How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

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How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

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How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

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Ways Mirrors Can Make Any Room Look Bigger

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How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

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Apartment Decorating Ideas To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

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Thing: The room is so tiny, tiny, it could be the size of a pair of yellow polka dot panties. And now you stop wondering if it exists

You can turn a small space into something other than filling it with equally small houseplants and hoping your friends won’t notice the square footage the next time they come over. That beautiful big L-shaped sofa you’ve had your eye on is definitely not going to work.

Well, not to brag, but I rented an apartment with rooms so small that even a bunker buster would agree it’s a little cramped. And while the lack of extra space in the living room was quite a mess, the experiences made me an ~expert~ in small room decor ideas that I’ve put together for you.

Small Living Room Ideas To Copy For Rooms Of Any Size

To make your small room feel bigger, just choose the right colors for your walls, play with the height and material of your furniture, hang some strategically placed mirrors and lamps, and your space will look just like that. Cave like Versailles. Okay, honestly, maybe comparing your rented apartment to a French palace is a little presumptuous. what is it?

It’s overkill how much space you’ll feel like you’ll have if you adopt some of these space-enhancing decorating ideas. Goodbye!

Look, I understand that having white walls can seem a little boring or expected, but trust me when I say that color will help make your space feel much lighter, brighter, and bigger. Decorators recommend choosing an eggshell or satin finish that reflects light, making the room appear larger.

How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

Lucite or glass furniture will make your eyes think that the room is more spacious than it actually is. Foolish eyes, blessed to be so easily deceived.

The 5 Go To/no Fail Living Room Layout Configuration Options To Make The Most Out Of Your Space

Like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (RIP), you want your couch to have legs. Raising it about half a foot off the ground will create the illusion of more space.

When you have limited space, you have to rely on furniture that works twice as hard. So don’t let a stool be just a stool when it can store items inside and display a nice stack of books on top!

Instead of a single coffee table, choose a set of small tables that overlap in places. (In the furniture world, they’re often referred to as “nesting” tables.) There are two reasons to buy this style: (1) the tiers give the room more depth, and (2) they’re easy to maneuver (and rearrange) in a room. small space.

Mirrors are great, and only because they allow you to see your reflection at every opportunity. A well-placed mirror reflects light and makes the room feel more open and spacious than it actually is. If you have an extra wall you’re not sure what to do with, hang a large mirror and light it up.

Use Paint To Alter A Room’s Size Or Shape

Instead of relying on table or floor lamps (these people are occupying valuable real estate that could be multi-purpose stools!), illuminate your living room exclusively with wall lamps. You don’t need to be a fancy electrician to do this, as there are plenty of options with minimal cables that you can plug into a floor outlet or power cord.

If you live in one of those apartments where the living room and kitchen are side by side, it helps to separate the space from the rest of the house. There is a *science* to choosing the right size rug for your bedroom, the concern is that if you go too small, the space will look disjointed and cluttered. The general rule of thumb is that, ideally, all of your furniture should match your carpet.

Using the shelves to make a home bar, but I definitely approve of the idea. Hanging shelves not only provide extra storage space, but also draw attention to the wall, making your room appear larger.

How To Make My Living Room Look Bigger

Look, if you’re afraid of putting something too big or too bold in a small space, I understand and I’m here, but you don’t have to worry. One or two strategically placed beautiful pieces (like this gorgeous chair shown here) will really add richness and dimension to your room.

Small Living Room Ideas (with Photos Of Inspiring Designs)

Houseplants will pull a room together – it’s just science. But why take up space on the only table in your small room when you can hang plants from the ceiling in a super cute hanging planter?! If you can’t keep a plant alive, no matter how hard you try (believe me, I’ve been there), I now let you get a fake. No one will be able to tell the difference when they’re hanging over their heads!

This is probably my favorite decorating hack of all time. If your room has a small window (again, DON’T), just hang curtains that fit the exact window size. Instead, choose a pelmet that is wider than the width of the window (long enough so that when the curtains are drawn on each side, they will cover the wall, not the window) and hang it a few inches below the ceiling. Not only will this hack draw your attention upwards, it will also make the window look much bigger than it actually is.

I understand that sometimes you’ve passed mismatched furniture around (the S.O. next to the dining table my three older brothers had before me!), but the more you stick to the same style, the less cramped it will be. I think the fourth. Choosing a color to help maintain its aesthetic throughout the room is a surefire way to do this – for example, a pair of red picture frames with red throw pillows on the sofa, etc.

In design parlance, “float”

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