How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger – Do you feel like your bedroom is cramped these days? The average bedroom size in American homes is only 11ft x 12ft, so you’re not alone. There is hardly any space for a double bed, let alone any other furniture.

However, if you’re creative, there are some tricks you can do to make your room look bigger. Here are 9 tricks to make your bedroom look bigger.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Clutter not only makes a room look messy, it also makes it look smaller. Removing clutter from your bedroom is the first step to making it look bigger.

Clever Tips To Make Your Tiny Living Room Look Bigger

Start with the floor. Get rid of misplaced toys, clothes, magazines, shoes, and anything else that doesn’t belong here or can be stored in another room or closet. Eliminate tripping hazards, clear your way and make it easier to rearrange furniture.

Use this task to discard, recycle, donate, or sell what you no longer need. Cleaning can be addicting and you might end up cleaning every room in your house to free up space.

Painting is one of the easiest ways to not only change the feel of a room, but also make it bigger or smaller. To make a small bedroom look bigger, paint the walls a lighter color. White works best because of its reflective properties.

You can’t go wrong with other neutral colors like off-whites, greys, and light browns. However, muted and muted shades such as pale buttery yellow and aqua are also fine. Avoid anything bright or lively. You may sleep lightly.

Make Your Small Bedroom Bigger

Your bedroom may just have too much furniture. Look around and see if there are any chairs, side tables, or other things you don’t really need (or maybe you just need them).

Replace large pieces of furniture with smaller versions. For example, you can use a simple desk or table for your laptop instead of an office-sized model.

Choose bedroom furniture that leaves enough space on the wall. If it’s too close to the ceiling or takes up most of the wall, it’s too big for the room.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Another tip is to be discreet and stylish when decorating small rooms. Avoid including large blocks that take up valuable space. Placing the artwork away from the top half of the wall makes the area feel larger.

Interior Designer Window Tricks

When choosing bedroom furniture, look for furniture with storage compartments. Chairs with hidden compartments are great for storing reading material, but most beds allow you to store clothes and other items underneath.

You can also save space in the room by utilizing vertical storage such as bookshelves and shelves. Try placing them around your headboard to minimize the space they take up in your room.

Well-placed mirrors are a well-known decorating technique that can instantly make any small room feel larger. The mirror not only reflects the scenery, but also has the effect of expanding the space by reflecting light. The best part is that you can get creative by hanging large mirrors individually or by hanging several smaller mirrors in groups.

Unless your TV is mounted on the wall or ceiling, or hidden in a storage unit, it’s best not to put it in your bedroom. Modern large-screen TVs take up space and can interfere with sleep. Many people prefer to keep them out of the bedroom to keep the room sacred for sleep and sex.

Practical Tips To Visually Expand A Small Bedroom

Transparent furniture such as chairs and tables are a neat trick to make the room look larger. Not only does flimsy furniture seem to take up less space, it has a ’70s vibe that’s out of place in today’s modern homes, and it fits in just about any interior. If you’re worried about your bedroom getting too retro, add a thing or two.

The lighting you use in your bedroom can also affect the size. If possible, instead of using large floor lamps that take up a lot of space, use smaller lamps that sit on top of tables or drawers.

Even better, install modern bedroom lighting, such as a pendant light or a ceiling mounted pendant light, that takes up less space and evenly illuminates the room.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Curtains and rugs make the room smaller. If you don’t have a wall-to-wall carpet, don’t put a rug in your bedroom. Exposing the floor greatly expands the space.

Pro Styling Tips: 5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

If you want privacy, choose elegant blinds or airy sheer curtains instead of thick curtains to keep the room bright.

You shouldn’t live in a small bedroom that feels cramped all the time. Follow these tips to make your bedroom look bigger. The best part is that you can incorporate these tips into almost any room in your home to make your living space feel larger. Do you live in a small space and wish it was bigger? Here are 10 ways to make a small room look bigger. All of these are easy to do and can dramatically change the look of your home.

I love the challenge of decorating small spaces. I think that’s why I love refurbishing his RV. It’s fun to transform a small, cramped space into something more open and welcoming. There are many ways to make a small room look and feel bigger, but here are my top 10 tips.

Check out my YouTube video 10 Ways to Make a Room Look Larger: How to make a small room look bigger:

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Using white or light shades in the room, especially on the walls, will make the room appear larger. I think white walls are classic, but if you don’t like the look, stick to very pastel colors and they’ll make the room look bigger in no time. After painting B-chan’s bedroom from medium gray to white, the size of the room has changed significantly.

Removing things from your room that you haven’t used or liked in the past year can make a space feel more open and spacious. Donate what you don’t use and keep decorations to a minimum. I donated bags of toys and books when I refurbished the basement playroom and it was really great.

Mirrors reflect light around the room, and using mirrors on the walls can make the space appear larger. There are mirrors for every decor style and price range. We recently added a large round IKEA mirror to our breakfast nook. I really like how it looks.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Many people hang curtains or curtains directly at the top of the window, but try moving the rod further down the wall to make the wall feel taller. I like my room to be about 4-6 inches off the ceiling so it feels more spacious. It’s a simple trick that can make a big difference.

Creative Ways To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger 2023

If your room is small, choose smaller pieces of furniture. Look for small chairs, round tables and “apartment size” furniture. Alternatively, you can put a large piece of furniture in the room, but not much space.

Using vertical lines in your decor draws the eye, makes the ceiling appear taller, and makes the whole space appear larger. This can be done using DIY decorations, wallpaper, tall plants and tall floor lamps. I love how my mom added vertical planks and formwork to the house to make the walls taller.

Furniture that can be used for multiple purposes reduces the amount of furniture and has the effect of making the room look wider. Look for ottomans with hidden storage (like in my mom’s living room), side tables with drawers, daybeds, and more.

Try monochrome or a similar color scheme when choosing wall colors, furniture, and decorations for your room. Solid color means using only one color, but you can use different shades of that color, from light to dark. Similar means using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel (click here for a free printable color wheel guide). For example, I used green and blue in the dining room decor above. They are next to each other on the color wheel and, like colors opposite them on the color wheel, create a calm and open look.

Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

Resist the urge to fill every nook and cranny of your room with furniture and decorations. Clearing space on floors, walls, and tables can make your home feel more open, airy, and spacious.

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