How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern – Today I share how to make old furniture look trendy by updating the base and below Tips and links to 15 perfect DIY tutorials

Hello creative friends! To start this month, I’m going to share a fun roundup of how to make old furniture look trendy – 15 tips to update your furniture base! As I always say, if I can

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

I’ve included 15 simple ideas below in no particular order. There are links to original blog posts and step-by-step tutorials.

Easy Vintage Dresser Makeover Turned Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Colors are emotional, so the easiest way to update old furniture is with happy colors. If you choose your favorite color, you can’t go wrong. Below I have painted this day’s table in a crazy plum color. This color puts a smile on my face every time I see it!

For this console table decor, I added Leffler patterns and pops of color to update the legs and draw the eye.

One day, out of many days, I saw this Ikea dresser on the street. When I decided I was going to create a bold, high contrast design, the round legs needed an update. I changed for these hairstyles and strange stuff!

I believe the nightclub is from the 70s or 80s. They are low to the ground and look very heavy.

Mid Century Modern Decor & Style Ideas

I painted the top black and added these metal legs. These metal legs are available in black, gold and silver and give a beautiful and elegant antique furniture.

If you visited a few weeks ago, you may have seen the closet that replaced this map. This is another Ikea find with round legs. To remodel the piece, I added small wheels to make the piece easier to move and look more stylish.

This is a double whammy. I ditched the heavy bottom skirt and replaced it with slim legs. Then I painted gold on my sole to make a golden hat. Go from casual wear to a beautiful Anthropologie thank you!

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

To give these $12 new vaults a boho vibe, I tailored the bottom skirt by cutting the rounded edges straight. The skirt was not difficult to remove and gave me great practice in using the caterpillar!

How To Distress Wood & Furniture {8 Easy Techniques & Videos!}

I put these corners back (they came out of other drawers in my inventory) into this box and I think the bottom corners are more than straight legs!

I took these side tables in my local restoration. To give them a new look, I removed the old wooden legs, changed the fronts of these tables to longer ones than short ones, and added 16-inch long hairline legs. The difference is amazing. I wouldn’t even know these are the same table if you hadn’t told me that they were fixed!

Last week I reorganized this dirty application into two updated archives using the bottom corner editor. To get rid of the fishtail skirt, I drew my corners with an angle stick and a sharpie. Then, using a jigsaw, I followed the lines to create a new mini skirt profile.

Most vintage furniture is in short supply by today’s standards. If you find something you like but it looks out of style because of its size, you can add a few inches by adding a foot.

How To Distress Furniture In 6 Easy Steps

. This vault was custom built for clients in 2015. The extra feet make the entire vault 4 inches and give it a more modern look. Here’s an easy way to add legs to your furniture.

I love this look. Paint antique furniture on top, but leave the beauty of natural wood! It gives your antique furniture a new look while showcasing its craftsmanship in a new way.

And this is another version of the above. If your artwork has a flawless finish and beautiful blemishes, why not paint the top and leave the bottom to reveal the rich blemishes. That’s what I did with the cabinet this fall. I also added some gum, so some of the black spots were visible and tied the whole knot.

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

Painting or staining is a fun way to update your furniture basics. This sewing machine cabinet has beautiful long legs that I left bare.

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To add a fresh new look, I painted the legs the same color as the top. It reduces weight and adds interest to those beautiful long legs – like little ballet dancer shoes!

I always like to call them bun feet…lol, but whatever you call them, they can make a big difference to your old furniture. Come and see how the dressed up animal approaches! Add a bun to take this outfit off the ground for a more modern look!

I hope you enjoyed today’s update and that it gave you some ideas on how to update your old furniture!

Let me know what you think of these ideas or feel free to ask any questions you may have… I always love hearing from you. You made my day! 🙂

Easy Ways To Reuse Furniture Into Your New Space

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When it comes to furniture over the years, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty – but within limits.

Jordan created when I like painting works. You know I’m always looking to refurbish old furniture. I enjoyed it and the house looks a little less cookie-cutter. And on a budget! How could he not agree? ?

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

And I’m here to say that if you’re busy, no mom can clean old furniture!

How To Turn A Vintage Dresser Into A Bathroom Vanity

The next time you see something cool on Facebook Market, a buy/sell group, or even something you want to do in your home, I’d like to share 8 ways you can update your furniture Ho!

And it’s all very easy. They will force you to use your time and muscle power, but that’s about it.

If you are a tree lover, this may be the best option. If your furniture is not real wood or made of particle board, ignore it. For our makeup buffet, I removed everything using this color.

Once you have removed all of your knots, use a natural wax to bring it back to its best days. I really like using wax because it not only protects the wood but also brings out its skin.

Furniture Restoration Service

Jordan can see, but I like to draw everything I can get my hands on. My paint is always Fusion Mineral. It gets you started as I have a project that looks great. I used FMP for the bottom of my favorite makeup buffet in midnight blue.

You can read all about my review of Fusion Mineral Paint above and also check out Fusion Neutral 13 if you’re debating between colors!

While we have a favorite stain, we know it can vary greatly on different trees. To overcome this, we will color our pieces with 2 different colors so that we are very interested.

How To Make Old Furniture Look Modern

You can choose to buy your stains from any big box retailer or you can make them yourself! I have never made my own recipe, but you can find many good ideas here.

Paint Stripper For Wood Furniture With This Easy Tip

Painting a piece of furniture vs. Painting a piece of furniture is definitely a personal preference! You can find a warm and modern color of dirt as you can with classic white or bright colors like yellow.

This is the easiest way for you to create something custom and you can do it in a weekend!

Download your furniture shopping list here! You can track supplies and plan your steps all in one place!

If you’ve had a cyst removed or can use a new wax, consider adding black wax. First, clean your knuckles and follow the directions for your wax.

Ways To Transform Your Old Furniture

When I painted a buffet a few years ago, I painted it with Espresso Wax from Homestead House. This makes the whole thing look a bit dark and imperfect. I wiped off every bit of melted wax and wiped it off. I left a bit of wax so it would ‘distort’ naturally.

You may already have a favorite cleaner, but I like to use Simple Green for most outdoor/non-wood furniture. Lauren from Blaser House shows impressive results when she cleanses

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