How To Start A Home Decor Blog

How To Start A Home Decor Blog – ! You are taking the first step towards business and financial freedom. Writing has changed not only my life.

Writing about home decor, design and furniture has become popular since Joanna Gaines rose to fame with her popular blog series.

How To Start A Home Decor Blog

How To Start A Home Decor Blog

. There are many home design bloggers who like to share their farmhouse designs online and give tips on how to decorate different rooms of your home.

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Although the farmhouse style is very popular, it has a lot of people, so you may want to consider other house styles if you want to share your home on the site. Again, if you like a particular style of home design, go for it! You need to find a way to make your blog stand out.

So, can home decor get rich quick? not really! Writing from home can be profitable in the long run, but make no mistake: getting a return on your investment requires some initial effort.

I make a living painting online (see my 2021 salary), so I’m in a unique position to share exactly how I grew my small blog into a profitable business.

P.S. If you’re not sure if you want to start a design blog or you’re not sure what your topic will be, head over to the How to Start a Blog book to learn about starting a blog!

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The best idea for a home decor niche is one that you love. When it comes to blogging, you will never be successful unless you write articles and post them regularly, and it’s much easier to write about topics you love.

Each theme will be a great starting point for your design blog. Many people associate DIY blogs and home design together, but your blog can be one or both. It comes from you!

Some of the most popular home decor sites I’ve found are Modern Farmhouse Decor, Coastal Decor, Boho Decor, French Country Decor, First Renters, Decor Hunters, and DIY Blogs.

How To Start A Home Decor Blog

Eventually, you’ll want to present yourself as an “expert” on whatever topic you choose, but don’t worry if you’re not right now. Most people love to read about travel experts on a particular topic!

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Since blogging is so popular these days, you’ll definitely want to find ways to stand out from the crowd. If you can make yourself an expert in a particular area of ​​design, you will find success due to less competition.

If you’re stuck on a topic or doubt whether it’s really possible to make money writing about home decor, check out home decor bloggers for inspiration! Each of these decor bloggers has gained popularity for sharing tips and tricks to turn your home into a home.

Magnolia: Joanna and Chip Gaines started blogging about their real estate, home development and design business, Magnolia, in Waco, Texas. After her successful debut on TV, she soon became the talk of the nation.

Young House Love: This married couple decided to share their journey as a couple renovating their first home together. With a series of money-saving DIY posts, the couple’s blog exploded in popularity, leading to several paid partnerships with national retailers like Target!

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Amber Interiors: Amber Lewis is an interior designer who started writing about her client projects. Soon, she was able to start her own store (called Shoppe Amber Interiors) and sell her stunning jewellery.

I recommend writing the first 10 articles of your design blog before setting up your website. This is good for several reasons:

In the beginning, all you have to do is write. Aim for at least 1,000+ words per article, but if your articles are image heavy, you can get away with 300 words or more. Best ever when it comes to blogging!

How To Start A Home Decor Blog

Over time, you’ll want to pay attention to the structure and organization of paragraphs in your writing, especially if it’s long. Be sure to read my book on how to craft a timely blog post.

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Once you’ve written the basic content for your website design, you’ll need to decide on a brand name. You might think as well as write your articles! Whatever you choose, the name should be short, catchy and easy to remember. Make sure your name is available as a domain before hosting!

Using a free Blogspot blog or blog site is not a chore and will not help you work on the big marketing sites and affiliate marketing (where you make the most money). Also, if you host on free blog providers like Wix, Blogspot, and you don’t own your blog. Companies can block your blog immediately!

You should invest in a website to store all the files, images and text related to your blog in one place. The good thing is hosting is the only major income you get when starting a blog!

Many hosting providers offer free domain names when you purchase your first hosting plan, such as Bluehost. If you are a beginner blogger, this is a good thing!

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If you want to start a second blog, I suggest buying your domain from Namecheap because they have coupons every month and their prices are unbeatable!

As mentioned above, the purpose of hosting is to keep your files safe. They provide your website visitors with the files they need from their servers as quickly as possible. Good hosts will back up files regularly so you won’t lose all the work you put into your blog in the event of a hack! In general, it’s best to choose a host located in the country where your guests live.

Reception is not expensive. It can be as cheap as $3 a month! That being said, you want to choose a host that is reliable and helpful. If you are a new blogger I recommend hosting with Bluehost because you get a free domain name with a 12 month plan. Bluehost is based in Utah and is the first website hosted by WordPress itself.

How To Start A Home Decor Blog

While it is possible to create a custom blog with a custom domain using a free service like Blogspot or, I strongly recommend against it if you are serious about creating a profitable blog. You may be successful in the first few months, but after your blog is up and running, you’ll wish you had blogged in the first place!

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As for the duration of your hosting plan, I highly recommend choosing 12 months or longer. Writing is something you should commit to for at least a year. If you don’t think you can commit to signing up at that point, I don’t want you to start because it won’t be a good investment for you.

Now, I know I told you not to sign up for a free WordPress blog, so why am I telling you to “install” now? is a free blog hosted on WordPress servers. These blogs will have attached at the end ( is designed for casual bloggers who don’t want to spend their money. is the only web and content management platform for serious marketers and profitable web writers. It is a back-end content management system that allows you to easily manage the content posted on your website.

How To Start A Home Decor Blog is the gold standard when it comes to blogging. In fact, it currently powers nearly a third of all websites!

I highly recommend for its many integrations, plugins, and development features. Plugins are actually plug-ins created by thousands of developers that enhance your blog in a simple and easy way. If you want your blog to work ___, there might be a plugin for that! is completely free for most websites. Everyone knows that you can login to your admin area and install WordPress automatically as I explain here.

How To Start A Home Decor Blog

A “theme” is a set of files that make your blog look great and easy to use! Themes determine how you want to present information to your readers on the backend of your blog. There are some great themes for visual content and some great themes for written content. Most themes are great for both, of course!

Ways To Modernize Your Home

If you want to buy a modern theme, I recommend checking out Creative Market and Etsy.

To add a theme to your website, click Appearance in the admin area on the left. From there, you can send a thread or

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