How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern – Timothy Corrigan’s beautiful kitchen featured below on Architectural Digest inspired me to share about the patterns in fine wood floors.

The floors reflect the luxury and grandeur of Versailles. Developed in 16th century France to replace marble floors, they were labor intensive. Each piece was cut and fitted by hand, nailed to the base, scraped, then varnished.

How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

It was so expensive that only the rich and royalty could afford it. Today, wooden floors are used in both traditional and modern homes.

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The term parquet refers to angular and geometric wooden floors. Some floors made of this wood look like works of art!

The most famous example of a parquet floor is the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ at Versailles. When King Louis XIV installed this extravagant floor at Versailles – he was furious! Fashion is a broad trend.

Ever heard of the Boston Celtics? They have played on a wooden floor at Boston Garden since the inception of their franchise. He won 16 world championships! It’s so popular that the original floor was saved and installed when they rebuilt the park! Eventually, the floor wore out and a copy of the old floor was replaced. Fans were allowed to buy pieces of the old floor!

There are many models of panels that make up a luxury hardwood floor. Each model is based on specific historical examples. The three most popular are:

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The model takes its name from Castle d’Ormberg in Belgium. It is named after the family that ruled the western European country from the 17th century until the First World War.

This is an example of an Armberg panel model created by Atelier des Grange for a library in Paris.

Imagination is the limit for these wooden floor designs! Place them wall to wall to create an easy flow. Or, throw in a border or add a different type of wood texture or finish for an elevated look.

How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

Discover your inner artist! Wood floors give you the freedom to express your identity. This design is created by the contrast of colorful types of wood.

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Thomas Jefferson popularized Monticello in the United States when he was inspired by this parquet pattern on a visit to France in 1760. He liked it so much, he named his mansion Virginia Montecillo and used a parquet pattern for his floors.

This is a summary of the Monticello parquet floor pattern designed for Monticello by Thomas Jefferson, circa 1803. This original sketch is in the Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Pattern – As shown below in oak, a wood commonly used in hardwood flooring. It adds depth to this beautiful room. The floor stands as a combination of individual and unique pieces of wood.

Here is a summary of the traditional Parquet de Chantilly pattern in walnut. This floor has a lot of movement and relationships provide character.

Parquetry Flooring Melbourne

A beautiful example of a herringbone wood floor pattern executed by the Atelier des Grange in Paris. Herringbone planks are slightly warped.

Modern homes choose non-traditional wood tones such as grey, white and black. Here you can see the herringbone parquet floor in white and it makes the room look polished and elegant.

Chevron panels form a perfect point like an arrow. This floor seems to suggest windows!

How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

This entrance has a parquet floor with an intricate design. A mosaic of beautifully crafted shapes with different repeating patterns.

Parquet Skirting: A Finishing

This is another entrance with a wooden floor. It has a free-flowing parquet floor (wow – that’s a mouthful!) which is absolutely gorgeous.

What could be kinder and more beautiful dancing with the sunlight than a polished hardwood floor like the one above?

Photo credit: || || || || || ||, Better Homes & Gardens, Architecture Diez, Greg Hume, Studio S Squared, Elad Gonen Photography, Creative, Connor Sports This was my dream before we moved into our current home. . In 2010, when we moved into our previous home, one of the first projects we undertook was installing new pine floors in our living room. At the time, I liked the look of dark colored floors so we did that. Fast forward a few years after that and I realized that I put a stick in my back because I wanted the floors to be consistent throughout the house and every floor we did after that was dark stained pine. Crap floors.

Don’t get me wrong – it was good. After a few years I changed my mind but since I didn’t want different floors in different rooms, I kept doing it until we moved out. In fact, the last area we did was the hallway and bedroom. Again, in dark pine. I swore to myself that if given the chance again, I’d go with something less trendy and more classic. I loved the look of the wood and knew I wouldn’t accept anything less when we finally moved into our next – and forever – home.

Types Of Wood Flooring

When we viewed this property, the first thing I noticed upon walking in the door was the beautiful original parquet along the hallway. I already knew this house was ‘The One’ but this kind of sealed the deal for me. And although I hoped at the time that more parquets were hidden under the carpets in the other rooms, unfortunately that was not the case. Still, I tasted it and wanted more!

So all of this ultimately says that having these floors in my home is too small. After years of installing different types of flooring — from pine to tiles to slate — it’s time to graduate to installing wood. I had a lot of confidence in Wayne’s abilities, but this could be a new challenge. I knew professional installers would charge big fees to install parquet but after watching various YouTube videos and familiarizing myself with the process, it seemed pretty easy in our wheelhouse. And really, I think any competent DIYer can do it.

After much research, I chose engineered flooring because I wanted something hard wearing that was suitable for use in the kitchen. It is slightly more durable than solid wood, it does not react to heat or moisture in the same way as real wood, which means it is suitable for use in the kitchen. And within the structural layers of engineered flooring is a 4mm layer of real wood, meaning it is indistinguishable from a solid wood floor and can be sanded as often as needed. After discussing with my contractor, we decided to skip the underfloor heating but it could easily have been used with this product.

How To Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

Now there are many different types of parquet floors so I can only share what we did with what we had. I am working on this project with Luxury Flooring who provided engineered wood flooring at a discount in exchange for sharing our project with you. The style I chose was 70mm X 350mm Herringbone Engineered Oak Engineered Wood Flooring which is 11mm thick in total including a 4mm layer of wood oak. I chose this particular size because it most closely matches the size of the original parquet in our adjacent hallway.

What You Should Know About Parquet Wood Flooring

Luxury Flooring offers a 25 year guarantee on our floors. It’s better than many high-end flooring manufacturers I’ve seen and – considering the cost is half the price – the quality is easily comparable. They have great reviews on TrustPilot and provide excellent customer service. To be honest, I had already decided that I was going to buy their product so when they offered to work together on this, it wasn’t a very good thing!

**Update September 2020 – After a year, I wanted to give you a little update on what I thought we could improve on so you’ll see these starred notes in my post!* *

We opted for a fairly basic 2mm acoustic foam underlay but also bought separate fiberboard to lay on top – I’ll get to the reason for this in a second! Depending on your needs, the Luxury Flooring website has a wide variety of underlays (with a huge selection of flooring options), so check out the website or contact them for the best advice specific to your needs. It’s important to talk. A representative. Subflooring We started with a concrete subfloor in the extension part of the space and real wood floors in the dining room.

Fortunately, since our contractor installed concrete floors in the kitchen, we knew that

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