Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger – How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Using Makeup, According to Makeup Artists Makeup – November 21, 2022 August 19, 2019 Samantha McMeekin

When it comes to eye makeup, most of us have the same ultimate goal: eyes bigger than Bambi’s. So if you’re looking for tips on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, you’ve come to the right place.

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Now, while the cartoon deer comparison may not be realistic, the enlargement, brighter eyes, flying eyes is. All you need are a few tricks of the trade…

Tips To Make Your Eyes Bigger With Makeup

We asked some of our favorite makeup artists to talk about the best tricks they know to keep eyes (of all shapes and sizes) looking great.

It’s absolutely irreplaceable, according to Carol Mackie, MAC’s senior global artist. “There are lots of little ways to open your eyes, but this simple tool will do it in seconds.”

He finds it especially helpful if one eye looks smaller and more closed than the other. “Just by breaking out the lines on that eye, it will look more open and enhance the eyes.”

If your eyeshadow collection is black and navy, you, my friend, have just found an excuse to go shopping.

Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger

“The key to making the eyes look bigger is to keep the eyeshadow from being too dark,” says Serena Wyllie, who has more than 170k followers on Instagram thanks to her artistic skills.

MUA Marnie Avagiannis downplays this, saying that “light shades and light tones will make a space feel bigger. I like to use a light champagne color for a simple yet elegant look.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your favorite eyeliner either, but Carol recommends swapping out your trusty black for a darker brown, like M.A.C Coffee Pencil ($47 at Adore Beauty).

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

“[Apply it] to the lash line one-third of the way down the eye, then blend with a brush to make it soft.”

How To Create The Halo Eye Makeup Look

Or if you already have dark shadows in your arsenal, this can also brighten up your look. “Instead of eyeliner, try taking a dark highlighter and putting it on the lash line to add definition, this is more subtle. And it won’t make the eye look full. Not at all,” says Serena.

If the above method doesn’t suit your eye shape, squeezing could be your lifesaver. This is when the eyeliner is applied to the water, just below the base of the lashes (and yes, very close to your real eye – not for the squeamish).

Marnie says this method “can create the illusion of full stitches without taking up space in the eye.”

Just as you highlight your cheekbones for dimension, your eyes can benefit from the same type of treatment.

Makeup For Glasses

Try to keep your shimmer shadows centered on the center of your lid, and end up with a “shimmery pearl eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye,” says Serena. “The light will illuminate this and immediately give more light to your eyes.”

If your dark circles distract from your big, beautiful eyes, you may need to touch up a color corrector before applying concealer.

“I like to cover discoloration with a peach concealer,” says Marnie. “Only use it on the darkest areas and apply a light concealer on top. Thinner layers always work better” than a thick layer of makeup.

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

“I often see concealer with a grayish look under the eye because the color chosen is too light,” says Carol. Look for words like ‘illuminate’ instead of tone change.

Can You Make Your Eyes Bigger With Makeup?

Prepping the eye area with a good eye cream can also make a big difference and ensure the concealer glides on smoothly.

“Soft, smooth lines that are long at the outer corners and taper towards the inner corner will open up and highlight the eye area,” says Marnie.

If you don’t like lashes, human lashes are also a good option (like the Ardell Duralash Starter Kit, $8.99 on Amazon ). “I take individual sticks and place them on the outer third of the eye to lift and lengthen the shape of the eye,” says Serena.

You can also condition your natural lashes with an eyelash enhancing serum like RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum ($69 on Amazon), which focuses on the outer corners to lengthen lashes. Many years ago I worked with a makeup artist and did many weddings. , special events and even fashion shows. It was amazing, but one thing I kept hearing over and over was, “How can I make my eyes look bigger?”

Eye Makeup For Small Eyes: Make Them Look Bigger

Although everyone’s eyes are beautiful – and they were my favorite part of makeup – very few people are born with big eyes, so they wouldn’t want them to be bigger (and surprisingly, those people always said they wanted hollow eyes – ha!) .

Fortunately, there are makeup techniques that can create the look of big eyes. So our friend Annie is back today with one of her best makeup tutorials and she’s going to show us some ways to make your eyes look bigger. Let’s start by talking about what makeup she’s wearing so you can replicate this look at home:

The makeup you need includes an eyeshadow assortment, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner and mascara of your choice to complete the look. Also, don’t forget that eyebrows – even if you just wash them – really frame the eyes.

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

The makeup that Annie uses is highly pigmented and long lasting. I used it myself and I really like it. Annie can help you with color matching to get you started if you’re interested, and you can follow her on Instagram where she shares makeup (and life) tips, tricks and hacks. Even her recipes are bombastic. Find it here.

Flattering Makeup For Older Hooded Eyes [with Video]

You may already have what you need at home, it’s just a matter of learning how to use them in revealing ways. Matching colors and getting them right can be difficult. I see a lot of eye makeup that is beautiful, even well done, but doesn’t accentuate the shape, so I love that Annie shows us how to make the eyes look bigger.

Okay, who’s ready to do it? In Annie’s photos you will see examples of what to do and a little bit of what happens when you do it the normal way. Annie explains some of these tips in the video or scroll down to see all the photos, tips and explanations. Let’s go!

When planning your colors, you want the colors to start light in the corner of the eye and stay light on the lid. You can use a shimmery nude color to catch the light in the inner corner of the eye and then blend it on the lid. Nothing too dark on the cover or it will strain the eyes. Now, your darkest color in the crease goes from the center of the eye outwards. Creating a cat eye shape with the crease color can also help draw the eyes. Then your color is lighter along the brow line and blends into the contour.

Some people use the same color on the inner corner and forehead. Personally, I will use a color with a bit of shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes, as this can help reflect the light and make your eyes stand out. Then I use a matte color close to the face. I don’t like getting light in my features – especially in portraits – so I prefer matte there. Find what suits you best and what you like.

Makeup Tips For Big Eyes That You Need To Know

Annie also talks about how you don’t want to add a dark color to the lower outer corners of your eyes – because it actually pulls your eyes down and gives a sad look as opposed to a bigger, lifted look.

By placing bright colors in the inner corner, on the eyelid and on the face, you create a contrast with the color in the crease, brighten and lift the eyes and create the illusion of bigger eyes. See!

Often people who think their eyes are too small have hooded eyes. This means that the upper part of the eye meets or partially meets the lower part. It gives you those beautiful almond eyes that many people would love to have (perfect for cat eye makeup!) but it also means that if you put your makeup in the crease – everything will be hidden once you rest your eyes. , like this:

Makeup Techniques To Make Eyes Look Bigger

So especially for lidded eyes, you will use a crease color that is higher than the actual crease, which creates the impression that the crease is higher. The visual effect is bigger and more eye-catching.

Watch How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In Under A Minute

Instead of using a highlighter shade on the top of your eye and/or browbone, use it just below the browbone. Place it firmly against your forehead and let the ‘fake’ point out your eye!

If you put that light eyeshadow everywhere

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