Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room

Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room – Of course, there are some good ways when it comes to decorating a common living room that works regardless of size and location, but there are some additional elements that make decorating a living room unique. Urban residential buildings give a new meaning to “small”, and tend to require a more complex solution if the building has certain restrictions. So if you live in a house and are here looking for design ideas, tips, and advice from the authorities, you are in good hands! We present 15 living room examples from some of our favorites to help you expand yours.

This Chicago living room by interior designer Devin Kirk is a master class in complex combinations. A marble unit fits well in the corner and a coffee table with a round ottoman gives it a soft, minimalist look. And instead of adding a side table or console, which would be too big here, Kirk chose a small chair. A molded wall is another great touch (and hanging decorative millwork seems to expand the room).

Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room

Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room

David Frazier made his small NYC living room feel cool and bright, despite the small space. Divide the main room into two separate areas, one for living and visiting, and one for dining and working. Large pendant lights and antique pieces create a rustic home.

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A large shade of pink used in a plaster-like finish makes a statement in a small New York living room designed by Celerie Kemble. The faux finish guides the texture of the wallpaper, which you are not allowed to use, according to building regulations. This was a good solution.

If you have an extra wardrobe in your living room but don’t need the extra space, make it a bar. This will help make it sportier and add depth and dimension, especially when you paint a contrasting color, as seen in one by Robert McKinley.

Devin Kirk painted the walls Bird’s Egg and Benjamin Moore to frame the sofa, a Jayson House piece that was reworked in a Robert Allen Schiele fabric (which hangs over the curtains). A jute rug provides texture and dimension without filling a small space with too much color.

Designer Sarah Solis carved a home office into the living room by installing a floating desk in the corner. The remaining room is dedicated to living and visiting.

Small Living Room Ideas

This beautiful small bedroom designed by Zia Priven is painted in Stiffkey Farrow Ball blue. Stacked coffee tables are small and low, measuring the entire carpet and large section.

For a small urban home, Lisle McKenna uses soft, colorful designs but doesn’t shy away from playing with different prints. You can also choose a sofa next to the dining table to be used as additional seating for guests or a comfortable place to eat and catch up on emails.

If you live in a townhouse, you probably need nature every now and then. So why not infuse your living room with a daily dose of greenery? Designer Elizabeth Cooper placed an orange tree in the corner for a pop of color and thin topiaries in the window.

Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room

Storage in a small living room is a great option. In this design by Brooklyn firm Shapeless Studio, a collection of coffee table books keeps the room cheerful without being boring. Everything else is behind closed cupboard doors.

Small And Refined Contemporary Apartment In Rio De Janeiro

This simple living room designed by Robert McKinley Studio adds tons of texture, from rugs to colors and furniture. These classic pieces make you feel airy while still being fresh and stylish, and even though each piece of furniture is smaller than your average bedroom piece, it looks right at home here.

Take every opportunity you have to add character and homey vibes to your living room. In this case, Heidi Caillier makes a beautiful window seat in the corner.

Don’t let dirty ceilings put you on the wrong side of perfection. In the right way, you can use it! Take this stunning room designed by Leane Ford Interiors for example. The neutral tones and modern design make it more appealing.

“I love the juxtaposition of a traditional space with a modern staircase,” says Eliza Crater of Sista Parish Design. A rich kelly green wall and floral drapes help bring richness and warmth to all the white surfaces in your living room.

Apartment Decorating And Small Living Room Ideas

The stunning hardwood floors are amazing in this bright and earthy home designed by Shawn Henderson. And, instead of white or warm brown, choose a cool neutral gray. Perfect for a pied-a-terre.

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Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room

47 Games Room Ideas With Epic Entertainment Space 13 Small Ways To Store And Display Wood From Home Beautifully Johnnie Walker 3 Chic Cardboard Set To Try At Home Coffee Table With Storage Is Our New Idea Do you live in a small living room decorating ideas? If you’ve seen my full studio tour video, you know I’m all about sharing how to decorate a studio apartment, living in a home life, and giving you great ideas. Now, it’s time for my living room decorating journey!

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Join me on my living room video tour for small bedroom ideas, bedroom inspiration, and tips on how to make your living room decor reflect your unique personality. Let’s have a good time in my little living room, shall we?

I’ve made some minor adjustments to the script below so that everything makes more sense in text form. But in general, this is almost a clear explanation of what I said

What do Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, the band Garbage and The Legend of Zelda have in common? Yes, they are all here with me in the living room of my 500 square foot studio.

In this video, I will give you a tour of the living room area of ​​my studio, and you will see how I weave beautiful and unexpected things to create a space that not only works for a special body, but also starts again. conversation.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room

It’s not like when people are gone and someone notices a piece of your jewelry and says “Oh cool, I love Fleetwood Mac” or “oh cool, I used to play Legend of Zelda as a kid!” “You’re a grown woman with a piece of The Legend of Zelda in your bedroom…it’s obviously cool and our friend is now confirmed.” 🙃

That’s how I like my jewelry. I like to be beautiful, but also to say something about myself.

You may have seen my video tour of my studio apartment, which takes you through each area of ​​my studio. Now, in this video, I’m going to delve into the little details of my house that I can’t fit into this big tour video.

Ideas To Decorate A Small Apartment Living Room

You’ll see how to carve out a different space for a studio living room, and how to incorporate your likes and desires into the space without sacrificing style.

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Also, if you live in a studio apartment and need a tool to help you start making your studio feel like home, then download my Studio Styling 101 workbook!

This is my small living room, which opens directly into my bedroom, as is often the case in studios. It is very comfortable and, of course, very fashionable. I swear to God, there is nothing small here, I can tell you a lot.

But without being too stylish, it’s an instant sign of my personality. Honestly when I walk in, I feel like I’m being hugged by a friend who knows me well, and that’s probably the best feeling a room can give someone, right?

So let me break down exactly how I do this – create a space that is not only beautiful but also reflects a lot of me as a person. And I hope you’ll get new ideas about how to do that with your decor.

Small Apartment Furniture & Decor Ideas

So let’s start with this side table, which I think of as a continuation of my TV stand. Both are from the World Market and add to the country vibe of the place.

For the side table, I’m going for a witchy, apothecary vibe, just like I do for my console table.

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