Living Room And Dining Room Combo Ideas

Living Room And Dining Room Combo Ideas – Disclosure: I am fortunate to have partnered with many brands to make this room possible. All links and tags are posted at the end of this post and all opinions are my own.

To say the past six weeks have flown by is an understatement! I have to start by saying a big thank you to Linda at One Room Challenge for believing in me and inviting me to participate. I am very grateful for the opportunity! When I started designing this room, I knew I would be limited due to the rental, so my goal was to maximize the decor with colors, patterns, and furniture! Two things I personally know for sure from the start: compared to some other devices…. that makes perfect sense. I didn’t set the room on fire first. I have never changed Windows. I didn’t get off the ground. And to be honest, I didn’t change the functionality of the room! BUT… I added a LOT of detail and DIYed a list of really fun projects and I’ve had enough if you don’t like this post.

Living Room And Dining Room Combo Ideas

Living Room And Dining Room Combo Ideas

Thank you for sharing my passion and making me happy for the past six weeks. It’s hard not to be humbled by this incredible team of designers, so thank you for your encouragement and kind words! Just to make it more believable, let’s remember where we started? When we first moved into the rental, the dining room table was a playful shade of ocher. Low ceiling. The shutter was 75% ineffective. But the tree is strong and has a lot of space.

Great Living Room Bedroom Combo Ideas (layout Tips + Styling)

With a fireplace at one end, it seemed obvious that the dining room would be the opposite. The room is large enough that it makes sense to have two separate parts, so it is possible to combine the dining room and the living room. As much as I love makeup, I didn’t want to change all the accessories in the house. My green bed is frozen and since I have nowhere to store it, I can’t say goodbye to it. Same for my colorful rug bought years ago at a local market.

Let’s talk about what I did. My favorite detail is the mural on the opposite wall. It brings the most interesting things and colors. Check out my post on how I was able to hang a mural without worrying about a deposit. I didn’t want to cover the wall with large works, so I chose this dark “neon” sign. It’s LED, so it doesn’t get too hot, and it says “Try it,” which is my favorite for all things DIY (and eating, as it sounds. Ha!).

I have a new dining table from Raymour and Flanigan and I love how the wood softens the space and feels more modern than the blue painted farmhouse table that was there before. Last week I noticed that my dining room chairs and table were in the background so I had to run to find the table on Facebook and the yellow chairs from Ikea. Chairs have always been on my agenda!

I shared the tutorial here, but added a non-electric chandelier to explain where they were going a little further and to give me an idea of ​​the main point. You will also find a new dark brown carpet under the table. In my various palettes, the color looked great under the dining room table (against the black and white) and this taupe rug from Magnolia Home by Loloi fits the bill!

Make The Most Of Your Living Room And Dining Room Combo

Minted was one of our sponsors and I managed to put together a lot of beautiful posters that will be hanging all over the place. I’m crazy about the ladies of color gallery wall (featuring work by Juniper Biggs, Gloria Blatt, and Hailey Mitchell). Under the exhibition wall is an interesting tunnel full of chairs. .

When we moved in, I placed a large chalkboard between the windows, mirrors and baseboards. Now that I’ve replaced the side with the vintage bronze, I’ve noticed the weight. The board is very suitable for the wall and… they gave me the opportunity to practice the design.

If you look closely at the store, I’ve definitely used some of my stuff around the house, but there are a few areas I have to mention. The first is a beautiful hand painted green Jill Rosenwald. When I shared it on my Instagram Stories, I heard many of you say that owning one of his pieces was a goal… I am so happy and grateful that he agreed to collaborate with me on this piece.

Living Room And Dining Room Combo Ideas

Elsewhere on the shelf… that amazing black head from Lamps Plus. I hope this piece helps block some of the best colors in the room. I love a space that’s cozy and fun, but I didn’t want this room to feel “kiddy,” so little things like this help create balance in my mind.

Here Are 8 Living Room Ideas To Expand And Optimise Your Space

One of the reasons the copper frame works between the windows is that I decided to add a curtain. I decided on this egret pattern from Beautiful Brains… I wanted the black and white to break up the rest of the room and I love that this fabric has a print but looks like a pattern if that makes sense. . They not only cover the idle machine, but also help to extend the roof. . And to add a bit of flair… these cute green fringes from Fringe Market are the perfect icing on the cake.

I have worked with Hudson Valley and My Mitzi on other parts of this house and I LOVE their clean lines. These Renee clips can be glued or cut so they fit perfectly on the copper side. I suggested plugging it into a retail outlet, but we can upgrade the Amazon Alexa plug for voice control.

When we move into the bedroom, everyone knows the green bed and the colorful carpet. I pulled out these colors when I was planning the rest of the room. The white coffee table is Jonathan Adler via Facebook Marketplace and the size is perfect. I have two new Raymour seats and a hose that connects to my seat. I like that they bring a modern vibe as well as the neutral color. Yes. I said no problem.

Next to the desk is my updated desk. I’d rather have a chair than *another* chair. I already covered the seat with dark velvet, but I decided to add a different finish and homemade pillows. I like that it adds a bit of color to the side of the room but doesn’t compete with the painting in other parts of the space.

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I was walking through this room a few weeks ago looking at it all together and to be honest I have no idea if anything matches the photos. I love the fun patterns and colors found in the room. I like that the colors complement the whole house. I like that she looks grown up but happy. I love that there are no lost socks to be found!

Thank you to the wonderful sponsors of One Room. They make it possible to handle this big event in six weeks and I really appreciate their dedication!

Now… I’m going to make some coffee and go to the place where my fellow artists draw. I am amazed at the hard work and the change these people have made.

Living Room And Dining Room Combo Ideas

And if you want to reminisce… here are my posts from the beginning. Open plan living is a dream come true for homeowners, but for others it can seem like a daunting task. With a combination living room and dining room in your home, you have a lot of room for experimentation, but also leave a lot of decisions. Are you going to have your living room and dining room together in style and design, or will you try to differentiate the spaces as much as possible?

This Living Dining Room Combo Is A Cozy And Inviting Design

We decided to give you some of our favorite ideas for living room, dining room and meeting room so that you can approach the unique environment without feeling overwhelmed or overwhelmed.

Do you want your living room and dining room to be connected or separate even though they share space? Before starting to repair the device and buy new parts for

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