How To Start Online T Shirt Business

How To Start Online T Shirt Business – For many entrepreneurs, the first online business was selling t-shirts. Back then, before the internet, many entrepreneurs’ first store was a lemonade stand, but selling lemonade didn’t translate well into the digital world, so the T-shirt store became the online equivalent.

Just like a lemonade stand, it is very easy for any budding entrepreneur to get started. It can be started quickly with limited infrastructure and virtually no money, so it’s a great first step in any entrepreneur’s business portfolio.

How To Start Online T Shirt Business

How To Start Online T Shirt Business

For these reasons, starting a t-shirt business has a bad reputation – anyone can do it, no rocket science required! But that’s why we believe the t-shirt business is an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They are like rituals. Ask a modern e-commerce entrepreneur if he sold t-shirts at any point in his career, and the answer is likely to be yes.

How To Start A Successful T Shirt Business Online

Starting a t-shirt business is a great place to learn how to be an entrepreneur – actually an entrepreneur! You can read all the books and blogs about entrepreneurship, listen to all the podcasts, and follow all the motivational social media accounts you want, but if you’re not putting anything into practice, you’re still not an entrepreneur.

By starting a t-shirt business, you’ll be able to apply everything you know about building, starting, and growing a business, and you’ll discover everything you don’t know (probably more than you expected). .

When you start a t-shirt business, it may not bring you riches, fame and glory, but it will teach you important lessons about starting and running a business that you can’t get from books and blogs – you can relate to them. any future business. For many entrepreneurs, starting a t-shirt business laid the foundation for the skills, lessons, and experiences that would form the basis of any business they opened in the future.

Richard, the founder of this site, started his e-commerce career in a t-shirt shop. At first it was just an experiment to see if he could build and run an online store in 24 hours, but it quickly grew into much more.

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Of course, he opened his shop within 24 hours, but he documented the process in a blog post to show others how they can do the same. And people loved it! The post has been shared thousands of times and read by hundreds of thousands of people. Some wanted to buy his T-shirts, others wanted to open their own T-shirt shop.

Starting a T-shirt business is now even easier! And many other creative t-shirt designs and concepts that entrepreneurs sell. In addition, you can easily sell other products such as sweatshirts, caps, mugs, phone cases and many more. New entrepreneurs are not limited to setting up a t-shirt business as their first store, there are plenty of other options.

So let’s go back a few years and start from the beginning. What was it like starting a T-shirt business back then? And how has it changed?

How To Start Online T Shirt Business

As an entrepreneur, I can’t do anything. I always want to build something. I need to build something. That’s why I’ve been frustrated many times while documenting the #TheGreatBuild project.

Custom T Shirt Online Business Guide From Home In 2023

One night while I was waiting and unable to continue the project, I decided to build another e-commerce business.

For those of you reading my blog for the first time and documenting it through a blog series called #TheGreatBuild, my new e-commerce company is called Finch Goods Co. Many have asked me where the name “Finch” came from and why I chose Finch Goods as the name for my new company. Honestly, that was the name of the street I grew up on. This is where I live, play, and run my first dozen business ventures, mostly lemonade stands, greengrocers, temporary hockey card pawnshops, and garage sales. Finch Goods Co. The name is a tribute to my early entrepreneurial days.

Finch is the name of the nearest subway/bus station and until I owned a car it was my entry point to the rest of the world. If I wanted to go somewhere, I would go through Finch Station.

Because of my emotional attachment to Finch, I made a T-shirt in late February based on the station’s typography, color scheme, and tile pattern.

T Shirt Business Plan Template Sample Pages

Fast forward a few weeks to April evening. I was working on the #TheGreatBuild project (Finch Goods Co.) and was getting close to launch. I’m stuck though. Everything was ready except waiting for the goods I wanted to introduce. I had nothing to do.

For an entrepreneur, having nothing is a terrible feeling. This seems to be the exact opposite of progress – perhaps because it is. Finch Goods Co. I really wanted to start a business, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I stared at the computer for a few minutes until the screen went blank and I fell asleep. In the reflection of the monitor I saw my shirt… Finch.

Remembering the few compliments I got for the shirt, I wondered if people were really interested in hyper-local t-shirts that represented their community all the way to the local subway station.

How To Start Online T Shirt Business

I was sure I would love the idea of ​​hyperlocal t-shirts. Our city definitely has a sense of pride, and after a few Google searches, I couldn’t find anything like it. The closest was a series of vinyl wall decals with different station typography. Searching on Google for the name of this company, I found several articles about it on the Internet. They ran their business for over 5 years, so theoretically they were doing well.

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Trying to get Finch Goods Co. at first the thought of starting a new business was a bit intimidating. At this point my time was very limited… So I made a decision; If I’m going to start a new business, I have to follow a few rules:

#1 was easy for me. I will use Shopify (Shopify Overview) unless #2 forces my hand in a different direction. It’s the platform I know and love, the easiest to use (in my opinion) and the most app integration I know of. Where can I find a dropshipping company that will print custom t-shirts for me and ship.

I immediately went to the Shopify App Store and searched for “t-shirts”. The search found approximately six t-shirt printers/embroiderers. After going through all of them, integrations, t-shirt options, and pricing, I settled on Printful. Printful seems to have the most seamless integration, the best selection of shirts, and the most reasonable prices. They also had the option of printing on canvas and printing other products like bags should I ever decide to expand my range.

Time to work on a project with my e-commerce platform and t-shirt printer/droppers. There are now over 60 stations in Toronto and I underestimated how tedious and exhausting it would be to design all 60. Fortunately, many of the designs were similar in style. In the next 6 hours, I produced almost all 60 T-shirt designs for the station.

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All 60 designs were ready and I thought I was done. But I quickly realized that hardly anyone buys a design without knowing what it will look like on a T-shirt. With that in mind, I headed to my favorite graphic design market, the Creative Market. I was looking for a “t-shirt template” and quickly found a very elegant template for $8.

Now that I had a t-shirt template and all my t-shirt designs, again I had to manually apply all 60 of my designs to a t-shirt template and save each file.

After all the t-shirt designs were done, it was time to build the website. I signed up for a 14-day Shopify trial and got started. I own Finch Goods Co. I had a Shopify theme I bought so I thought I might as well use it for this project. When it comes to naming a business, I know sometimes it can take weeks, but I’ve never had that long. I decided to take 3 minutes to mention this company. While it’s not obvious (mostly to my friends and family), I call this business Finch’s. Again, it is named after the street I grew up on, the subway station closest to my family home, and Finch Station being the first subway station.

How To Start Online T Shirt Business

I designed the site as simply as possible, even using the same color scheme as Finch Goods Co. The most time consuming part was creating each of the 60 products and uploading the relevant photos for each one. organization was key.

T Shirt Design Maker

This was the last step before launching and selling my new online store

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