How To Start Your Own Decorating Business

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Starting an interior design business is a popular move for people learning the craft of creating a space both functionally and aesthetically. It’s hard to let go of the combination of self-expression and realizing your vision for clients, despite the obstacles small business owners often face.

How To Start Your Own Decorating Business

How To Start Your Own Decorating Business

While interior designers require a degree from an accredited university (those without a degree are interior designers), they also need extensive knowledge of the materials, software, and structural and health codes needed to build a home or business. There is also the matter of business acumen, the ability to balance artistic expression with the needs and wants of the client, and the time and paperwork required to actually set up the business.

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“Great design is about combining form and function into a balanced and harmonious whole while staying on budget,” says Beverly Solomon of Beverly Solomon Design.

“So, yes, the artist in me may want to do something that is more complex, unconventional and often more expensive than what the client is looking for, but listening to understand what the client is hoping to achieve is the most important skill . you have to evolve.’

Salomon’s international office is located near Austin, Texas, on the historic ranch where she lives and works with her husband, artist Pablo Salomon. She self-funded the start-up after working in sales and marketing at various major companies, including Ralph Lauren and Revlon.

Just as each interior design business has a different focus, clientele and model, each country has different laws and regulations for starting a small business. If you’ve been wondering how to start your own interior design business, read on for the steps you’ll need to follow.

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As mentioned, starting an interior design business is a balancing act. As a creative person, your ultimate goal is to create a business where you can use your vision for design every day. But before you can turn your passion into a legitimate business, you’ll need to complete a few tasks. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to start an interior design business.

When you’re ready to start an interior design business, you first need to choose a business name and decide what type of business entity you want to use. It may be tempting to put one or both of these things off, but they will be necessary for the next steps in starting an interior design business.

Fortunately, most interior designers use their name as a trade name, which can increase the likelihood that your name will be available for use. Either way, you’ll want to check the availability of business names in the state where you’ll be doing your interior design business, which can usually be done through the Secretary of State’s website.

How To Start Your Own Decorating Business

Once you’ve confirmed that the name you want is available, you’ll likely be able to keep the name for a period of time while you gather the other necessary items to officially register your business.

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At this stage of starting an interior design business, you will also need to choose a business entity, such as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. The business entity you choose will affect your company’s business taxes, as well as the level of risk you are exposed to should legal problems arise.

It will also depend on whether you are starting your interior design business on your own or with a partner. We recommend that you consult a business lawyer if you are unsure of which entity to choose, as they can point you in the direction that best suits your specific needs.

The next step in starting an interior design business is creating your business plan. A business idea is just an idea, but your business plan clearly shows how you plan to take that idea and turn it into a profitable business. Not only is a business plan an important tool to use as a road map when your interior design business starts (and continues to grow), but it’s also essential when you plan to seek funding, as banks or investors will want a formal documentation. that you have a plan to make a profit.

So your business plan will include everything from an overview of your company’s management team and legal structure (which is why we chose a business entity in step 1) to a market analysis and a plan for how you will market your company, a short about the exact types of services you will provide as an interior designer and (most importantly for potential investors) a financial plan with at least three years of financial projections.

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If this is your first entrepreneurial venture, a business plan can seem overwhelming. The good news is that you can use a business plan template or business plan software to make the process easier and ensure you don’t miss important information.

One part of your interior design business plan that you can actually build is a plan for supply, customers, and how you will create buzz around your new interior design business so that you can turn a profit.

Interior design is an industry based on relationships. You will need them to find customers, market and build fruitful relationships with suppliers of materials and furniture. And this is a key part of planning your interior design business.

How To Start Your Own Decorating Business

“I started my business mainly by selling my husband’s art to high-end clients. When they started asking for our design advice on various projects, I saw an opportunity,” says Solomon. “I decided I wanted to use my background, experience and connections with great designers to start my own business.”

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Solomon says her media connections have helped her with everything from marketing her interior design business to letting her set the price.

“In art and design, you sell your skills, but what really determines the price you can get is your name recognition,” she says. “From my time in sales and marketing, I knew we needed to focus on name recognition. Therefore, we focused on building relationships with those media representatives who could promote our name.

“One of the secrets to our success is working with writers, editors, photographers, directors and producers to create a symbiotic relationship that has resulted in good information, interesting stories, illustrations, photos, connections and advice. In return, we received literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertising and strong name recognition.”

Another common way to build relationships is to network with manufacturers to get better deals on products or to buy in bulk. If you’re attracted to a company that builds in a similar style to yours, you’re in good shape, but don’t hurt yourself, Solomon advises.

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“Collaborating with different furniture stores and manufacturers can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Make sure you find a good pair and not just a bargain out of desperation. Promoting products that are absolutely the best for your customer is fine, but promoting crap can ruin your reputation.” – she says.

Thinking through your strategy for networking and marketing your interior design business should be included in your business plan, both for your own reference and to show potential investors that you are serious about your business.

The next step in starting your interior design business is to use the name you promised in step 1 and register your business. The registration process varies from country to country, as does where and how you will register your business.

How To Start Your Own Decorating Business

Some states will allow you to register online, while others require you to mail the forms. In most states, you’ll likely be dealing with the secretary of state, while others have government small business departments.

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You must also register your interior design business with the IRS and apply for an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. It can take a few minutes online and you can be approved right away.

There are several benefits to obtaining an EIN, even if it is not necessary for your business. For example, it allows you to easily file business taxes, get credit reports, hire employees, open a bank account, and more.

You are now on your way to building an interior design business. Once you have registered your business, you are ready to obtain the appropriate licenses or permits. As with the registration process, it will also depend on where your interior design business is located and what state regulations apply.

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