How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern

How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern – Anything can inspire furniture changes – for example, a bold color or favorite wallpaper. But sometimes the icing on the cake can be the beginning of a complete overhaul. After seeing a number of very inspiring influences and knots, we were so inspired that we used them to create a full chest shape for the pleated dresses. From the mid-century knob to the Victorian pull, these pieces of hardware have such unique styles that it’s easy to let them announce a complete change.

In fact, you can use any furniture to recreate the look shown on this page, although solid wood offers more flexibility for adding spots and color skirts than MDF. But whatever your screen may be, the look here is so inspiring that it’s hard to believe its roots began in something so small.

How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern

How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern

The shiny bronze fish shaped like a thin cone recall the days of Mad Men and Sputnik. To match the look, we finished the frame with walnut – a medieval classic – and added solid legs. The olive colored paint on the containers makes a beautiful contrast.

Make Old Furniture Look New

Featured: Deltana cone cabinets in brass, about $6 each; 6-inch white legs, about $10 each; Minwax Dark Walnut stain, about $9; Home depot. Dutch boy ship

The stylish Jazz Age bin pulls on the black finish are highlighted with a teal colored top coat. The gray stripes on the black bands show off the signature metal details and add dimension to the chest plate and upper edge.

Featured: Art Deco solid cast iron canister pulls, about $10 each; LookInThe Attic & Company. Glidden’s Hawaiian Teal is

The wooden beams on the chest inspired this beautiful twist. Pushing the front panel forward allowed the jigsaw to form the shape of the front apron. Nose and hole fastening on the front of the cabinet and a solid crown molding complete the look. For a shiny patina, we painted everything a light yellow before adding a soft blue; Then we sand the spots to reveal the color of the floor.

Reasons And 28 Examples To Use Vintage Dressers In Your Interior

Shown: Wooden shelves, combined with an IKEA Rast chest; IKEA. A solid crown is a nose and hole punch, which can be found at most hardware stores. Jolie Blonde at Maison Blanche and Creme De Menthe at Maison Blanche.

A small influence calls for dramatic embellishments, such as a tray top wrapped in a solid crown and a curved front apron created by moving a curved plate forward. Jet black paint gives way to a variety of color details, including painted butter yellow faux panels and floral motifs that lead the way front and center.

Driving pulls and tightens the very small chest of the driver, which was inspired by the revival of passenger seats of the 1970s. By pushing the plate in front of the dresser and widening its edges with thin straps on the edge of the shelf, a comfortable box-like space they are designed to decorate the corner of the copper – after a very bright coating, that is.

How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern

Get the latest in Old House news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts – straight to your inbox. My wife and I have collected many things from various garage sales/throwbacks that have breathed new life into our home. We have had fun decorating and making it feel like home. We have strongly embraced the classic yet modern look.

Diy Painted Mid Century Modern Dresser: Farmhouse Style

Among the furniture we already have, we have a picture box that is 15+ years old and needs to be replaced.

As you can see, it was not the best thing in the world. Here’s what we did to turn chairs we didn’t like into ones we liked:

We went to Menards and picked out the paint color we liked. We wanted white. Not pure white, but more of an old white. We also found new tools that we love. When all was said and done, we spent about $40 on materials for this project.

The first thing we had to do was remove all the containers and put the container chest on the tarmac.

Before And After Dresser Redos

Then we removed all the old tools from the drawers. The chest of drawers was dirty many years ago, so we needed to clean the marks left by the old cloth.

Then we added the first coat of paint, starting with the chest of drawers, then going to the containers… Anyway, if you’re wondering, here everything was done on the Mumford And Sons station on Pandora. We love that station!

We waited a few hours and added a second coat of paint. This was the end of the first day of the project. Looks great so far!

How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern

To keep the rustic look, we decided to sandpaper and sand the edges of the chest of drawers. This may sound intimidating to some people, especially with a tough paint job, but you can’t go wrong with this! It all just adds to the look!

Colorful Painted Furniture Ideas • Craving Some Creativity

Ta-da! We are very happy with how the dresser turned out. Now we are used to painting and refinishing furniture! I have to say, it’s a lot more fun than buying new furniture, and living in a bag! I will post any other projects we do in the future!

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So you have an old chest of drawers, which is either a piece that you love and treasure, or it’s a nice piece of furniture that you don’t want to throw away. And why would you? It doesn’t look very good, but you can easily fix it. How can I not know? Check out these DIY projects for inspiration.

One of the easiest things you can do is paint or refinish the dresser. A few extras, like choosing a new color or combining colors, can make your project stand out from the rest. The black and white combination seen here is timeless, going well with the classic design of the piece. Use masking tape to clean up the lines.

Boho Dresser Makeover

But paint is not your only option. Other options can be very interesting. A good example can be found at littleredwindow. The cloth-covered chest seen here looks unusual. Check out the instructions to see how to copy the design of your furniture. Choose a fabric of a color or pattern that you think goes well with the chest of drawers, and with the decoration of the room.

Sometimes the goal is not to hide the age of the furniture to change it and make it look modern, but to embrace the current look and feel while doing so. Check out this project on Thedempsterlogbook for an unusual example. This old dresser has been given a makeover with gold leaf.

On the other hand, if you start with a chest of dresses that are not old, but simple and easy, the method is different. In that case, you just want the piece to look as natural as possible, and this can be done by using paint, new hardware, and other accessories. You can also raise the chest of drawers on the floor if you think that the new look will fit well. .

How To Make Old Dresser Look Modern

Yes, sometimes changing color is your best option. It can significantly change the appearance of the chest of vessels. In addition, if you put a cabinet with them, the change will be interesting and pleasant. Check out Thesweetestdings for an example of how such a project can be used.

How To Makeover Old Furniture

If you choose to paint the dress in one color, why not use a different color instead? Black and white is classic. They go very well together and you can use the two versions to create a variety of amazing and beautiful colors, as shown on Thesweetestoccasion. You can paint the entire dress the same color and use tape to create the image you want. Install the second color and remove the tape.

If you are starting with an unfinished garment, you can use masking tape to create a simple design that you can define well with paint. The black paint used in this project found on Hellolidy gives the piece a classic look. As you can see, the designs don’t have to be too complicated to look interesting.

Or you can just leave a clean and simple outfit like the all white one we found on Sugarandcloth. A chest of drawers is simple and can easily look beautiful in different settings and occasions. But there is no small thing that makes this appear. The detail, it turns out, was the lack of a tow bar. The newly added content completes the build.

But what if you could change the look of your outfit whenever you want

White And Modern Wood Dresser (two Toned) Makeover

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