How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

How To Start My Own Cleaning Company – Can I start my own business as IC on my side? What is the role of an independent contractor in house cleaning?

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How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

Can you start your own business as an IC? This means independent contractor. This is a very good question. Now there is a house cleaner calling and asking questions.

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“If I am an independent contractor for a cleaning company, can I still open a cleaning business?”

Now, I’m a bit confused by the question. This gives me pause. I don’t know if it’s because of what I read or how the question was put, but I’ll share it with you.

If you are already an independent contractor, it is assumed that you already have a house cleaning business. Otherwise, you will not be an independent contractor. Being an independent contractor means you have a job, you have clients, you have your own clothes, you have your own company car, you have your own cleaning equipment.

You have paid for your training and certification. You already have a cleaning job. So the company you’re hiring for doesn’t protect you at all, right?

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They offer you a job. So you are not tied to their insurance or their employer records. You are not on their payroll. You don’t wear their clothes. You don’t use cleaning equipment.

They don’t pay for your education, they don’t pay for the company car. It doesn’t have to give you a lift to work. You are not their time. They won’t order you or any of the stuff if you stay overnight.

So it should be very clear, are you currently an employee or an independent contractor? Because the rules are completely different.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

Now, there are many home cleaning companies that hire independent contractors when they are in growth mode, for example because they have more work than they can handle. So they might have two clients and two jobs too many, or five jobs too many.

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It’s not guaranteed to actually hire new people, as you may need an additional independent contractor for a day or two per week. So instead of hiring new people, they hired independent contractors.

Then the owner of the cleaning company gets 10%, 15%, 20% off the independent contractor, right? So it’s not like they’re hiring new people, they’re just doing the job. So that’s a completely different set of rules.

So, interestingly, as an independent contractor, you are the one who takes care of the client. So, your client is not an employer. Your client is a cleaning company.

So the cleaning company comes up to you and says, “Hey, I have some extra work for you. Would you like that? The client is waiting Tuesday morning at eight, and then I have another client who needs you Thursday afternoon at one.” Can you do both?”

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And you say, “Yes, I can.” Now, theoretically, you can change the time and call the client and say, “Hey, I can’t do it in an hour. Can you just have lunch?” If you change your schedule, that’s up to you as the independent contractor. .

I don’t recommend this because if a company like a cleaning company has already scheduled work and can clean time with clients, if you can schedule time, schedule time, but report to your hiring company until you’re done. go or whatever. Right?

You are on your own schedule. They give him a job and say: “So be it. And then you send an invoice and say, “Okay, I’ve done this,” and then they pay you. You’re going to collect money from the customer because it’s not your customer, it’s their customer, right?

How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

Now, many cleaning companies are a little worried and are like, “If I hire an unscrupulous contractor, they steal my business.” Yes, no, not necessarily. It’s like a parent hiring a babysitter when the parents are out for the day or go to work or go to the doctor or whatever.

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So they hire someone to replace them for a period of time. All the rules are very strict and in place, and everyone knows who the real parents are. Then, when the mentor leaves, they get paid for their work. Parents return to traditional parenting rules and regulations.

But since the foster parents act as temporary parents while the foster parents are cared for, they have to follow the rules of the foster parents, right?

So don’t enter. They can’t live in the house or any of these things. But they come and behave for a certain time when their parents are out. Everything is paid. Childcare has been outsourced for a while. The same rule applies to house cleaning.

So when a cleaning company hires you as an independent contractor, they are in charge of the client for a set period of time. This is none of your business.

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My advice is, try not to do that, okay? Because today, if a company wants to hire you and you are ready to help them with their work, you can earn regular money for their hard work.

It doesn’t matter if you try to steal a customer and undercut their existing offer, or if you try to outsmart the customer, or if the customer prefers you. But these are not your customers. It’s as if the child or children were saying to the caregiver, “Hey, we love you more than our parents.”

This doesn’t mean a nanny comes in and then starts raising the kids. It doesn’t work like that, does it? So even if the customer likes you more, you can say, “Hey, listen, thanks a lot. I’m proud, but it would be rude of me to think of you as a customer if you currently belong to another company. They hire you or you hire them for service.” they.”

How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

I’m not going to cross the line because if you’re just starting out and your business is growing now, it can be a good source of income for you.

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But if you are currently an independent contractor, it is assumed that you will already have a cleaning job if you work for another company. So, I hope that makes sense. This is a gray area.

If you’re not on the same page with the cleaning company you work for, get on the same page quickly to avoid surprises and conflict for both of you.

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How To Start My Own Cleaning Company

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