How To Make Old Apartment Look Modern

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How To Make Old Apartment Look Modern

How To Make Old Apartment Look Modern

New Yorkers know this better than anyone: a small apartment is the best solution to make your space bigger and brighter. So how do you decorate a small space? Since many small rooms are narrow and dark, you can do better with limited space to give it an airy look. Think all-white modern apartment decor with textiles and little clutter.

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This can be achieved with a minimal color palette, clever window treatments and multi-purpose furniture. Some things to avoid are dark and stuffy furniture, too many decorative accessories and inadequate lighting. To achieve a simple look, you will need to leave out unnecessary items and hand-me-downs that don’t quite fit your layout.

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White walls aren’t just a trend for clean, bright spaces — they’re a designer technique for making a space feel more open. In the interior, Becca uses a bright color scheme with natural colors on the furniture, this apartment is spacious without the warmth of the earth. When it comes to choosing colors, stick to neutral palettes like brown leather, wood, and textured textures while maintaining the colorful accents included in the crafts and decor.

In this house sprucing up space, the use of simple, thin window shades brings in more light and makes the room look brighter. Say goodbye to blackout curtains and blinds for your bedroom before long: draped curtains or woven shades still provide plenty of privacy, but don’t darken your room. This is especially true for south and west windows that receive the most natural light.

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If your ceilings are low, choose a white shade of pendant light that won’t overwhelm the room. It draws the eye to enlarge the area, without creating more living space, without adding visual depth. As this light is integrated into the ceiling, the room is ventilated from top to bottom.

Another long-standing interior designer trick is the use of mirrors in small spaces. By offering natural light throughout the room, large mirrors can cleverly make your space look bigger when you’re dealing with low-light areas. In this living room, Jessica Nelson’s design features a mirror finish with a coffee table for an elegant and contemporary vibe.

In small, dark, hallways or corners of rooms that don’t see much natural light, use a full-length mirror area, which adds height to the visual space of the wall.

How To Make Old Apartment Look Modern

An overhead light source with eye level lighting such as lamps, lamps and unique table pieces. In this Upper East Side space, Bespoke Soul uses uniform spherical lighting on different levels to create visual impact. A globe lamp illuminates the dark corners of the room, while hanging pendants and a large mirror draw attention to the high ceiling.

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If your space is extremely limited, choose bright furniture that almost disappears in the room. Glass, gloss and acrylic parts all add an element of class with shiny surfaces and a glossy finish. Pair bright furniture with colorful decor and natural accents for a look that makes these smart nooks stand out against bright front walls.

Instead of hiding a good dinner behind a pre-armored door, push the hardware and open it to the upper cupboard. Open shelves make your space look bigger and give it a longer look. In this kitchen from Casa Watkins Living, natural wood replaces upper cabinets for an airy feel.

If you don’t have a dining table, use comfortable chairs to create an island seating area in the kitchen. Not only does the island allow you to fold the stool when not in use, it also adds another surface to a small kitchen with a tight space. Milk and Honey combine the island with other woods in the room to complement the white walls, create plenty of surface space and save space with the chairs.

You don’t need green grapes to bring beautiful greenery to your space. In rooms that don’t have great, pleasant views, bring the outdoors in by adding plants to your patio. If you’re not a plant parent, opt for faux plants in attractive containers for a touch of color without the ridiculous cost.

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Keep at least one small bathroom paint palette. Even if you dare to go with one tone, be sure to place other accents in the room, such as clothes, floor coverings, and vanity storage. In this Domus Nouveau bathroom, white tiled walls complement the mirror’s natural wood and dark vanity area without color.

Keep all your clothes white to make your bathroom look like a five-star hotel. It’s also useful to combine different textures for visual impact when working with white rooms, such as rugs with shiny rugs and sheer curtains. In this bathroom by Charlie Interior Design, built-in cabinets are the perfect place to display white linens hanging next to a towel rack.

In bathrooms with neutral color schemes, a touch of color in the hardware adds a touch of luxury. Use antique brass or gold accents in lighting and hardware to make the space more luxurious and edgy. Simple tones such as white walls, marble tiles and some green color work well for an elegant environment that is not busy.

How To Make Old Apartment Look Modern

If you don’t have a home office, try creating a multi-purpose dining room and office without accessories and storage. In a clever use of space in House Nine, the corner of the room can be used as a dining table or a comfortable office chair. Hanging lights and colorful pillows brighten the area, keeping it mixed-use.

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Even if you don’t have the space to dedicate your entire home to one function, there’s still a way to add color without feeling overwhelmed. If you can’t live without these bright and beautiful colors, keep your palette minimal. In this office by Mary Patton Design, monochromatic tones cleverly combine the sitter with sketchy notebooks that still feel cohesive.

If you use bold colors, keep the rest of the room as neutral as possible. It looks white with walls and furniture, carpets and dishes, or to soften the space.

Use storage wall horses to organize your books and increase the height of your space. In this home office, double bookcases in a white finish add storage solutions while creating a cool, clean vibe. Add pops of green and natural tones along the slopes to combine colors for a vibrant overall look.

Low slung beds give the appearance of high ceilings, so by choosing low furniture, your rooms automatically feel larger. The floor doesn’t lose the usual hint of style with linens and rugs, and using a large white rug against the wall feels bold. A large pendant light completes the lower level of the bed and increases the height of the ceiling.

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Layer several soft fabrics such as tiles, carpets and bedding in shades of white to create blur lines and integrity. In this room from Life Milk and Honey, mixed linens, rugs and natural wood grain combine for a dreamy farmhouse vibe. White walls match the dominant bed, while individual panels above the bed bring in color from the bed in accessories and wardrobes.

Going minimal with ambient light and green will keep your space calm, organized and functional. Rooms with simple fabrics look airy and open, and the combination of plants gives the room a modern feel. In this space from Home on Cleves Lane, pull linens and layers and neutral wood tones for a clean finish.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a space with lots of bright windows, use them as your focal point. Arrange bedroom furniture near windows for an open, airy look that doesn’t feel cramped (even if you’re working in a limited space). In this living room by Desideria Ardens Interior, a green bed in front of the floor is called a window gap, which complements the greenery and outdoor houseplants.

How To Make Old Apartment Look Modern

To save space on sideboards and other valuable surface areas in a small apartment, mount your light directly on the wall. Not only does this leave more room for plants and other decorations (goodbye, floor lamps), it also creates a bright, fresh look. In this true home space, industrial mirrors hang above the bed to brighten the room with a calm, clean atmosphere. Hey friends! Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) here today. I have lived in many small apartments and rented for many years.

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