Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

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Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

We would like 4K and 8K HDR video to enhance the viewing experience. But without exception, most of us are turned off by file size. This is a big problem not only for our computers and phones, but also for online sharing and video editing.

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For example, a 5-minute 4K 30 fps video shot on an iPhone takes 1.75 GB (850 MB). Obviously, it is not possible to share this video via Facebook Messenger or via email such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, as it is larger than the maximum supported size of 25MB. Even worse, with many large videos on your iPhone or laptop, you can’t download another app and face annoying problems like blackouts, crashes, and freezes.

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And so we come to solve your problems with VideoProc, the all-in-one desktop program. But first, I think you should know what factors affect the size of a video file.

The size of a video file is determined by several factors. Over time, it is affected by bitrate, resolution, frame rate and encoding scheme.

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In short, the higher this value, the longer the video. An important way to reduce file size is to compress this data. And so the encoding scheme affects the size of the video. H.265/HEVC, VP9 and AV1 are the active codecs adopted in practice. With these codecs, especially H.265, we have the ability to reduce videos up to 50% without losing visual quality.

So, all of the above provides important tips that lead us to find ways to reduce the size of the video file – compress the video with an effective codec, change the aspect ratio, frame rate and resolution, and make the video smaller. clip.

It seems like different methods but it is easy to do in one program, VideoProc. It is a piece of multimedia software on Windows and Mac with many useful tools, such as a good video compressor, video converter, video editor and screen recorder, just to name a few.

Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

VideoProc 370+ formats from major (MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, MPEG-4, 4K, 2.7K, etc.) to rare (ProRes, M2TS, AV1, VP9, ​​3D, 360 ° VR video) compatible, etc. . ) and offers customizable encoder settings and well-rounded output. So you can upload any video in VideoProc and force it to fit on Facebook, Instagram or emails. Another advantage of VideoProc is the fast compression process. With full GPU optimization, 4K video compression is up to 7x faster than others and HD video compression is up to 47x faster in real time while reducing CPU usage by up to 40%.

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VideoProc has supported the advanced methods of HEVC, VP9 and AV1 encoding since their release, the H.265 / HEVC is considered the most effective and universal. If your large video is encoded with H.264, MPEG-4 or VP8, re-encoding it with H.265 will reduce its size without losing viewing quality. See compressing video with H.265 in VideoProc.

Step 1. Launch VideoProc and four utilities will appear on its home page. Select Video, which is designed to convert and edit videos.

Step 2. Drag and drop a video or multiple videos into VideoProc’s main user interface. It can process many videos regardless of their original quality.

Step 3. Click Video below where you can find different output formats. Then select MP4 HEVC to get a smaller video file without reducing the quality of the video.

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Step 4. Click Browse in Output Folder option to find the folder to save the compressed video.

Step 5. Select hardware acceleration engine to increase conversion speed. When all the settings are done, press the RUN button to start compressing your long video with H.265/HEVC codec.

If visual quality is not a priority in your case, we also recommend this non-losing method – carefully reduce the video resolution, frame rate and bit rate values. After setting the output format to MP4 HEVC, follow the steps below to do some compression.

Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

Step 1. Double-click the MP4 HEVC format icon to open a new window with frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, bit rate and audio codec settings.

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Step 3. Click Done to close this tab. Then extract the video to your computer or continue with the instructions below.

Step 1. If you have loaded multiple videos into VideoProc, first select the one you want to cut. Then click the Trim icon on the Editing toolbar to open the Video Editing tab.

Step 2. Drag the green buttons on the timeline to set the timeline. Click the scissors button to cut the video into pieces. You can repeat the step of cutting multiple clips and they will all be combined into one video after exporting.

Step 3 (choice). Open the toolbox below and click Crop. Specify the start and end time of your video and click Finish to remove the unwanted start and/or end part of the video input while preserving the sequence part.

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Step 4. Play the output video. Once done, the destination folder will appear automatically. Right click on a video file to view its size in properties.

VideoProc solves all the problems you may encounter when dealing with large videos in both lossless and lossless ways. In addition to H.265 video encoding, its developers are left to support H.266/VVC, MPEG’s next-generation video encoding and decoding standard. It can achieve 30% to 50% higher compression rate for the same video quality as its predecessor. And this high-entropy coding method will be implemented in VideoProc and a new non-linear video editor from the same company in the near future. Please stay tuned.

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Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

* Prices last checked on 6/27/2023 at 10:14 am. CDT – Prices may be incorrect, please click on the links above for current prices. We may earn affiliate commission. Shortening: Tired of getting download limits when attaching your video files as a message and want to know how to shorten the file? You can now use a file size reducer to serve this purpose. Find all information related to video file size reduction and effective software to do it.

Send Long Videos Without A Video Compressor

Did you make a great video and want to share it with your family or friends? Or do you want to send a professional video to a colleague to get approval from a client? Imagine that you are ready with the final video file, attach it to an email or somewhere else and say it is too big to send as an attachment. Compressed video file is always the best in terms of download time, less bandwidth consumption, less internet buff requirements and takes less time to download. But does using a lower file size affect quality?

So how do you make the file smaller without compromising quality? Well, here we are recommending you a smart software to solve this problem completely. The video converter allows you to enjoy a reduced file size without losing quality. It has many features that you will come across in this article.

If the highest option is not the last one you want for your video, you should avoid it. Reducing the video size as much as possible is best and has many benefits such as:

The small file size is always preferable to the big one when transferring it to other devices or sharing it in emails as attachments. For this, the video files must be compressed to a stable size without reducing the quality.

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This option is useful because it takes less time to load, and also requires less bandwidth. In addition, there are small problems with small files and they can be transferred very easily.

The cost of storing large files can be prohibitive and it is not at all worth keeping them on your device unless absolutely necessary. However, you can reduce the internet costs required for downloading, storage space and system resources to save a video file by using a compressed version of the video file.

If you compare the raw and uncompressed file to the compressed file, you will notice a big difference in size. Although it needs 30 FPS for a video of 1080p in HD quality, it can also need 13 GB / min, making it difficult for the user to keep it.

Make Video File Smaller Without Losing Quality

However, if you want to save storage space, you should reduce the size of the video file and compress it

How To Reduce Video File Size Without Losing Quality?

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