Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality

Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality – Looking for image resizing on Mac? Do you need to reduce the size of a large image file to take up less space and be more sendable, resize the file to fit your presentation without distortion and pain, or compress your endless photo library? You can choose from many options.

In this article we will review the tools at hand and how to use them.

Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality

Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality

PhotoBulk is a lifesaver when you need to resize multiple photos. Drop them into the app and resize them in seconds.

How To Resize An Image Correctly

Let’s start with the basics. Macs have built-in photo editing software that can resize photos on a Mac. If you go to Finder > Applications and scroll through the applications, you’ll find the preview, image viewing, and editing applications that come with your Mac. Yes, the preview can resize the image.

Note that by default, the preview saves all edits to an existing file. To save the original image and the modified (or otherwise edited) image, go to File > Export… and save your changes as a new file.

But you don’t need to resize your photo collection one by one on a Mac. You can change the batch size in preview or in applications such as the batch editor and the PhotoBulk watermark tool.

Note that all images are stored on top of existing files, so if you just want to make resized copies, make a copy first.

Resize Images Online And Free

In the application, all you have to do is drag the package to the window and choose the editing options.

In addition to resizing, you can choose to optimize images, remove or save only part of the image’s metadata (useful if your phone is recording the location of the image and you want to share the image online, as well as some other privacy purposes). Change the image format, change the batch name and watermark the image. In our template, we have now selected the script option for the watermark, but you have the option to set it to other watermark formats, including adding a date stamp, an image (such as a logo), or a single watermark anywhere. your picture

If you’re an active user of Apple’s native text editor, Pages, you should know that it can also resize images! Note that the size of the image can change the appearance of paragraphs and tables, so it is important to remember the whole image. Resize images on pages:

Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality

If Limit Aspect Ratio is checked, you can change only one – width or height. The dimensions are adjusted automatically. Alternatively, you can resize the image manually by dragging its edges.

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Now that we’ve got a leg up on photo editing, let’s take a look at how to crop a photo on a Mac. After all, one answer to reducing the size of an image file on a Mac is to cut out the extra area in the image—unnecessary space in most cases.

Note that you’re saving the edited image instead of the original, so crop only the version you’re ready to share.

Now that you know how to resize an image in Preview and Pages, and how to resize, watermark, and bulk edit images in PhotoBulk, let’s see how to convert visuals to different formats and use filters and great AI tools to fix them.

First of all, Permute is a versatile media converter that helps you convert photos, videos and audio to many formats. Drag the images to the launch window and select the format you want to convert – PDF, JPEG, PNG, HEIF, etc.

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If the desired file format does not appear in the converter’s drop-down menu, click Add Preset… > Add New Set…, select an image and add additional formats such as BMP, GIF, TIFF.

By the way, since we’re talking about resizing an image on a Mac, Permute knows how to do it – just click the circle icon in the upper right corner and check the Resize option:

Luminar Neo is another app that can be useful when working with photos. Like Permute, we decided not to include this solution in our Mac photo resizing guide, as the main feature of this app is AI-enhanced photo editing that helps turn your photos into something amazing. Since you are looking for a Mac photo changer, let’s start with this feature of the app.

Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality

Resizing works by exporting the image after editing is complete. Find File > Export… in the application menu bar at the top of your Mac screen (opposite the top of the application window). Set the resizing options in the popup window:

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The Luminar Neo resizer allows you to adjust the length of the individual pixels of both sides of the image, as well as the length of the long or short edge. Make the necessary changes and click Save to export the edited visualization.

Speaking of editing, we need to talk about the best part of this photo editor – Luminar Neo offers a set of AI-enhanced scenes to take your photos from good to amazing. These universal presets can be applied alone or to a single image. You can save the settings for the same (or similar) processing of several images.

Get one set of tools that cover everything from professional photo editing to media conversion. 180+ apps for Mac, try it!

Luminar Neo boasts a truly useful set of tools to turn your photos into flawless masterpieces. Some of the amazing things in the toolkit include noise reduction for large or low-light shots, AI skin and portrait enhancement tools, smart contrast that enhances photos without making them look unnatural or noisy, and more. including.

Best Ai Based Image Upscaler To Enhance Photo Quality Geekflare

Shhh! If you’ve read this far, you definitely deserve it. ok let’s go There’s a little secret to resizing photos that you might not know about. However, here we try to make the work process as smooth as possible, so we could not be silent.

It is worth understanding that reducing the size of the image may lead to poor quality results. So how do you expand and maintain quality? You just need to determine the end use – what size exactly do you need for your project or intended use?

If the file is a small image that will be displayed as part of a web page or presentation, resize it accordingly. Also, be careful not to resize the smaller image to a larger one, as this will inevitably result in a pixelated mess.

Make Image Size Smaller Without Losing Quality

Finally, in addition to the image size settings, we often get an image quality indicator, which is important when defining the final image quality:

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The same indicator is available in Luminar Neo when exporting an image. In the PhotoBulk app, you’ll find it under Format.

Resizing photos on Mac doesn’t have to be an experience. You can easily resize the image, edit the image and more. You can use the provided tools. One such tool that you know how to use is the built-in Preview app. This Mac app is easy to use and already on your device.

If you need to bulk edit and watermark your photos, use PhotoBulk. With this simple editor, you can resize and mark up many images in minutes. If you want a versatile media converter, Permute is the perfect solution. Not only can you convert and resize images in bulk, but you can also convert audio and video files. Finally, try Luminar Neo to add some polish to your photos. Resize, crop, translate, rotate and more with a futuristic AI-driven photo editor. You can enhance your photos and make them look amazing while doing all the heavy lifting like photo editing.

Explore these subscription apps and decide which one is right for you (or use them all!). The subscription also includes CleanMyMac X and AdLock, which I mentioned in the article, along with dozens of other gems. Start your free 7-day trial now and see for yourself!

What’s The Best Way To Compress Videos On Mac?

Apple’s iPhoto or its new replacement, Photos, can be used to resize photos. How it works: Open the app and select a photo. Then click File > Export. In the new window that appears on the screen, change the width and height or use a custom setting. An image will be output.

If you want to use a specific image as your Mac’s wallpaper, but it’s not the right size, you can change it: Go to System Preferences > Wallpaper. Scroll down to the Photos section and select a photo. Choose fit to screen, screen fill or stretch to compress (you’ll see a live preview

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