. This setup is slow.

He was here before he walked. Along with the undercoat, I had to remove a million nails and realign the corner. I still roll my eyes thinking about this unnecessary work we have to put up with.

Tips To Help Prevent Scratches On Wood Floors

Moving the floorboards in a room where they had been sitting for almost a year was a big deal. They are always reminiscent of setup lags and are a bit off-putting. Moving them into the living room felt so good, I almost didn’t have to install them to feel the excitement! But, you know, I have to install these PUPs!

I teamed up with my friend to help them install them. He is an experienced carpenter/contractor who has installed many floors. He lent me his equipment, I paid for his time and bought him lunch. The plan was to just get me started and make sure I was ready, but then he just went ahead with the whole thing. I’m really grateful because it’s really better than a two-year job. One person drives the nails and the other separates the boards. You can see our collaboration well in the timelapse video.

I used this moisture protection. It is designed to prevent moisture from rising through the crawl space to the subfloor. I played with it by pouring water on it and testing how much it had to leak. I honestly can’t remember how good it was because I was anxiously waiting for it to sink in. He passed my test!

How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New

A roll is $11 and covers my 250 square foot space. It’s worth the price for peace of mind and long-term floor health.

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