How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business – Rodney Smith Jr. Rodney Smith, Jr

When a college student decided to start a free lawn mowing service last fall, his goal was to improve the lives of others.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

The project has been a success with more than 500 lawns mowed for free so far. But it also had an unexpected benefit: It gave its creator, Rodney Smith Jr., a new purpose in his life.

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That’s what Smith, 26, thought when he saw an elderly man mowing the lawn in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. It was there that he decided to mow the grass of the man and other needy people and give it back to the community.

After reaching his goal of mowing 100 lawns in just over a month, he and his friend Terence Stroy decided to start a lawn care service for growing men. Smith, who moved from Bermuda to Alabama when he was 16, began opening branches in Bermuda and Huntsville in January. It has now grown to six chapters and is spread across Michigan, Florida, West Virginia and Ohio.

The goal is to provide free lawn care to the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans through local volunteers, setting a good example for young children and focusing on charitable service.

“I just think we need to get the kids involved and give them something,” Smith told NBC News. “We give them some responsibility and educate them morally,” he said.

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The organization’s rapid growth inspired him to pursue a master’s degree in social work at Alabama A&M, where he graduated May 6 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. His dream is to grow Raising Men Lawn Care into a national organization that is part of Zaharonim.

“I found my purpose in life in mowing lawns, and it was helping people,” he said. – I decided that it was right to get a master’s degree in social work.

Smith was able to balance schoolwork with managing the organization, most weekends, and mowing the lawn between classes. He is the first person in his family to graduate from college.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

The organization is able to provide free services thanks to an online fundraising campaign that raised $56,000, as well as cash and new equipment from outdoor products company Briggs & Stratton. All money will go towards lawn equipment, jerseys and funding for new units.

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According to Smith, anyone between the ages of 7 and 17 can learn how to use foliar sprays, weed killers and herbicides. All they need is a willingness to give back.

“A lot of lawn companies try to rip off seniors and charge them a lot of money to mow their lawns,” Smith said. “These people either pay to mow or they don’t and they get fined by the city (for the overgrown yard). Even though we come in and do it for free, they can spend that money on medicine and stuff. They really need it.”

People like Mary Roche, 68, of Meridianville, Alabama, who suffer from kidney disease and back pain, appreciate the service.

“It was a huge relief,” Roche told NBC News. “I live on a fixed income and I don’t know how to manage this summer.”

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Since April, when he began recruiting local volunteers through word of mouth and the organization’s Facebook page, chapters have started in Michigan and Florida, with two more in Ohio and West Virginia.

“They teach them how to do it the right way and emphasize that doing it again makes them feel good,” Roche said. “I think it’s just fantastic to be a positive role model for some kids who don’t necessarily have that in their lives. Rodney is a very passionate guy who wants to help other people.”

Hundreds of e-mails were sent by people wanting to open a chapter in their hometown. letters. They must pass an interview and go through a vetting process to be approved, Smith said.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

Smith has heard complaints from local business organizations, but says most of the feedback has been positive.

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“I’ve seen comments from some guys that were kind of sarcastic, but the people we were helping couldn’t afford to mow their lawns anyway, so I don’t know why they’d be upset,” Smith said.

The organization hopes to add girls to its volunteer group. Smith hopes his country’s generosity will be contagious in his new home.

“Giving back is important in Bermuda,” he said. “If you see someone struggling, you help them, no matter who they are. It’s just a way of life in Bermuda and I want to do it here.” North Hokianga Bay Whangarei Dargaville Rodney Auckland Franklin Hauraki-Coromandel Waikato Rotorua Taupo Hawkes Bay Tauranga Taranaki Manawatu Whanganui Kapiti Hutt Welling Wellington Nelson Christchurch Timaru Otago

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Pros And Cons Of Starting A Lawn Care Business

After 30 years in the lawnmowing industry, first as a freelancer, then building independent lawnmowing operations, pushing lawnmowers and building a national lawnmower franchise chain, I’ve learned a thing or two. I have also heard from many lawn mowing contractors and lawn mowing franchise owners. There are two types of people who are attracted to this industry: those who think it’s easy, and those who respect starting this industry. In my experience, those who prepare thoughtfully and carefully approach business development increase their chances of success tenfold. Those who think it’s easy won’t last long.

The key to success in this industry is a thoughtful reason for choosing lawn mowing as an industry. Many successful people I know say things like this. “I always saw myself doing this one day” or “I’ve always wanted to quit my desk job and work outside.” People who compare their motivation have a dream and often have the clarity to make it happen. big business is successful.

I hope sharing this list makes your lawn mowing business a little easier. This list applies to you whether you join a franchise or go it alone. Read this blog before deciding whether you want to join a franchise or become an independent lawn mower operator.

How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

Most of what you read about planning is wrong, complicated and confusing. A lawnmower business plan written down on a piece of paper will help you focus on the right type of development. There are some simple ideas that you can tweak and adapt over time.

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Answer a few simple questions: What kind of money do you want from your business? What hours and lifestyles do you want to achieve when? Do you work weekends? What kind of jobs do you do? What geographic areas would you like to work in?

Asking and answering these questions will make the decision to buy a lawn mowing business easier.

It is important to buy some lawns. You want to stay and you want to buy enough to know comfortable service. A common mistake is to buy a fully developed business and then struggle to maintain it. Customers complain about poor service and have not built trust in you, so if you make this mistake, you could lose some of your customers. If you buy a lawn mowing franchise, ask the franchisee to retain some of your customers until you get the lawn “right.” Buying a good franchise business will make the first year much more profitable.

Tip: It takes 1.5-2 times longer to cut the grass the first time, then the grass will be cut on time. If you are a bit late and this is your first time cutting, it may take 3 times as long. This is the knowledge of every lawn. To reach maximum speed, it takes up to the third cut to get the right timing. It helps if you practice well.

Do I Need A Van To Run A Successful Lawn Mowing Business?

My first attempt is to spend 2-3 weeks with some very talented lawn mowers.

Yes, you work for them for free. In fact, you will slow them down for at least the first week. Do not mow for 8 hours a day during the first week. Start with 5-6 hours a day for the first week, then only 6 hours before training. So until the last few days you can make 8 hours very comfortably.


How To Start Your Own Lawn Mowing Business

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