How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

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Painting stained decorations and varnishing wooden decorations is very efficient, but the sequence takes some time. It is “mandatory” to remove the gloss and use a quality primer. Doing it yourself will probably save you hundreds of oysters.

How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

If you have stained or varnished wood or cabinetry in your home, your real estate agent probably suggested (very strongly) that you paint any stained wood, including the doors. Good financial choice. Smart brokers. Fortunately, painting stained glass isn’t brain surgery, and below are some time-saving tips.

Before And After Paint Original Trim White Benjamin Moore White Dove

The main tool you need to use for going through a lot of trim/cabinets is the DeWalt router shown here. It’s really fast and works with any card (at a really low price here).

I have collected all the tools you need for any painting on one page: I use them and they are not that expensive.

For this crucial step, Prime Lock Plus by Benjamin Moore. Please read carefully our explanation of the process below. Have you ever seen paint peeling off when you press your nails?

There are three basic steps, all of which take time, but we provide a few tips and some energy options: Painting stained trim is not rocket science.

Baseboard Trim: To Paint Or Not To Paint

Painters are well paid to paint white oak trim or any wood trim. But they charge a lot because it takes time:

Any varnish (even satin, etc.). We are asked how to remove paint from wood paneling, and we have a post on removing paint, but anyway, if you want to paint after that, you have to go down to step #2 here.

Cleaning the shine can be wiping or sanding, sanding and more sanding (painting stained wood without sanding). The main weapon for this is sandpaper, and you will also need a ‘contractor’s sleeve’ if you are doing it at home (best deals in the link below).

How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

One sheet of sandpaper will get you through about one door and several window frames. We use 150 grit paper (shown here), but even 220 grit (much finer) will scrape off the gloss well enough. These links are really good prices for 20-25 sheet sleeves. Smooth sanding? Use 150 and repeat with 220.

Paint Colors For Your Walls That Will Complement Natural Wood Trim

Go through a lot of trim/cabinets with the DeWalt Goose shown here. Save your wrists for guitar practice. Works with any circular hook and loop paper. Nice.

Shortcut: liquid sandpaper: wipe it off and remove the shine. It’s really quite nasty – very toxic – but it has the great advantage that no sanding dust, less work and it’s very fast. You can paint immediately after use. This is how you can paint over oil based paint without sanding. Drawing on stained wood without sanding. Great when you can’t vacuum the house. But the compromise stinks.

More about it: There is a competing ‘green’ product called Krud Kutter, but I haven’t used it and the reviews are mixed. I use liquid sandpaper. Liquid sandpaper (company website) is the most disgusting, but do not let it … you can not … touch your skin! You really need to wear these good cheap chemical gloves and a respirator (we’ve simplified the complex filter system). Liquid cleaners are so toxic: you need very good ventilation and you really have to wear a respirator even outside!

The main event: you must use the best primer on the market: this will ensure that the stain does not come through your paint (which is the case with non-stain blocking primers). When painting on varnish you need adhesion, and when painting colored panels you need stain blocking power.

Window Trim Ideas To Fit Any Design — Sugar & Cloth

Wood knots and stains like water stains will seep through every coat of regular paint and low strength primer.

You can’t afford to miss this place. As we mentioned before, Benjamin Moore’s Prime Lock Plus is a must (also mentioned above). It is oil based, but dries quickly. If you use a primer without the full strength you need, you will have spots that will bleed. Take a brush that you don’t clean when you’re done: it’s a mess. Everything you may need is gathered on this page.

The best and first choice for painting wood trim should always be an oil based stain blocking primer. Yes, we will put latex paint later.

How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

Why not go with things on sale or cheap? Again, the connection. If you use a primer that can’t bond your finished wood to the finish, the paint will chip easily and you’ll have to peel it all off and start over. Ouch. big

The Best White Trim Paint For Doors, Windows, And Baseboards

* Be sure to avoid disaster: we need to block stains with a powerful stain-blocking primer, not just any old can called “primer.” If you don’t have enough stain blocking power in your primer, the stain will bleed through every coat of paint you apply. We have a full explanation of stain-blocking primers, with our #1 pick at the top of this post.

People go wild: “You’re so fast.” what We have a secret. It’s the rollers. But first, choose your paint: Go to my post Big Choices, from one of the 2 biggest paint manufacturers today: You don’t want to burn the paint.

We also have a whole post on how to paint and cut: you will do this after you have completed your preparations here. (Did you paint trim or walls first? Trim).

• Top pick: No brainer: Benjamin Moore’s Advance. A water-based alkyd, once only available in oils. It looks and acts like an oil-based paint. The look is smoother than the next option below because it takes longer to dry. what? Slow drying allows balancing (or “e-mail”) like oil (no brushstrokes). Beautiful. Best trim paint color, period.

The Unexpected Trend We’re Seeing That Makes Any Room Instantly Timeless

You can see the difference from across the room. Advance has been around for 10 years and that’s all contractors use now to paint wood trim and cabinets. It has unique qualities that we wrote in detail in the post about the color of the decoration. We love it.

I contacted the best brush company, well, really the only one worth your money, and asked which brush was best for the Advance. They replied that XL Elite Glide would be best, but Nylox, a latex only brush, would also be fine. I prefer Nylox because the bristles are water based and just better for it. But if you ever love oil, get the XL Elite.

A good brush will last a lifetime: it lasted me 6 months of daily use, and it still works well after that. I can’t recommend it enough: it goes faster, it looks better. Read about how easy it is to clean a brush: not what you remember!

How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

Last cool point: you can only paint with a roller. The color spreads so you don’t even have to wash (unless you can get the roller into the corners). Buy a short nap (about 3/8 inch). See the tools page for selection.

The Painted Trim

• Second choice: also by Ben Moore, latex color: Regal Semi-Gloss. Oh, that I had a dime for every quarter of what I brought in. It is strong, holds color, cleans well and goes on without dripping/fogging. It comes in a satin finish for cladding or walls, and also in flat, etc. for the walls.

Disappointed to hear about latex brush marks? There is a way to use traditional latex paint but achieve a more even look. Simply mix with the Floetrol additive to your water-based latex paint: this will reduce the drying time so it can give the brush marks a chance to fade a little. It does not mix the color, but increases the volume of the color.

It is a good choice for painting white oak trim, including oak doors with white trim, or stained doors with painted trim.

We explain the simple steps in our post on how to paint and cut. You will be surprised how fast this work can be: so many self-taught painters

Contrasting Trim Ideas (dark Trim, Light Walls)

Painting the colorful ornament after finishing the preparation is the same as the new decoration: with a roller and a brush. For pre-painting you only need a corner brush.

Below are highlights from our full posts showing how easy it is to clean roller caps and just one for cleaning brushes.

A faster way is to rotate it. Watch me do it (on YouTube). There is also a video on the product page (no sound required). Here’s the spinner: I think it’s worth it if you draw a year or more.

How To Make Wood Trim Look Modern

For stain or oil-based paint, even white wood stain, I must admit, we do not clean brushes. Once even brushes designed for oil-based products get wet, they’re never as good as new. We buy really good brushes so they work fast and work well, and then…sorry…throw them away. To recycle, give it a quick clean and use it as a dust brush. I have many of them.

How To Choose Trim Colors That Flawlessly Coordinate With Your Walls

It seems that natural wood decoration is less acceptable in the modern home.

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