How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell

How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell – Smelly feet (bromhidrosis) and sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis) can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. Fortunately, these problems can usually be treated effectively. On this page, we’ll provide some proven self-treatment options. Try it for four weeks. If that doesn’t work, be sure to book an appointment at our Seattle Foot Clinic or visit your local podiatrist. There are prescription medications and other treatment options that are very helpful for those who do not respond to the following home remedies.

The odor associated with sweaty feet is caused by the growth of bacteria and fungi that thrive in the moist environment inside the shoe. Our treatment is aimed at keeping feet dry and fighting the growth of fungus and bacteria. Finally, we want to use deodorant to prevent bad odors.

How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell

How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell

At the bottom of this page you will find home remedies for sweaty feet. These home remedies work well for mild cases, but are generally not effective for moderate to severe hyperhidrosis (sweating) of the feet. Patients with more intense sweating should schedule an appointment with us at our Seattle clinic to review treatment options. These options include:

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1. Over-the-counter antiperspirants for feet: Kleinert’s antiperspirant for dry feet is the best over-the-counter antiperspirant we’ve found for feet. Contains 15% aluminum chloride, which is stronger than what is used for weapons. We recommend trying it once a day for about three weeks. If you don’t see any improvement, consult us or consult another podiatrist.

2. Strong prescription antiperspirants – There are many prescription antiperspirants that are stronger than over-the-counter antiperspirants. They contain more than 20% aluminum chloride as the active ingredient. If the antiperspirant for dry feet above does not provide relief in three weeks, visit us for an evaluation and possibly a prescription. These antiperspirants are specially designed for the feet. They are often our first line treatment for moderate to severe plantar hyperhidrosis.

3. Iontophoresis for sweaty feet: Our second line of treatment for sweaty feet is “Iontophoresis with tap water”. The treatment of sweaty feet with iontophoresis has been used for over 60 years, is safe and has a high success rate: most studies show over 80%. In this treatment, each of your feet is placed in a separate container filled with tap water. These containers are connected to a galvanic direct current unit which sends a current to the water. It is important that the treatment is carried out for 10-20 minutes two or three times a week.

It’s not fully understood how it works, but it’s thought that the minerals in the water and the electric current itself work to thicken the outer layer of the skin, which prevents sweating. .

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If we determine that iontophoresis would be an appropriate treatment for you, you will need a prescription to purchase a galvanic iontophoresis unit and we will write it to you. Units are $675 or $975. The less expensive units require some adjustment during treatment, while the more expensive units require no adjustment (people who wear the units for their hands need units without any adjustment because they are adjustable). You cannot use your hands (feet or unit will work).

They are FDA-approved to treat hyperhidrosis and are sometimes covered by insurance. You will buy the device directly from the manufacturer and will have to bill your insurance. We cannot charge it for you, but we will provide the following to help you get covered.

To determine if your insurance will cover the unit, you can contact them and ask if they will cover the iontophoresis unit (code E1399) for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (code 705.21). Your insurance company may require one or more of the following codes to determine coverage or process a claim:

How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell

4. Botox injections: Botox injections can do a lot to get rid of sweaty feet. Unfortunately, the treatment is very expensive. Botox can cost around $1000 for a single treatment and the treatment lasts only 3-4 months. They also require multiple injections into the sole of the foot and can be painful. For these reasons, we do not take this step, but if you come to see us, we can surely inform you about it.

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5. Sympathectomy surgery; A procedure called a sympathectomy may be performed. In this procedure, a thoracic surgeon attempts to perform nerve surgery that disrupts the signal between the spine and the sweat glands. This surgery has not been shown to work well on the feet; it is most commonly used for hand sweating. Also, it has serious potential side effects and should only be considered as a last resort. We do not perform this surgery, but we can refer you to a plastic surgeon if it is something you wish to investigate further.

For less sweaty feet or nails, you can try our 7-step plan to treat sweaty nails and feet. For best results, follow this plan religiously for four weeks. If you are not 100% better, book an appointment at our Seattle Foot Clinic. Below are links to products that we regularly offer to our patients and have proven to be effective. We may receive a small commission for items purchased through these links.

If the above treatments do not provide relief within three weeks, make an appointment to see us at our Seattle office. If it doesn’t go away, you might have something other than athlete’s foot or need prescription medication. We will diagnose your problem and provide you with the appropriate treatment.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. This commission is at no additional cost to you. Please understand that we have experience with all of these products and recommend them to our patients, friends and family. We recommend them because they are useful and efficient, not because of the small commissions if you decide to buy something. Don’t spend money on these products unless you feel you need them or they will help you achieve your goals.

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How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell

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How To Make Ur Feet Not Smell

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This article was co-edited by Catherine Cheung, DPM. Dr. Katherine Cheung is a board-certified podiatrist based in San Francisco, California. Dr. Cheung specializes in all aspects of foot and ankle care, including complex rehabilitation. Dr. Cheung is affiliated with Brown and

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