How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern – Paint your oak products! From lighting, cabinet hardware, appliances and more, it’s easy to create a fresh, modern kitchen with oak products!

If you’re not ready for a renovation or painting your cabinets isn’t an option, you’ll love my ideas for working with what you need to create a modern kitchen day using oak. I promise, it can be done!

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

Kitchen with them! In both cases, for different reasons, I decided to accept what I had and get a modern kitchen without painting the cabinets.

How To Build Cabinets

Of course, I am not against paintings. In our colonial, we painted light, dark cabinetry white to make it light and airy. Before and after pictures of the construction budget can be found here.

Now in our house, we choose the most beautiful paint! Sweet kitchens are warm and welcoming – everything I need.

However, we lived with wooden products for many years before we innovated with this simple touch. We saved and are ready to renovate, but updating the oak products makes the space more comfortable in the meantime.

This post contains ideas and pictures of two different oak kitchens. Our lake house kitchen and st. LOUIS ORIGINAL OAK! My step-by-step update process is detailed for both kitchens, so keep reading!

How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern?

I will walk you through the simple steps I use. This step is run twice in two different kitchens. I think you might be interested in seeing the same work in two separate places.

First up, the Lake House kitchen! When I bought the lake house, I told myself I didn’t need to redecorate one more time. Let’s relax, enjoy the lake and eat delicious food.

After winter and spring I was ready to freshen it up a bit. We wanted to keep it fresh without doing major repairs, painting the oak pieces, or spending a lot of money.

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

This is what the kitchen looked like when we first bought the lake house. It has good lighting and sturdy shelves, but feels heavy and dark with busy graphics and dated lighting.

Tips And Ideas: How To Update Oak Or Wood Cabinets: Paint, Stain And More

I started by finding my inspiration – a guide to help me make design decisions along the way. I know that a few simple changes can make a huge impact in this space.

After visiting Chicago for work, I was inspired by the water surrounding the city, the history of Chicago, and the details of the old buildings. I would like to incorporate some of these elements into our kitchen design.

The first step in creating a modern kitchen with oak products is to find existing features that you can work with. It’s easy to think that a kitchen needs finishing touches to modernize it, but most spaces already have a few elements working in its favor!

When we moved into our lake house, we immediately decluttered the kitchen, removing wall hangings and ivy. He suddenly felt bigger and brighter than his natural glow.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint

I love the unexpected details the designer put on the side of the kitchen window and sink. We were lucky enough to work with the same centerpieces, cabinets and backsplash as the Delta Lounge.

What advantages does your kitchen have? It can have good lighting, neutral floors and worktops or beautiful built-in cabinets. Even simple tiles can be painted easily or won’t break the budget for a fresh, clean look.

At the beginning of the process, we remove the wallpaper and paint the walls so that the space looks light, bright and open. Painting your walls is always a good idea to freshen up the space. Fresh color makes everything clean and fresh!

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

No matter what your wall color is, painting it white will make it look nice and bright. Painting your walls and trim the same color is a great way to make your space feel bigger and brighter.

How To Update Oak Or Wood Cabinets Without A Drop Of Paint (part 2)

The most important part of painting your walls is choosing the right color – one that complements your oak furniture. Warm-toned colors like cream, beige, and warm green will tone down the orange in the oak. Cool colors like gray, blue or purple can make orange stand out.

Learn how to choose kitchen colors with oak products here. Here’s the white kitchen in our Kansas City home.

Regularly changing equipment over a long period of time will keep the place looking modern. After all, hardware and furniture are like kitchen jewelry!

Look for warm metals like copper, copper, gold, and brass. They will look wonderful against the warmth of your oak. Cold metals such as chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel are fine, but they can chip a little. They are usually not rich or polished against the wood tones of the counter.

Sleek And Sophisticated Modern Kitchen Trend

In the pool kitchen, we replaced the old faucet aDeltafaucetin a beautiful champagne bronze. Of all the changes we made, this one had the biggest impact.

While the original faucet looked dated, the new one looked fresh and beautiful. It reminds me of the timeless fence at the entrance to the Chicago Cultural Center and the carriage we used one day – how the fence and the oak work together.

We repurposed the appliances we use in our kitchen. Louis So now it looks classic and modern. They are gold brass.

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

The pull is added without competing with the new gold champagne faucet, allowing its design to become the main focus of the kitchen. The cabinet makes my oak furniture look timeless.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 2023

For more hardware ideas, see how I’m using unvarnished brass hardware in my current kitchen. Brass is a great way to create a modern kitchen with oak products.

When thinking about changing your hardware, make sure you read my guide to installing furniture – it’s got everything you need to know to get it right.

Don’t leave your lighting! Your lighting affects the overall tone of your kitchen.

In the pool house, I couldn’t resist adding a rattan lamp after admiring the themed lunch while in Chicago. Its large size makes a difference above the kitchen window and gives the previous kitchen a more elegant and modern look.

Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With Dark Cabinets

Rattan gives a beautiful and warm look. In other rooms, it’s easy to use rugs, pillows, and fabrics to bring color and texture. In the kitchen, the options can be a little limited, so I love adding another layer of texture through lighting.

With all the other details in place, it’s time for the best part – the decor! A few beautiful places are enough to make your oak products fresh and new.

I placed a striped cloth under the sink to the blue lines on the horizon across the waters of Lake Michigan. As a bonus, it has real ceramic tile accents.

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

The kitchen is a great place to entertain with a rug. Most kitchen rugs are short, so trying something different isn’t a huge investment.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Indoor rugs work well because they are easy to clean and maintain. Or a vintage Turkish rug can add charm and warmth to any space. Whatever you choose, get all my top tips for buying a rug!

To accentuate the old oak and porcelain sink, I added a napkin in a beautiful scallop pattern. It reminds me of the ceiling that adorns the facade of the Chicago Cultural Center.

A few years ago, I decided to make a simple and inexpensive change to help me love our kitchen a little more. We were saving it for renovation so I didn’t want to paint the wood.

This kitchen update comes from design inspiration, just like the inspiration I found on my trip to Chicago to update our kitchen sink! This is Martha’s original Turkey Hill kitchen, warm and full of oak tones and lots of copper finishes.

Top Five Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors In 2022

I love all the warm copper accents and textures in her kitchen. It’s classic, warm and inviting – exactly what I want my kitchen to be.

First, I looked at what I already had. The wall color makes the kitchen look small and dark, but I know it’s an easy fix. It has a nice layout, especially with the island. Also, the cabinets are nice, the cabinets and backsplash are neutral.

With a few simple changes, I know I can take this kitchen from sad to bright and happy. A modern kitchen with oak cabinets is just a few simple steps away.

How To Make Wood Cabinets Look Modern

I chose a soft, creamy white for the walls and sofas. The room immediately feels larger, lighter and more spacious

The 5 Elements Of A Mid Century Modern Kitchen

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