Simple Interior Design Ideas For Indian Homes

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Indian Homes – Indian decor is easy to do as it is beautiful and comfortable. It doesn’t require fancy renovations, but just changing a few things here and there can help you create the perfect Indian-style home.

Light up, wake up. Nothing says traditional Indian home design like bright blues, reds, yellows and greens. Unlike the contemporary style that clings to black and white like a shy child at a relative’s house; Indian home decor is known to be all about bringing it all together. A bright room with lots of colors and textures or a colorful room with a few pops of color are similar to Indian style accents.

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Indian Homes

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Indian Homes

For a plain look, you can use colorful accessories over khadi, beige, cream and white to give your home a more traditional look. Oh! And we can’t just miss the illuminated tapestries or the traditional art that compares to the collection. Instead of just one color appearing in a room, use all of these wonderful bright colors to set the tone for the room.

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India has a centuries-old textile industry and beautiful art forms are practiced throughout the country. Therefore, it would be very difficult to refer to the prints and textures that make up a typical Indian style home design. But the most commonly used fabrics are cotton, linen, silk and khadi, to name a few, which are smooth and look good with prints or embroidery. Printing includes khari print, ajrak print, ikat print, kalamkari etc.

Having said all that; We also need to understand that Indian style home design is as much about plain and raw fabrics as it is about prints and embroidery. It’s just about finding the right balance. There is no rulebook for creating Indian home decor. It’s about wearing what suits you and makes you feel most comfortable.

Even skipping all prints and using only colors to create a focal point, simple striped furniture has the ability to completely change the look of a space.

It may also be obvious not to recommend using a Cabriolet or Chesterfield to create an Indian look. But no matter what furniture you have, your home can be spruced up with a few simple design additions to Indian home decor.

Essential Elements Of Traditional Indian Interior Designers

To begin with, wood will be the most important furniture item for an Indian style home. Wood, especially dark wood furniture, contributes to the naturalness of the space. Not only does the color make the other colors pop, but the soft texture complements the embroidered material around it.

Anyone can use a daybed instead of a sofa, but if you want to renovate without spending too much on furniture, add colors and fabrics to make it look how you want it. Also, instead of a metal and glass centerpiece or side table, throw in some wooden trunks and chests and complete the room with a nice rug.

Even some old pieces like a wooden lattice room divider, massive shake bookcase, wall pieces, etc. or stone carvings can help give character to a room. Thus, it was given an Indian style makeover. Make sure you don’t go with the elements to create the perfect Indian decor look or you could end up looking like a storage unit in an ethnic shop instead of a home.

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Indian Homes

Both items are as much a part of Indian decoration as wood and paint. India has a rich art culture, thus leaving a wide range of options to choose from. Anything and everything from bandhani printed tapestries to vintage copper wall decor can be hung on the wall or placed on a console for a classic look. It’s important to mentally choose based on the other elements in the room, but ultimately it’s a personal choice of the person if they want to blend in or stand out. Indian tools also make perfect pieces to choose for your table, wall or any space in your home.

Elftug_white Taupe Living Room

Fortunately, diversity is incorporated into Indian home decor, just like the country with its diverse population. So, placing a Rajasthani tray on a South Indian printed tablecloth can look great as long as the colors and overall look are considered. In this type of decor, sometimes “less is more” and sometimes less is less, so try to find the right balance based on the size of your room and the size of the items in it.

Another thing that can be added to make the room look more elegant is the mirror. From large mirrors with carved wooden frames to small mirrors covered with metallic designs, they are all highly recommended wallpapers for Indian decor. Not only are they a great alternative to adding idols for all those atheists who love traditional vibes, but they also become the perfect focal point on a pretty empty wall.

For anyone who isn’t into tassels, tapestries and tapestries; Surrounding designs with or without mirrors are a completely satisfying alternative and therefore a must in the list of Indian home decoration ideas.

However, none of these elements are indispensable in the room. It can be one or the other, entirely based on the designer’s preference.

Ideas To Make A Room Look Expensive

Indians are a bit anti-minimalist. Thus, a bucketful of Indian style house ideas always appear instead of what we might expect. They have all kinds of decorations and are available at all levels.

These can be plants or idols and wooden sculptures on consoles or side tables or triangular side tables used. They look beautiful when decorated with floral arrangements during festivals to make your home look like the cover of any magazine, Indian style interior design.

Another option could be flowers and/or diyas floating in wooden or metal trays filled with water. Sometimes something as simple as a beautiful cloth placed in the center or a woven basket in the corner is a nice addition to the list of ‘things that go well on the table in Indian home decor’.

Simple Interior Design Ideas For Indian Homes

Be it the heart-pounding hype when Jaya Bhadri turned on all those flashing lights while Amitabh Bachchan played the harmonica in the background or it toured almost every Indian home for centuries. Indian decor always seems to be way above ground. Therefore, in addition to heavy wooden ceilings and carpets with cushions on the floor, the hammock is a popular element in Indian decorating ideas. There are also many things that hang from the ceiling or the wall in this style.

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Apart from the aforementioned hanging ceiling lights, Indian decor works with hanging plants, metallic lanterns, metallic porcelain and a variety of metallic and ceramic wall hangings. So instead of filling the walls with oversized tapestries or heavily framed mirrors, these subtle ornaments add a touch of Indian decor to any room.

Diwali may be the festival of lights, but we Indians don’t believe that lights and lanterns should be limited to just these few days in a year. Although they were a necessity at one time, a long time ago, but instead of reaching the bright light of Edison’s invention, they became the perfect ornament for any Indian decor.

Regardless of its religious purpose; Ceramic lamps, large copper or copper lamps (also called “sami”), metal lamps hanging from the ceiling, etc. looks beautiful with or without lights. So make sure you buy some funky colored lamps, antique metal or ceramics on your way home because your perfect Indian style home may seem incomplete without them.

To live in an Indian-style room, you don’t need a thumb, you need green hands. Nothing will carry all the elements; Colored or not, heavy or thin, like splashes of green paint on the floor or wall. Take any Indian decor, for example, there should be at least one plant in the room. It can be a large plant in the corner of the walls or a small plant proud alone in the middle of the living room.

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It is understandable that not everyone is able to grow and care for a plant, but having one is highly recommended to complete it. Obviously, you can add more when and where needed, from several climbing plants to beautiful succulents on the table next to some statues and lamps.

The key to creating the perfect Indian home decor is to incorporate what looks good. No website or blog can tell you exactly what to do in your home, but fill your mind with different Indian home decor ideas and that’s more than enough. Place a stone sculpture on a glass table or hang a tapestry on a gray wall, the best of Indian home decor.

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