Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas – The trireme’s kitchen was long and narrow, with two parallel room walls. While others argue that the kitchen feels cramped and claustrophobic, others find it efficient, convenient and has great storage – especially when trying to maximize limited square footage. Because of their minimalist nature, trivet kitchen layouts are also ideal if you’re working on a budget. Whether you have a kitchen in need of a designer or are thinking of designing the perfect kitchen, there are clever circular kitchen ideas that pack a ton of style into a small space.

Just because you’re working with an organized system, you don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful kitchen design. Use white colors, reflective surfaces and natural light to open up small kitchen designs – but don’t forget to open lids with geometric patterns, slopes and interesting colours. We’ve mentioned that kitchen lighting, dark cabinet colors, and eclectic floor runners can actually help create the appearance of more space.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re looking for something creative, you’ll find inspiration in charming dining nooks and other open-plan kitchen spaces – such as kitchen nooks and seating islands. And, if you’re looking for clever ways to incorporate 2023 kitchen trends into your tight project plan, consider colorful backsplashes, bold designs and bold kitchen paint colors. Start scrolling to find an idea that fits your home’s style — everything from country to contemporary.

Galley Kitchen Ideas That Are Practical And Chic

Darker lower cabinets help define the space, while lighter upper cabinets make the room appear larger with reflected light. In this Upper East Side kitchen, Beck & Crop goes for black lower cabinets with statement hardware—and keeps it minimal.

From the gold hardware and runners to the flattering green cabinets, interior designer Julia Chosman makes this small space so beautiful. It is also used in built-in cabinets to hide the fridge, which feels calm and harmonious.

Pack style into a small space with vibrant colors and fun patterns — just like Shelby Girard, Havenly’s VP of Creative and Design, does here.

Maximize a narrow space with true white cabinets and compact kitchen appliances. Living details like Mediterranean tile backsplash, gold hardware and industrial-style lighting.

Galley Kitchen Ideas: 12 Kitchen Layouts That Maximize Space |

Spice up a three-bedroom kitchen with large floor tiles like this classic herringbone pattern. Here, recreate the gray floors with bright pink cabinets and minimal light fixtures.

A colorful runner not only widens a narrow hallway, it adds instant warmth and structure to the interior. Take note of the Brio interior design and go for a vibrant and geometric style.

Create a visual design by combining style types and finishes. Here, Reina Sotropa of Home Design Group sticks to white on one side, but opts for warm wood and black marble on the other.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

From checkered tables and runners to elegant gold fireplaces and two-tone cabinets, this funky kitchen has a variety of color and shape combinations.

Brilliant Space Making Solutions For Galley Kitchens

At the end of this Greenwich Village kitchen, the Mendelson Group is creating a small breakfast bar that seats two.

Brighten the galley kitchen with light fixtures. We love the chrome globes that Chandos chose for these necklaces.

In a trim layout, you can choose a bold backsplash on one or both sides of your kitchen. Recreate the calm of this interior by Lilly Fusum and use only one side of exposed brick.

When in doubt, stick with sophisticated shades of white—from counters to cabinetry to crown molding. Hint: Completely light wooden floor with all-white design.

Creative Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas That You Will Love

A pair of open sloping, two adjustable armrests brighten up this blue kitchen. Interior designer Tiffany Golar keeps it light with pops of natural wood and greenery.

If space allows, build your own countertop to create a compact area – complete with counter stools. We love how Union Art Interiors added a large window that overlooks the landscape to create the illusion of a larger space.

Instead of an upper closet (which can make it feel cramped), Julia Chessman uses open shelving for extra storage.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Many three-bay kitchens have a window at the end, which is a great way to break up a narrow hallway and allow a flood of light to brighten the room. In this sunny space, REFORM sits on pastel blue cabinets and light wood floors.

Learning To Love Your Small Galley Kitchen In Nyc

With large supports on both sides and white cabinets, AMMOR architecture uses a three-room kitchen in a relatively large space. While you cook, this setup ensures that everything is inside.

Where it covers everything domestic and interior. Before joining GH in 2022, he wrote for the publication Co

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Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

26 Modern Butler’s Pantry Design Ideas 7 Best Blenders of 2023 12 Best Indoor Herb’ Gardens 7 Best Air Fryers Toaster Ovens of 2023 Not to mention beautiful. But we know that figuring out how to maximize such a small footprint can be difficult. It’s natural to think, and keep the color or pattern as small as possible to avoid feeling claustrophobic – and we agree that a white kitchen is always better, no matter what – but it’s true, you. In the Trireme kitchen you can do almost anything with impunity and without fear to create the kitchen of your dreams. You can even find it in the kitchen! You might even have an island! And, yes, you can definitely have a kitchen full of design personality.

Whether you’re looking for new kitchen color ideas, want to incorporate the latest in kitchen trends, or stick to a country kitchen style that matches the rest of your home, the three-piece kitchen has everything you need. That’s why we’ve rounded up 19 of our favorite kitchens to give you inspiration on how to design, design or decorate a busy space.

For the small three-bedroom kitchen in their Sea Roost getaway rental, Met Gallery homeowners Ron Brand and Matt Albiani kept the walls and cabinets plain and white, but then added color and pattern with a well-worn rug that’s almost entirely vintage. area of ​​space. From there they cast wide nets inspired by nature or nature, such as buying fish at Montauk Farms, to bring in more marine habits.

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

In designer Max Humphreys’ 1970s rancher, the galley kitchen’s floor space isn’t wide enough for an island or table, but an easy chair tucked away from the far wall still invites a second guest to sit in the space. The flat front panel is made of lacquered plywood and the glass polka-dot terra-cotta backsplash adds a whimsical touch.

Small Galley Kitchen Design

Homeowner Melissa Duckworth looked to Benjamin Moore’s Historic Collection for the right 1900s colors in her home. In the galley kitchen, which was formerly the home’s hall, she chose antique blue cornflower with reproduction wallpaper (“Larkspur 1872” designed by William Morris) and found a mint-condition antique color and mint!-enamel gas range. on ebay .

See: Trim and Cabinetry Color: Jamestown Blue by Benjamin Moore Related: More of This Vacation Bungalow That Was Intended for a Wreck Ball

Instead of a boxy kitchen with full walls, Steve Somogyi of Chicago designer firm Steve + Philip Design gave this Lake Michigan kitchen a large island that not only adds color to the space, but keeps it open with a large counter. The pantry, range, cupboards are all pushed along the long walls.

Because the size of this 98-square-foot kitchen doesn’t allow for long, thin trim, the owners of this Texas home took a different approach by placing appliances and tools on each table and then adding a long table between the work areas. .

Small Galley Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

The white range is flanked by more sunny yellow boxes and an eye-catching carpet of cement tiles.

This 8-by-12-foot galley kitchen works as hard as it looks, thanks to a hidden dishwasher compartment and double-wall brass cooktop. Other shelters (homeowner Jennifer Dawson likes the front room closet) are brick cottages. Playful hand-painted tiles serve as a new focal point.

Changed your mind a lot? Choose a simple and color palette (very rustic-white and gray kitchens from Loi Thai) to complement the kitchen and your accessories. (We love the bold blue wash here, but it’s pretty easy to swap out for something else when you’re in the mood for a change).

Narrow Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Another way to reduce this guilt is to declutter your materials. Here, the field is bright and dark

How To Fall In Love With Your Galley Kitchen

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