How To Start Home Health Aide Agency

How To Start Home Health Aide Agency – What are the different types of home health professionals your patients may encounter, and how do their practice goals differ?

Shreya: Hello everyone! This is Dr. Shreya Trivedi. I am excited to start our program for interprofessional education! We see images of our patients in hospitals and clinics, but now the emphasis is on team care, it’s interesting to me that we know so little about the larger health care team, Few of us have the opportunity to interact. and understand. About other team players and the health of our patients. I think this is where the beauty of podcasts can come in. Podcasts can help us go places we wouldn’t otherwise go. And today, we will review home care services with a focus on home health aides! Helping me out on today’s podcast is Gabby Meyer – she does a lot of behind-the-scenes graphics bytes for Core IM and you might remember those ladies from Medicine News!

How To Start Home Health Aide Agency

How To Start Home Health Aide Agency

Gabby: Thanks for joining me, Shreya. Talks about an important – but very different – topic. I think this will be useful and maybe even an eye opener for some.

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Shreya: too much. Thanks to ACP for CME for sponsoring this event. Special shout out to Dr. Davoren Cheek for believing in this information and many thanks for his previous work on the Compassionate Care System for Interprofessional Education. We have linked to a transcript of this episode, which you can find on our website.

Gabby: Let’s keep tonight’s agenda: Are we going to explore why all the hospitalists are learning about home care workers? What are their different practice areas? How does your patient insurance work? What challenges do home health workers face and how does that affect your patient and HHA communications?

Shreya: Just a heads up: part of this episode will focus on the American health care system. To our friends in Canada, Australia or other countries, listen up and we’d love to hear from you about how your home care/healthcare routine is similar or different. Let’s dive in with that!

Maddie Sterling: Although they are the eyes and ears in the home, many home care workers, including home health workers, personal care workers, attendants, I find that other health workers do not see them. .

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Maddie Sterling: I care for patients as a primary care physician. I’ve been reading, um, depression, rereading, and trying to understand, you know, what’s causing it, you know, a few years ago with others. And patient after patient, you know, talk to me about, you know, home care help and, you know, Dr. Sterling, why are you asking me about my medicine? My daughter helps me with this, or what do you say, I know … prepare a dish with a little salt. As my assistant takes care of him. But I think these questions and these words of patience made me think like a researcher because I think it’s interesting. I have no problem asking someone to help you around the house. But the second point is that I never bothered to ask someone in the waiting room to join us.

Gabby: You know, I felt bad at first. Did I make a big mistake with the patient by not checking if they left the home health worker or paid caregiver in the waiting room? But when I thought more, I decided to leave it alone – because honestly, I can’t remember a time when I was taught anything about it.

Ann Meara: I don’t think it’s something that’s covered in medical school or implicitly in nursing school. I think there is a misunderstanding about the type of services a home health aide can provide. The difference between professional care that can be provided at home through Medicare or not is the wealth of information that home health professionals can provide. They are an undeveloped treasure.

How To Start Home Health Aide Agency

Shreya: This is Anna Meara. He has been a case manager for the past 30 years, working in a large health system and currently serves as the executive director of the New Jewish Home, which operates several community-based programs. let Home Health Ades!

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Anne Meara: The idea is that you try to keep the person in the community and delay or prevent the need for institutional care. The goal of providing these long-term care services at home is actually to avoid the need to go to a nursing home.

Gabby: And keeping people at home helps with great health care. There is some evidence that home health care can save health care costs. The 2017 study resulted in patients not being left at home or without medical services. Those who saved the system about $ 6,000 had reduced admissions (HR 0.82, p < 0.0001) and even death (HR 0.08, p < 0.0001) compared to matched control patients who did not receive these services. I would add that this study was conducted on a large/diverse patient population (n of 65,000).

Shreya: So large health systems are using these services, our patients are using these services at home, so we need to be familiar with them.

Gabby: Like when I was in spiritual meditation, I had to go to an AA meeting, so I knew what it would be like if I recommended it to my patients.

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Shreya: Yes, we cannot begin to navigate this without knowing who the different home health workers are and how their roles differ.

Maddie Sterling: There are many types of housekeeping staff. There are many types of housekeeping staff. These types include home health aides, personal care aides, home health, caregivers, nurses, assistants. Sometimes people include, um, nurse anesthetists. In this model, there are all different things, different types of work.

Shreya: Yes, that’s too much! Titles can be confusing – for example, two housekeeping staff may have different titles but similar practice areas, and conversely, housekeeping staff may have the same title but comfort their roles may differ. The company or said they were bought. It doesn’t help that terminology is often local – for example, what we call a “home aide” in New York state is a “home support worker” or “IHSS worker” in California.

How To Start Home Health Aide Agency

Gabby: What helped me was to think about it from the point of view of the role of housekeeping staff. I would say that it usually spreads in the bucket of work they do for their patients. Let’s start with the group with the narrowest set of behaviors. This group is often called a personal care aide or home health aide.

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Ann Meara: These are people who may be doing a little shopping, a little housekeeping. They provide personal care, bathing, food, you know, kind of assistance and mobility support and that kind of thing. But overall it’s personal care, I mean, there and in the community I think is important. I know, they are often connected to the outside world. You know, they’re part of keeping people apart.

Gabby: Well said – let’s not forget that these people may also be friends of some of our patients. I can use the company to do my grocery shopping every week, which will affect my life physically.

Shreya: Maybe my husband is doing it for me! Next up are home health workers. Home health aides are trained to perform all the caregiving tasks that home health aides do—again, that is bathing, feeding, etc. But home health aides have more specialized education:

Maddie Sterling: Home health aides usually have, um, a bigger face to deal with. Therefore, they can make an important sign, make a little higher level.

Home Health Aides (hha)

Shreya: For example, they are trained in blood pressure reading or regular ostomy care. But when it comes to qualifying for this event for some home health aides, it varies between companies and states. For example, use fingers – not home health assistants are happy to make wood. Despite these changes, there are some limitations in their field of practice:

Anna Meara: Most of them don’t carry drugs. I think there’s been a lot of discussion about expanding the practice of home health aides to include, um, that kind of care, oh, because they’re in the home.

Shreya: Just for him

How To Start Home Health Aide Agency

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