How To Make Your Eyelashes Naturally Curly

How To Make Your Eyelashes Naturally Curly – Eyeliner can be polarized just like coriander. (Stay with us here for a minute!) There are two groups of people: those who love their lashes and those who hate them. If you’re in the latter category we don’t blame you We’ve all experienced lash curling failures from frizzy to broken lashes. Or smooth no matter how hard you try to curl your lashes. The truth is that with proper knowledge it is easier to bend your eyes than you think.

We’re big fans of our own lash curler. They are responsible for our best lash days – and when paired with a good mascara. They can make your eyes look taller. With a little practice and expert guidance, we believe that eye curlers can become an essential part of any eye makeup routine. see if we’re right We asked makeup artists Lindsay Katsuk and Anne Baker to share their lash curling tips.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Naturally Curly

How To Make Your Eyelashes Naturally Curly

Lindsay Katsuk is a professional makeup artist based in New York City. See her work at Anne Baker is a California-based makeup artist and the talented creator behind Glam N Anne on Instagram and YouTube.

Do You Really Need An Eyelash Curler?

First, why are the wheels spinning? “Usually, the lashes are on the natural, straight side. “Lash curls emphasize the perfect length of your lashes. You’re not alone “Some people feel intimidated or confused by eye curlers because using the device too close to the eye can be scary,” says Baker. say. It helps when you learn. You can get long lashes in 10 seconds or less. (quick for daily use) Read on to find out how to apply your lashes correctly with tips .advantage.

Before we get into the full tutorial. Let’s answer this general question first. No matter what hack you see on the internet, Katsuk and Baker insist “no” to applying mascara before curling your lashes. “Mascara can damage your lashes if you’re not careful,” says Baker. Let’s start the process of curling eyebrows naturally without makeup.

We love lashes for lift, curl, and drama, while lash extensions have built-in curvature. You may be reaching for an eyelash curler if your natural lashes start looking straighter than extensions. You need to replace the mechanical eyelash extensions that you use in your daily life. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFff Try using a heated eyelash curler instead. (We love CELLA’s heated lash curlers.) These basically work like mini curling irons that gently curl without disturbing the bond between your extensions and lashes .

Like other products In your nutrition or skin care There are no eyelash curlers for every size. Knowing your eye shape is the key to finding the curve that gives the best results. “Find one that works for your eye shape,” says Katsuk. “Not all curls are created equal. If your eyes are round Choose something that is rounder. If your eyes are almond shaped or round. Look for an eyelash curler that has a gentle curve.

Do’s & Don’ts For Beautiful Lashes And Brows

“First, make sure your eyes are clean. I like to just apply my lashes with a mascara wand,” says Katsuk (you can also use a clean mascara wand), then lower your lashes. (We love the Glam Bag favorite MÄLLE BEAUTY Filmstar lash curler because of its flexible shape that works for all eye shapes. Ergonomic handle and the gentle rubber-free pads) Another important step? Make sure your curls are in good condition before using them. “You want to make sure your lashes are always in good condition. Because it provides some buffer. [To your lash line] They give you more reasons!”

To prepare the device Let’s warm up a little. (Wheat is the key word here.) Take the end of the boar in your hand and dip it in warm water. Use hot water (not hot water) or use a hair dryer to dry quickly Before touching your eye, tap the band on the inside of your hand to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. “This will help you achieve the best curve,” says Anna. It works like a curling iron. and make your eyes look taller and more shaped.”

“When your eyes are half open Put your cheeks on your side and put on a bottom,” says Baker. Having trouble seeing what you’re doing? Look in the mirror to help you see. position the crease on the nose line. You want to get as close to the bottom of the crease as possible without touching any skin.” I brush gently to make sure I don’t have any skin. (No one likes to be crushed by soft curls) and if I need to retouch,” says Katsuk.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Naturally Curly

Once you’re comfortable with your position, it’s time to curl your hair. “Hold the curve with gentle strokes for 5-10 seconds,” says Baker. Again, start slowly. To make sure you don’t accidentally get any skin in the bath, Katsuk said, “You don’t have to squeeze as hard as you can.” In addition, the eyes should be folded in two places: from the bottom and from the top. This will help prevent your lashes from becoming L-shaped (or curled).

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Have the straightest eyes Or eyes that don’t look clumsy? Katsuke knows how to fight, “Tails pointing straight or down tend to fight naturally. Make the switch a little more difficult. I have these lashes and if I don’t get it right. The curls fall off. Try this pro trick: Once the eyelash curler is attached, turn the curler handle slightly forward to create tighter curls.

At this time, only a small cranberry remains at the bottom of the eclipse. But for the most natural curl, Baker recommends curling the length of your eyes: Tilt your head to the side and curl your lashes to a slightly downward length.”

Now for our holy glamour: mascara. Try using a lash curling mascara to lock in the lash lift. For a volume boost, something like IT Cosmetics Lash Blot Salon Volume Lift Mascara in Black will hold your curls all day and give them a fake look. (No eye extensions or glue required.) Out in the rain, snow or ice? Use the waterproof formula to keep perfectly curled lashes looking beautiful and lifted all day.

Although applying mascara before curling your lashes is not a good idea. But you can use mascara before applying false eyelashes. Pro Tip: To help your natural lashes blend seamlessly with your fake lashes. Curl your bare natural lashes first, then quickly apply mascara. before applying false eyelashes Want a full DIY guide on how to apply false eyelashes? we will get it

Eyelashes: The Eyeball’s Flirtatious Bodyguards

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Maddie is a Senior Editorial Manager. She has been covering beauty and wellness for over nine years. Her work has appeared in Allure, Cosmopolitan, Popsugar, Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, and Seventeen, among other publications Edit: I updated the image (in 2020). I still use this method all the time – I have to, otherwise my eyes don’t curl. Or the eyes do not bend – and over the years. Nothing happened to my eyes. No break, no stain or tear, Why do I say that? Because there are some ideas on Pinterest that this flick won’t give. I admit that the procedure is still not very clear. I urge you to read the steps before you judge from a single image. But I think people will read the article.

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