How To Make Text Bigger On Mac

How To Make Text Bigger On Mac – While there’s a sort of unofficial standard for text size for web pages, you’ll run into one or two that use a very small font. Even if you don’t, you may have trouble seeing text clearly on pages.

What you may not know is that with a simple setting, you can always view the text on pages in Safari at a larger size. Here’s how to do it on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How To Make Text Bigger On Mac

How To Make Text Bigger On Mac

The easiest way to change the font size in Safari on iPhone or iPad is to use the View menu button above. Although this change only applies to the site you visit, the setting will be remembered every time you visit that domain, even if you close the tab and reopen it.

Mac Aesthetic Desktop

To permanently change the font size of a web page in Safari on iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

Remember, you can also use ViewReader and adjust per-site settings for Safari on iOS.

Most people don’t take the time to explore the accessibility options on their device unless they really need to. But some interesting features can make your device experience even better. This is one of them.

Want to change the font size for Safari? Let us know if this is a setting you’ll change on your Mac, or if you only plan to do it on your iPhone or iPad. OS X Finder. This is especially useful if you find that the default text size of Finder fonts is small and difficult to read when navigating the Mac file system, where adding a font size makes a noticeable difference in readability, but can be used in the other direction as well. text size of finder items, so it fits more items on the screen in a list view. It’s up to you to change the text to a larger or smaller size.

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For reference, the default text size for finder elements is 12, and the user options to change the finder text size are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or the largest font size is 16. Changing only the text size has no effect on the icon size, which can be resized separately.

In the example shown here, we change the font size of the finder items displayed in list view, but it works the same in icon view, list view, column view, and shell flow.

Assuming you’ve selected “Use as default”, a new Finder window opened in that particular view mode in a file system (list, image, column) will now always appear in that font size.

How To Make Text Bigger On Mac

If you haven’t selected “Use as default”, only that specific folder in the Finder will show the new font size change.

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For reference, here’s what the 12 default font sizes look like in the Mac OS X file system, as shown in the Preferences window:

This is what 16 large text sizes look like in the same Finder window, with the text noticeably larger and more legible:

This animated GIF shows how much difference 12 text size versus 16 text size can make for reading file and folder names in the Finder, alternating between the two:

Going even further, you can also increase the size of Mac icons on the desktop and Finder windows, as well as resize the Finder sidebar text in Mac OS X to better serve your preferences.

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Get our best tips, tricks and important Apple news delivered to your inbox with our newsletter. Granted, some users may want the system font size to be larger, while others may want the Mac system text size to be smaller. It turns out that Mac OS may not offer a direct way to change system-wide fonts, but instead, Mac users can adjust their screens to increase or decrease the system font size, that being on-screen text and all. The screen too.

To change the system text size in this way, we will change the resolution of the Mac’s display screen. In some cases, this may mean working with a non-native scaled resolution that looks better on a retina display. There is a trade-off with this approach, as you lose or gain screen real estate (space for windows and objects on the screen) to increase or decrease the size of text and interface elements. The example images below will help demonstrate this, but it’s best to experience it for yourself on a Mac and screen.

Using a different display resolution increases the size of all fonts and interface elements on the screen, this is slightly different for retina displays and non-retina displays, we’ll cover both:

How To Make Text Bigger On Mac

The “Large Text” option for Retina displays is the same as for non-Retina displays at 1024×768 and will dramatically increase the size of on-screen text and interface elements for most MacBook laptops, such as the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Like the iMac and other high resolution displays. Setting the screen resolution to 1024×768 or larger on a non-retina display will also dramatically increase the size of on-screen fonts and interface elements.

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The animated GIF below shows the four Retina settings, with the large text showing the first and largest of the group.

The large text display resolution option is great for users who have trouble reading or interacting with MacBook Pro and iMac displays, but it’s also useful when using your Mac as a TV. The screen is closed and viewed remotely. . Elements and interactions will be larger and easier to read at larger sizes.

Other dimensions, such as “More Space”, allow for more screen real estate at the expense of smaller fonts and interactive interface elements. This trade is very user dependent.

You’ll need to use different resolutions on individual Macs to get the best possible idea of ​​how things will look on individual screens, but the images below give you a general idea of ​​what they’ll look like. Large or small on the screen. As you can see, font and text sizes, as well as everything else on the screen, including buttons, icons, windows, menu bars, title bars, literally everything on the screen, change size and are affected by size. It was decided as follows:

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On Macs with secondary displays or external displays, you can show all possible display resolutions for the external display to reveal other display resolutions that may be hidden by Mac OS X default options.

Some may consider this work, but other than setting font sizes individually in different applications, this is the only way to globally affect text and all-screen font sizes on a Mac. Maybe Apple will implement large text size and font size control in future versions of Mac OS X, but in the meantime, adjusting the screen resolution is the only way to change it globally.

We’ve shown you how to change text and font sizes in other Mac apps, but if you want to adjust individual app font sizes, the following articles may be helpful to improve readability:

How To Make Text Bigger On Mac

There are similar options for iOS devices, but we’re focusing on Macs here. If you’re interested in aligning text elements on your iPhone or iPad, use our search bar to find tutorials for individual apps.

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Get our best tips, tricks and important Apple news delivered to your inbox with our newsletter. In this article, we explain how you can change the font size on your Mac to big red to make it easier to read the text on your screen. . You can easily increase or decrease the size of the text on your screen in just a few steps. There are several different ways to do this. For example, if you just want to change the font size in the menu bar, there is a way to do that.

You can use your Mac’s accessibility features to adjust the menu bar’s text size. You can enlarge it. Here it is:

“The menu bar font size change needs to be clicked to take effect. Do you want to sign in now?” Now Log out and log in again and your menu bar will be resized.

In Mail, go to Mail > Preferences and click the Fonts & Colors tab, click Options (next to Message Font). This will open the font window. You can change the size and type.

How To Change The Text Size In Macos • Macreports

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