Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room

Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room – The integration of the kitchen into the living room is almost without interior design, given that it is a very common option in most of the current distribution. Our way of life has changed and with them share the places where we live. We love large spaces with lots of light and joining the living room, kitchen and dining room is a division that maximizes space and light. In addition, it is a more modern and interesting option than a separate kitchen from the living room.

At interiorismo we have many projects that connect the living room with the kitchen to improve the space and make the house shine.

Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room

Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room

We show you below ideas to fill all or part of the kitchen in the living room and give your home more space, light and modern.

The Complete Living Room Design

We start with more conservative options where the two locations are still separate but a connection is made.

With the opening in the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room is an option that maintains the independence of the two rooms and allows more penetration of natural light from the living room and allows for the shelf to pass from side to side. if it is a food company. Despite such benefits, we believe we can take a little more risk…

If you want to be a little more daring and daring, you can extend this opening halfway and install a wheel with stools in the dining room. In this way, regardless of the idea of ​​more light, we get something more sensational. In addition, you get a table for breakfast, reading the newspaper or a meeting place with the cook, while holding the storage space, if you include the trays under the wall. But we can still risk a little more…

Some of our customers like to have two worlds at the same time. That is, there is a complete connection, but there is the ability to share it if they find it necessary. In this case we have created sliding doors that are hidden or camouflaged in the open level and appear when there are reasons we want to separate the two areas. In any case, we recommend a sliding glass door, which is a great way to integrate the kitchen into the living room. In this way, you maintain the independence of the two rooms, allow the light from the living room to the kitchen and provide a good space for all. If we expect the door to be open most of the time but want to close the option, we usually provide sliding metal and glass doors that follow the information that some glass or other items come Voluntary preparation.

Open Floor Plan And Kitchen Apartment Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

We come to this and we have to think that there is a real change, open space means making no division or door and changing the space completely. It doesn’t matter where the kitchen is originally. If you are in one of the dining rooms, we don’t have any distribution problems anymore. If it is on the other side of the house, we can change it to the bathroom or the bedroom. Depending on the size of the room, we can include the kitchen in it, find the most suitable place in terms of downspouts or leave the adjacent space that allows us enjoy the large open space. However, it means a revolutionary change in the relationship between the building that is sure to change our daily experience.

You don’t need a wall to divide the space. The use of furniture or other objects allows us to have a feeling of space. Only, with the average height of the furniture or other items such as a chair, or even a carpet, put it in the place where you want the room to be and the room to be to start, you will have enough to complete the integration. and the division of space without the need to build walls.

As we know, the star resource for open division of the kitchen and living room is the kitchen island. Thanks to the installation, you get additional work space for cooking, if you put chairs or stools around it, a dining area. But there is also a place to chat, read the press or do your homework or open a comment.

Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room

Especially in small homes, one way to make the most of the space is to use one or two walls around the space to line up all the items in the kitchen and then move to different parts of the room. : TV, etc. It is a modern choice to combine with two rooms and make the space in a small space.

Modern Open Kitchen Living Room Dining Room

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If there’s one trend we’re thankful for, it’s an open kitchen. We love layouts where the kitchen and living room are perfectly integrated. Our way of life has become more fluid and the boundaries between different professions are slowly blurring. We love working from the comfort of our home office as much as from a super plush couch. We like to whip up a meal as quickly as our idols argue with each other. We think open floor plans not only look great, but are also flexible for different needs. And if it’s something you want to try but don’t know how, here are some quick tips to get the right open kitchen.

1. Organize your kitchen so that it doesn’t interfere too much with your living space. This will make the seating area tight when you have guests over

2. An open kitchen makes your home look better and is therefore the best choice for small homes. Even a large house can be used

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3. Since you are combining two rooms, you need to make sure that the style, materials and color palette are in sync for both. This will result in a space that flows seamlessly from room to room

4. It is important to plan your lighting. The kitchen needs a lot of good lighting to make cooking safe, while the living room needs good lighting, especially when entertaining. There must be a balance of two for both to be balanced

5. The kitchen should be as clean and stylish as possible. This means that everyday items such as toasters, food processors, washing machines, etc. should be stored in the closet.

Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room

6. If you don’t want your activities to be seen by the people in the room, increase the height of your platform.

D Interior Open Kitchen With Living Room Modeling Design By Architectural Studio, Qatar By Yantram Architectural Design Studio

7. Remember to follow the golden triangle of hob, sink and fridge when planning the kitchen design. This way you know how to set up your tools and equipment. Understanding this triangle also helps define what you want to hide.

8. Bifold glass doors not only provide functionality, but can also add a touch of elegance to your home decor, creating a harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces.

9. Indoor plants can be a good separation between the kitchen and the dining/living room. These will also help with odors

10. The best way to block the view of the kitchen from the living room is to create a seating area where guests face the kitchen.

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When considering an open kitchen, choose a color combination that can continue from the living room to the kitchen. This makes it possible to achieve an integration between the two sites.

Your open kitchen also does not need a dining room or U-shape to create a boundary. A central dining table can serve as a boundary between the two areas.

If you are not sure about the open kitchen, consider creating a window like environment around it. This shows the demarcation between the two areas.

Interior Design For Kitchen And Living Room

When combining the two areas, remember that your kitchen should look clean and tidy. Keep everything in the cabinets so that your tools and equipment are easily accessible. Open kitchen design is very popular in Indian home decor market. First, we have been affected by the wave of modular kitchens, which have become essential for many houses in the city. Second, decorating the kitchen requires a large part of the budget that most homeowners easily allocate to their interior.

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With the arrival of the modular kitchen, the design concept of the open kitchen has also taken center stage. While Indian houses will not

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